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  1. Here i made a video on Version 1.00 for the trophy Double Tap and it´s working Just Remember it working only if you have the disc to play on Version 1.00 https://youtu.be/CkSP5Dw7aG4
  2. hmm i didn´t have any save files left or screenshot but what i found was this https://blog.eu.playstation.com/2020/01/14/look-back-at-your-gaming-year-on-ps4-with-the-playstation-2019-wrap-up/ and here is a screenshot from my last year and DMC 5 is under the top 3 https://ibb.co/YtkCV60 i have over 100 Houers there maybe that help a little bit
  3. yea like i said i saw this and some day´s later i delete the save files to start a new game after that the trophy popt up not before what should i do? hide the game?
  4. Xami2000 Devil May Cry 5 Well i can´t not rly say what happend so if you need or if you can hide it so pls do it <br /> the only think what i can say is that i never thought thrue that cause i was so on fokos only on the S rankings<br /> after that i saw this by myself i play´d all missions again and nothing happend some day´s later i decide to delete the save files to do a new game and than the trophy popt up i was thinking that this was a bug like other games have before. so i never worried about this <br /> <br /> example: i got something similar on the game DOOM the Trophy was: The Circle is Complete i had to reinstall the game on version 1.0 to get this trophy<br /> <br /> if i can anything do to tell me i´m realy sry for this misunderstanding <br /> if you can nothing do about this pls hide the game from list i don´t wanna any trouble<br /> thx and greetings Xami2000 / Max