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  1. 14 minutes ago, Squirlruler said:

    I didn't find the queen particularly difficult, actually one of the easier fights. The beast was a pain, as well as Amy. I actually had a lot of problems with a dude with the sickles lolol. A partner will help. Good luck good hunter.


    10 minutes ago, Void said:

    Amy was the hardest one in my opinion, especially since you are at half health.


    8 minutes ago, SnowxSakura said:

    Fortunately you can skip the hardest one which is the 5th one by using a false depth dungeon for the queen, which you can find here 


    I take it Amy is Amygdala? I read that she was the hardest to beat.

    Half health?? Oh hell!


    I honestly dont have a clue what the post in that link is talking about @SnowxSakura but I thought that save editing was against the rules? I wouldn't know where to begin with save editing.


  2. 21 minutes ago, ferginator88 said:

    I'd recommend looking for a partner if you're into that sort of thing. I had someone to help me through the dungeons and it was a much easier time. The password system and level scaling make it pretty easy to team up with someone.


    You can do it Hunter!


    I really want to do it solo and if I cant get there, I'll look for a partner. Thanks though for encouragement.


    3 minutes ago, linkdevivo said:

    I have complete faith in the fact that you will make this community proud by 'gitting gud'.

    Wow original. never read that one before. I will 'git gud' and do you proud. thanks for the input 😏


  3. I'm not one to complain about game difficulty really, but I gotta vent about these dungeons!

    They are so hard!

    I breezed through most of the game and went into the dungeons half cocked, thinking they would just be like the rest of the game but clearly my own arrogance got the better of me.


    Currently on Ailing Loran Chalice (4th dungeon - following the guide about which ones to make) and the Abhorrent Beast has beaten me 4 times. Took a break from it yesterday to play another game and calm myself down but HOLY HELL!


    I can only imagine what comes next. Doubt I'll ever get to the Queen.


    Rant over lol


  4. Ive started with Bloodborne and I'm loving it!

    My god, its good. difficulty wise, its not too bad for me since I love the souls series, but I'm only two bosses in so I suspect it will get much harder.


    Thanks for all the recommendations so far everyone, its much appreciated!


  5. 1 hour ago, Bliss said:



    I’m a recent convert to PlayStation as well. :highfive:


    I haven’t yet picked any up myself but I’ve heard good things about:


    The Last of Us: Remastered

    God of War

    Death Stranding


    Until Dawn

    Horizon Zero Dawn

    Shadow of the Colossus




    Hi there.

    Thanks for the recommendations.

    I'll be checking out the last of us and god of war for sure.




  6. Hi everyone.


    I'm new to Playstation having been an XBox/PC gamer all my life.

    I asked for a playstation for xmas and got my wish.


    So, as an achievement hunter (sorry, trophy hunter lol), I cant wait to get stuck into some serious games. I'm a completionist so I need to have a game complete before moving on.

    I'm hoping to make some great new friends, having built an amazing collection of buds via x-box.


    Bit of gaming history now: I LOVE FromSoftware! like really! Dark souls are my favourite games. I know that Bloodborne was a PS exclusive so I cannot wait to get my teeth into that (downloading right now).

    I also like the Batman Arkham series so will probably be going for that and also Overwatch again since I'm a massive Blizzard fan too (been to Blizzcon a few times).


    I'll probably do some quick plats first to get onto the leaderboards before moving onto the real stuff!


    Can anyone recommend some good exclusives for me to try?


    Anyways, enough rambling.

    I hope to see you out there in a gaming session sometime.