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  1. Let's wait and see what the full details are before we pull out the pitchforks
  2. Kek The old "I made myself look retarded and got proven wrong so now I'm going to deflect" method. No need to get mad cause you're too stupid to tell the difference between pre-rendered and real time 😂
  3. Lol what? This is not a pre-rendered cutscene. It's an actual real time demo. It was even supposed to be playable at GDC, before that got cancelled. Look at the UE4 demo posted above. Games released now, blow that out of the water. Games are going to look like this on next gen and will look even better in a few years. Definitely not in "a decade" lmfao.
  4. I played it all the time as a kid. The I only honestly still can't believe that a remake is even happening. Hopefully we get The Movie game & Creature From The Krusty Krab next.
  5. And there it is. So not only was the leaker not an employee or ex-employee from ND. But they literally hacked into ND's servers using a stolen AWS key. A lot of people in this thread look like complete idiots now.
  6. What? What are you on about lmfao. I created this thread because it's news about TLOU2. I didn't even say anything. All I did was just paste a link to an article?? What? Hahahaha the fuck are you on about? Literally the only other thing I posted here is a meme. And it's not even a rumour genius, it's something Sony has confirmed themselves. Whether or not it's damage control is another thing (I personally think it is damage control), but it's definitely not a rumour lol. Reading must be hard. Yes, Sony the multi-billion dollar company is in a desperate situation. Jesus lol. All these comments saying Sony is lying are completely stupid. They are about to enter a huge court case with this guy. Everything is gonna get revealed through that. Why would they lie now? If he really was a former ND employee, wouldn't they just keep their mouth shut and say "We've found the guy, no other comment", instead of lying now and potentially ruining their case? The delusion here is insane. I'm gonna wait until all the facts are out before jumping to conclusions. And I'd suggest anyone else with even half a brain to do the same. Shhh you're bringing actual logic here. We don't want that. That'll ruin the narrative.
  7. Because dumbasses fell for the rumour that the leaker was a former ND employee trying to get back at Naughty Dog. The reason they're declining to comment is probably because they're gonna take this into a court of law. Better to keep things confidential for their court case. The leaker is completely fucked though. The dude who leaked HL2 source code before its release got sent to jail. The dude who leaked Warzone got sued to hell and back by Activision. We'll also probably get the full story through the court case as well.
  9. All the replies on the first page look hilarious now lol.
  10. There's no point arguing with morons lol. You can dictate your sources and back up your claims but they won't accept reality or anything that doesn't already support their existing views. Save your energy.
  11. Red Dead Redemption 2. Pre-ordered the Collector's Edition. One of the best games I've ever played.
  12. My issue isn't over the quality of the game. The game could be trash for all I care. I'm just saying that the reason this was leaked was not cause of SJW's or other stuff mentioned in that obviously BS article lol nor is that the reason for ND's crunch culture and if it was don't you think someone would have leaked that too? I'm just trying to stop the spread of misinformation. I have no issues with you not buying the game because you didn't like the leaks or because you don't like Druckmanns personal views. I only replied because you used quotes from that article in your comment. Which are most likely made up. I'll end this argument here. Have a nice day.
  13. Lmao alright buddy. "One of the most respected journalists in the industry, with many actual inside sources, who's report has also been retweeted and liked by current and former Naughty Dog employees is wrong. But this one random article from a no name website nobody's heard of (that definitely isn't biased judging by the other stuff they post) is absolutely 100% correct." Here's one from Metro Here's one from IGN corroborating Here's one from EuroGamer
  14. Let me translate this for everyone else. Jason Schrier did a massive expose on Naughty Dog. Where he blew the lid on the companies crunch practices and toxic environment. Nothing is mentioned here over "cancel culture, sjw's, or phobias (what? lol)" Naughty Dog is a company that is sorely needing a restructure. At least until game devs can unionize. But the reasons you've listed like sjw's (lol) are bullshit. Hell it's not even confirmed why the leaker did what he did. Let's wait until all the facts are out before we start doing the mental gymnastics.