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  1. Already super excited to start the Summer Backlog Challenge! If I finish this list early, I'll add more indies. Here's my finalized list: Red = Haven’t started Green = Progress made Blue = Completed 100% 1. LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes - 9% 2. Maneater (PS5) - 27% 3. Mass Effect (PS4) - 46% 4. Mass Effect 2 (PS4) 5. Mass Effect 3 (PS4) 6. Mass Effect: Legendary Edition 7. Oxenfree 8. The Walking Dead (PS3) 9. What Remains of Edith Finch Swaps (0/2)
  2. Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch [3 years, 10 months] P: 8.87% Love this game, glad I finally have the PS3 version completed now. As for what's next: I'm eying either inFamous, Far Cry 3 Classic Edition, or Mass Effect Andromeda.
  3. Update #5 Since my last update, I completed Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom and Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch. I also started Dragon Age II and made minimal trophy progress. I haven’t decided whether I want to continue playing games I’ve already started, or move on to some I haven’t touched yet. With the PSN store staying open indefinitely, I don’t feel compelled to purchase anything new at the moment, but I have quite a physical list already. I’m leaning towards re-starting inFamous again.
  4. Update #5: Fifth and final update for me this challenge! I thought it’d be down to the wire when I first made this list, but the RNG gods have favored me in my final game: Ni No Kuni. Since completing the remaster last year, I already knew about the grind post-game and planned to work on it for at least half of May. Thankfully, grinding for alchemy ingredients only took about two days total since I’d been thorough throughout the main game. For anyone interested in completing Ni No Kuni (highly recommended for the story alone), I’d suggest working on collecting familiars, ingredients, and glims as early as possible in your play through. This is my second 100% challenge and the first one I’ve completed fully. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed participating, reading updates weekly, and knocking off a bit of my backlog. As for what’s next: I’m combing through my games to figure out what I want to include in the summer challenge, time-permitted. Until next time, cheers challengers! [Thanks for the congrats @YaManSmevz. I really appreciate the well wishes 😄] Red = Haven’t started Green = Progress made Blue = Completed 100% 1. Mass Effect 2 2. Mass Effect 3 3. MediEvil 4. Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch 5. Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom Swaps (1/2)
  5. Update #4: Since my last update (over a month ago), I’ve completed Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom and Ni No Kuni’s story. I shouldn’t be surprised by how relaxing it was to play through Invizimals, as it’s made for kids, but I thoroughly enjoyed my time with it. The collectibles were tedious for a couple of levels, but with the level select menu, I was able to easily find what I needed. I also spent the past month restarting Ni No Kuni’s story while working towards collecting/ training familiars (40 hours thus far). I estimate I have another 20-30 hours post-game completing bounties, leveling up familiars, and hunting for absurdly rare alchemy ingredients. I absolutely adore this game though, so it's less of a chore. With two weeks left until the end of the challenge, I’m on track to fully completing one of these events. 😁 On an unrelated, personal note.. Red = Haven’t started Green = Progress made Blue = Completed 100% 1. Mass Effect 2 2. Mass Effect 3 3. MediEvil 4. Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch - 38% ➡️ 50% 5. Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom Swaps (1/2)
  6. Super excited to participate this year! Sign me up, please 😁
  7. Thank you for letting me know! I've completed four games since my last update: February Fallout 3 (100%) [1 year, 3 months] AR: 4.87% Mass Effect [3 years, 7 months] P: 6.89% March Overcooked (100%) [3 years, 11 months] AR: 10.84% April Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom [4 years, 7 months] P: 22.92% I've been focusing more on upping my overall completion percentage and working through PS3 games before the big shutdown.
  8. I'd like to remain active in this event. I've completed a few games in February and March that qualify, but since I didn't update, I'm assuming they don't count retroactively. Thank you for reminding me though; my updates will be more timely in the future.
  9. Update #3: Finished MediEvil last night. As I never played the original, it was a pleasant surprise and easy platinum. The controls did feel outdated at times though. Also, I’ll be using my first swap of the challenge on Watch Dogs: Legion. I want to focus primarily on my PS3 backlog and just downloaded Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom. If I find myself ahead of schedule again, I’ll start adding more PS3 games (Dragon Age II, Far Cry Blood Dragon, The Walking Dead, etc.). Red = Haven’t started Green = Progress made Blue = Completed 100% 1. Mass Effect 2 2. Mass Effect 3 3. MediEvil 4. Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch - 38% 5. Watch Dogs: Legion - 5% ➡️ (Swap) Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom - 1% Swaps (1/2)
  10. Thanks again for compiling these stats! March Update: Another productive month for this challenge, albeit not nearly as much of a percentage increase as I’d hoped. (Guess I need to go back to playing backlog games, instead of completing new ones.) I started the month off finishing Mass Effect 2, one of my favorite gaming experiences ever. I remember thinking there was no way I would complete an Insanity run after getting stuck on the 360 years ago. But with the right build and using a new character, I finally realized why people play games on the hardest difficulty; ME2 definitely felt like a brand new experience, and required more strategy. Naturally, I started - and completed - Mass Effect 3 next. It was my first experience playing the Leviathan DLC. Highly recommend playing both Leviathan and Citadel DLC, even if you don’t go for the 100% (for the two people who haven’t played ME3 yet). I’ve also been playing some co-op games with my partner and completed Overcooked and started Overcooked 2. We spent over an hour trying to 3-star a DLC level in the latter to no avail... For the first time since joining PSNProfiles, I’m above 50% completion, and it’s about damn time.
