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  1. Not even the most high end PC's can do ray tracing at 4K lol.
  2. According to multiple people on Reddit, there's no Dualsense support unfortunately. No resistive triggers or enhanced vibration. What a pointless remaster lol.
  3. Can you us know if the PS5 version supports Dualsense features? Like the resistive triggers etc.
  4. I'm out of the loop. What happened to Borderlands?
  5. Yeah but Nathan Drake Collection is stuck at 1080p. Needs a 4K bump with HDR support. And yes, 120fps would be dope! But since Bluepoint developed the ND:C maybe it's out of Naughty Dog's control.
  6. For real lol. This should've been out months ago. Either way though I'm glad it's finally out. Now do Uncharted 4 + Lost Legacy & The Nathan Drake Collection next please 😊😊
  7. The game has a karma system called Paragon/Renegade. If you've played the Infamous games it's very similar to the Good/Bad karma system in those games. Essentially you can choose to play as a good guy (Paragon) or a not so good guy (Renegade). The more Paragon/Renegade choices you make the more Paragon/Renegade points you'll get. If you have enough of these points you can bypass certain things and obtain better outcomes. For instance there's a mission where you need to choose to sacrifice one of your squad mates. However if you have enough Paragon/Renegade points you unlock a third option that allows you to keep both of your squadmates alive. The Charismatic trophy is tied to that. One extremely important thing to remember is to pick one side, whether Paragon or Renegade and then fully commit to it for the entire trilogy. So when you create your character in Mass Effect 1, decide whether you're gonna be a Paragon or a Renegade and from then on choose every Paragon or Renegade choice you come across. This'll ensure you have enough Paragon/Renegade points to get the best outcomes and endings.
  8. This is so disappointing and disheartening. Like seriously what the fuck? Fuck Jim Ryan.
  9. As someone who's got the Platinum, don't waste your time lol. It's extremely tedious & repetitive. The rank 10 grind was one of the worst grinds I've ever had to endure.
  10. Holy fucking shit what an insane month. This is probably one of the best PS Plus line-ups ever. I already own Control Ultimate Edition & Concrete Genie but damn this is still a good month.
  11. This should be added to the OP and to the title of the thread. Even though I already got the trophy, massive respect to Monolith! Now can someone ask them to unlock the framerate on SoM & SoW for PS5 lol.
  12. No it does not. Those articles were false info. Neither does God Of War. Some dude on Resetera mistook the stronger rumble on the Dualsense controller as Adaptive Trigger support, made a post about it and a bunch of gaming sites picked up the story without even doing their research.
  13. I'd say get the DLc trophies done before the server closure just to be safe. They're not that tough if you abuse the save to USB feature.
  14. The only way you can get those trophies is by activating Gear Score ON. Even in Immersive the game keeps track of the gear you loot and the bases you invade to increase your Gear Level. You can turn Gear Score On, do what you have to do to win the trophies, and then turn back Off and return to Immersive without any penalty.
  15. It's fake. Don't get your hopes up.