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  1. I'm hyped lol. Getting the Plats for the N' Sane Trilogy was extremely fun. It was the perfect mix of difficulty and fairness. Bring it on! 😤
  2. Their entire communication over backwards compatibility has been fucking garbage. Will all of these games be compatible at launch or will we have to wait as they become compatible? Will games receive enhancements/upgrades? On Xbox Series X all Xbox One games will get 4K upscaling and other improvements. Is that the same with the PS5 or will they just run like they did on the PS4 with no improvements? How will delisted games like PT work? Will save files carry over? What about PS1-PS3 games? Can you store PS4 games on external HDD like on Xbox or will they have to take up space on your SSD? Will you need to rebuy your games? Like how people who bought Spider-Man on PS4 will have to buy it again on PS5? The console is available to preorder and yet we still know next to nothing about BC. This is stuff that we should have been told by now. There are so many questions and ambiguous things that they refuse to clarify. Just tell us exactly how it's gonna fucking work ffs.
  3. We don't know yet. But they most likely will have new trophy lists as they'll be seperate SKU's.
  4. Definitely Mortal Kombat
  5. Congrats @Cxrlos23! Enjoy the game!
  6. Sup peeps. So I bought a code for the Marvel Ultimate Alliance Bundle on PS4 (the one that's currently delisted), unfortunately it's a UK code. I managed to find a code that works in my region fortunately but now I'm stuck with this code I payed 30 bucks for lol. The game is delisted and pretty rare but I figured I'd be charitable and give it away. Just comment on this thread and on the 26th at 10:30pm GMT. I'll randomly select someone to give the code too. Keep in mind it's a UK code so it'll probably only work in the UK. Edit: To reduce bias I've messaged the mods and when the giveaway ends they'll randomly pick a winner and send them the code. I think it'll be a bit more fair that way. Good luck!
  7. Literally every WB Game released in the past few years has had aggressive Microtransactions and Lootboxes (Shadow Of War, MK 11, Injustice 2) They literally said last year that all of their games going forward will have live service "GaaS" elements. If you seriously think they're not gonna do this, especially since they've added a a leveling/loot system that will most likely be used to vessel microtransactions, then I seriously don't know what to tell you lmao.
  8. This looks fucking dogshit. No Freeflow combat RPG leveling system Loot Online Coop GaaS I guarantee you it's gonna be filled up the ass with Microtransactions too.
  9. I'm playing this game on my Alt account with friends and I'm having a blast. The game is really fun. But at the same time I'm really glad I didn't add it to my main account lol. Having that trophy nagging at me at the back of my mind would completely ruin the game for me. Casually playing it on my alt is good enough for me.
  10. It's been almost 2 years since a PS3 game has gone on sale. It's dead Jim.
  11. I'm playing through the game right now and I think it's boring as fuck. Genuinely one of the most monotonous, repetitive pieces of garbage I've ever played. If you're 15 hours in and finding it boring then you may as well quit now because the entire rest of the game is pretty much the exact same.
  12. They better not pull an Uncharted 4 and make the wave survival trophies borderline impossible.
  13. Then stop playing shitty games lol. Your trophy list is basically a sea of Ubisoft garbage. There's a lot of quality games out there if you look for them.
  14. A Naughty Dog developer on Twitter went into detail about Grounded mode differences.
  15. Important points Comes out August 13 Grounded Mode available from the beginning Permadeath can be set to have checkpoints every Chapter or every Act 30 New Graphics modes (Cel Shaded, 8 Bit etc) Option to remove film grain Collectible tracker fixed Pre-order bonuses and some accessibility options will be disabled in Grounded/Permadeath mode (they haven't specified which ones exactly) Added Gyro Aiming However most importantly they're adding the tweaks from the Uncharted games like Infinite Ammo, Infinite Crafting, One Shot Kills. If someone is able to find a way to use these tweaks in Grounded/Permadeath mode this'll make it far easier