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  1. Game Of Thrones finale was a complete and utter disappointment. What a waste. 

    1. Thrintus


      I knew it was going to be, but hey,

      at least Ghost finally got the scritches he deserved. Truly the goodest boi.

    2. Spaz


      Much like how The Sopranos ended...

    3. MidnightDragon


      I lost money on it...but it was only $5, so no huge loss. xD 

  2. They also confirmed it won't be releasing in 2019.
  3. Yes! I can finally change my name to Azaan69
  4. Being able to request refunds used to be exclusive to Europe, NZ & Australian PSN accounts but Sony have quietly added a refund section to the US version of the Playstation support site. Looks like people in the US will finally have access to refunds, which is something people in the rest of the world have had access to for years. This guy on Reddit created a nice summary for all the key points Some key points: You can refund a game, DLC, or add-on provided you have not begun downloading the content. You have 14 days from the purchase date as long as you have not downloaded the content. Full games, downloadable content, themes, avatars and season passes count in this category. Pre-Ordered Digital content over 14 days before the release date - You may request a refund any time before the release date. Pre-Ordered Digital content less than 14 days before the release date - You may request a refund up to 14 days after the date of purchase. Subscriptions - Playstation Now, Playstation Plus, or Spotify - 14 days after purchasing a subscription. Free trial periods are included in the 14 day window. You may receive a partial refund in requesting a refund for subscriptions, depending on how much you have used the service. Playstation Vue. You may cancel at any time, but any payments made are non-refundable. Changing your Network ID (possibly coming soon since they mention it here): You cannot obtain a refund for changing your Online ID
  5. I enjoyed it but man I'm really gonna miss Telltale. I hope Skybound carries on their legacy.
  6. So how the difficult does the 100% seem?
  7. The fact that this won't be compatible with all games and can cause issues with certain games kinda makes it pointless.
  8. Where the fuck did you get that idea from lmao. The Walking Dead was Telltale's best seller. Season 1 alone sold 28 million.
  9. And not only that but the original team is being rehired to finish the game. A physical release is also confirmed. This is literally the best possible outcome. So happy right now!
  10. Keep in mind this article comes from Jason Schrier. This guy has accurately leaked many things in the past, and is one of the most reliable people in the industry.
  11. My heart sunk reading the title. Telltale is one of my favourite game developers, I've played every single of their games since 2012. This is shocking
  12. Is there a better source for this? No other gaming website is reporting on this. Just because some former voice actor said his brother is working on the game doesn't mean it's "confirmed". Clickbait.
  13. It definitely does help. Those suits require atleast 3 Challenge tokens each to unlock normally. By using that pre order code, it'll make things a bit easier.
  14. Dope interview dude! Surprised you don't have a Kiwi accent haha.