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  1. It's an official listing by Ubisoft themselves. Looks like we're getting a new Splinter Cell this year. Announcement soon? Also 1000th post yay.
  2. Merry Christmas everybody!

    1. marvelboy10


      Merry Christmas! ☃️



      Merry Christmas.

    3. ee28max


      Merry Christmas! 

  3. Just because they posted some old images on their FB page doesn't mean a remaster is coming. Jesus lol.
  4. Will this make the Killzone 2 Plat harder? As everyone will be going for the leaderboards trophy.
  5. Put me under Champion Of The Gods, just got the GOW3 plat.
  6. It's very mediocre. Not terrible but I wouldn't recommend it either.
  7. They should port AC3 and Liberation along with Rogue. Bundle them with AC4 and call it "The Kenway Saga" or something.
  8. If it's true then PSX seems like a likely bet.
  9. Keep in mind that this is not 100% confirmed but ZhugEX (a reputable leaker from NeoGAF) has okay'ed the source, so there's a pretty good chance this is real. Also both Dante and Virgil's voice actors have posted pics of themselves on Twitter in Mo-cap suits.
  10. Then you're going to be very disappointed. Servers are shutting down in a few hours, it's happening.
  11. GOTY has arrived bois
  12. I'm genuinely excited for Knack 2. I thought the first game was aggressively mediocre but showed a lot of potential. Hopefully the sequel fixes most of the big issues in the first one. Also fuck Dunkey.