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  1. I highly recommend skipping
  2. Seriously, lmao. Was really excited for this game too.
  3. Big regrets on this purchase, feel bad for my playstation...
  4. Legendary quest is quite the grind, I would say about a years worth of work. I believe you need to wait around 200 days for a tree to grow... Wouldn’t doubt it. Game went downhill HARD after the original owners sold it ):
  5. I came across a group of vampires after alduins wall, and long story short, I am now a vampire. I do have save files from about an hour before the incident. Am I able to play through as a vampire or should I go back?
  6. As an OG player of this game (played for about 4 years) I can say that this trophy list is ridiculous. Getting to level 99 will take thousands of hours worth of farming. I put months worth of time into this game and never surpassed level 80. Only true legends will be obtaining this 100%!
  7. Highly highly agree. There were instances in my play through where I completed a mission without even dying. I would definitely consider this on World at War lmao
  8. I can definitely see how that would be a struggle haha, I had a similar trophy to this in another game and I just carried the strat over. Thanked the gods when it popped!
  9. This trophy is actually extremely easy. During the second last mission “Just like old times” Shepard calls a close airstrike killing many men and leaving some crawling for their life or sitting up barely breathing. Find one of these enemies and toss a nade at their head.