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  1. Have you even played the game lmao. If you had you'd know what he's talking about.
  2. Put me up for Titan. Just got the GoS plat.
  3. YES! So happy I waited! It's cheap asf and all DLC is free, so glad I waited.
  4. I do not own this game nor have I ever played it, but I still got an email with a code for the theme. Maybe an error on Sony's part? I'm not complaining though, free theme is a free theme 😎
  5. Really excited for this. The first one was a very flawed but fun game. It looks like they've taken their criticism to heart this time. I've platinumed the game. Add me.
  6. I highly, HIGHLY recommend Undertale. One of, if not THE best indie game I have ever played and I fucking hate indie games. If you're planning on playing it, go in blind. Don't look at any walkthroughs, guides or reviews. You'll thank me later.
  7. This game looks fucking amazing. I loved Brother's A Tale Of Two Sons.
  8. Added more info to the OP
  9. AC 4 has an MP grind as well. Just letting you know.
  10. Egyptian setting confirmed. It's also going to have pre-order bonuses, a deluxe edition & a season pass. How unsurprising. Also the name is extremely generic. EDIT: Looks like even more info has leaked. -Ubisoft looked at The Witcher 3 as an influence on the new gameplay system -brand new combat system -brand new AI -no minimap, instead just a compass -no sprint button, instead movement speed is determined how far the analog stick is pushed -eagle vision only highlights objects now, does not highlight enemies anymore -game takes place during the reign of Cleopatra -npc population effected by day and night cycle, they eat and sleep -get to control an eagle -explorable underwater areas -RPG leveling system level 40 cap -three ability trees, "Seer", "Warrior", "Hunter" -crafting system -main protaganist name is Bayek but they are not the only playable character -arena with gladiatorial battles More info can be found if you read through the entire article.
  11. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood 4.38% ULTRA RARE It took me 5 years & 8 months but i finally got 100% completion on my favorite AC game. The single-player kicked ass with loads of great moments. And the MP wasn't actually even that bad of a grind.
  12. Add AC Brotherhood 100% to my list
  13. It took them 2 years to update the game, even though they they said that they were planning on updating the game "regularly". And still no update for last gen. Thank fuck I didn't buy this piece of shit.
  14. Personally I thought it was a bit of a miss step. First 3 episode's showed potential but the ending really wasn't all that satisfying. Hopefully season 4 is better.
  15. I remember back on PS2 there was an even easier way. Just fly away in your UFO from the satellite dish. If you fly too far away the tanks will despawn, and won't attack the satellite dish. I'm not 100% sure if this method still works on PS4 but it's worth a shot.