  11. Update #2: I’m a little ahead of schedule, finishing off Mass Effect 3 before the end of the month. It’s been two straight months of Mass Effect, and although I love these games, I’m happy to have finished them with a little breathing room before the Legendary Edition comes out (which I’ve happily pre-ordered). One day I’ll 100% Andromeda. I’ve also been working on MediEvil the past couple of days, earning a few miscellaneous and story-based trophies. I’ve been enjoying the experience a bit more since picking it up again. With the PS3 store closure, I’m trying to clean up some more of my backlog and will either utilize a switch for a PS3 game or add a couple to my list next update. Red = Haven’t started Green = Progress made Blue = Completed 100% 1. Mass Effect 2 2. Mass Effect 3 3. MediEvil - 25% ➡️ 50% 4. Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch - 38% 5. Watch Dogs: Legion - 5% Swaps (0/2)
  12. Update #4 Mass Effect 3 is officially completed. I had a couple of challenges with the Insanity run but found it to be easier than ME and ME2. Going for 5,000 kills without playing MP was a grind though. Up next: going through what games I still need to buy DLC for in case (when) the store closes and restarting Ni No Kuni.
  13. I've only recently been into cleaning up my trophy list, and platting games I really love as milestones. I've made minor goals this year and joined events to help achieve those personal goals (higher overall completion, less unearned trophies, etc.). I also ordered my games for the first time with the Mass Effect series, and refuse to play anything else until ME3 is 100%. I think viewing others' accomplishments on here has influenced my desire to clean up my list.
  14. Update #1: More than halfway through the first month of this challenge, and I feel like I’m on the right track to complete it this time. I completed Mass Effect 2 last week, something I’ve been wanting to achieve since the game was released. I spent one playthrough 100%-ing all missions to set up my character for a ME3 import, and then platinumed it with my femShep Infiltrator on Insanity. I’ve always loved the Mass Effect games equally, but after completing the first and second installment subsequently, I really appreciate ME2’s direction, especially with combat. I also started my 100% playthrough of Mass Effect 3. My goal is to complete everything but the insanity-related trophies by the end of the month. Red = Haven’t started Green = Progress made Blue = Completed 100% 1. Mass Effect 2 2. Mass Effect 3 - 35% 3. MediEvil - 25% 4. Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch - 38% 5. Watch Dogs: Legion - 5% Swaps (0/2)
  15. Update #3 Another update, another Mass Effect game completed. After giving up on my insanity run on the 360 a decade ago, I finally managed to 100% Mass Effect 2. I earned all but the insanity trophy playing casually, and then started the game over with a sneaky femShep Sentinel. Playing cautiously and upgrading my sniper to one-shot enemies felt great, especially because I never play as a sniper. I usually shy away from difficulty-based trophies, but playing on insanity was a totally new experience for a game I’ve played through at least five times. After all these years eyeing the platinum, I finally earned it. And I’m really happy I did. Up next: Ending the reaper threat once and for all in Mass Effect 3.
  16. Thanks @Squirlruler for compiling this. I look forward to these end of month composites you post; they really feel like snapshots of our backlog experiences. On a personal note, I probably won't achieve February levels in March. I'm going to be adding at least one new game to my list (possibly more if Disco Elysium releases this month as planned). But I made a promise to not be too hard on myself as long as I'm not losing percentage.
  17. Update 0: Finalized list ready to go. Mass Effect 2 may be slightly higher by midnight, but won't exceed 33%, per the event rules. Happy hunting! Red = Haven’t started Green = Progress made Blue = Completed 100% 1. Mass Effect 2 - 29% 2. Mass Effect 3 3. MediEvil - 25% 4. Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch - 38% 5. Watch Dogs: Legion - 5% Swaps (0/2)
  18. February Update The shortest month of the year but I spent it well IMO. I finished the Fallout 3 DLC, finally. I’ve only played through it once before, back when it originally released, so a lot of the story beats were pleasant surprises. I also played through a few gimme plats to minimize my time until plat #50: Mass Effect. I had started it a while ago and finished the last 2.5 playthroughs I needed right before the month ended. I also just started Mass Effect 2, because I can’t get enough of this series. Fingers crossed the Legendary Edition has a revamped trophy list. Original Starting PCG: 47.41% February PCG: 49.30% (+1.89%) 2021 Goal: 55%
  19. Update #11: Welp, I didn’t complete every game on my list, but I did 100% a few games I've wanted to play for years. Since my last update, I completed Cat Quest, which I loved and am excited to play the sequel when I can. It was a simple plat and pawsitively purrfect for me. I also started - and subsequently got bored of - Watch Dogs: Legion. I wish I’d done more research before I bought it. I’m adding it to my Spring backlog list, but it’s one I’ll need to slog through to complete. I’m so thankful to have participated in this backlog challenge. Lessons learned? Don’t overestimate what I can complete in the given timeframe, and don’t add shiny, new games until I’ve completed most of the original list. I also need to allot time for distractions (i.e. other games, real life). All in all, I completed nine games for the challenge and made progress in a few more. Thanks for hosting the challenge @MidnightDragon, and to every participant that inspired me to challenge myself! Red = Haven’t started Green = Some progress Blue = Completed 100% 1. Life Is Strange 2 2. God of War 3. Firewatch 4. Watch Dogs: Legion - 5% 5. Spyro the Dragon 6. The Outer Worlds - 5% 7. The Wolf Among Us (PS3) 8. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (PS4) 9. The Deadly Tower of Monsters 10. Grim Fandango Remastered 11. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 12. LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes - 9% 13. Mad Max 14. Cat Quest 15. Letter Quest Remastered Swaps (4/5)
  20. Update #2 Really happy to make this update! I finally platted Mass Effect after my initial playthrough on PS3 nearly four years ago. I played the game to death on the 360 when it originally released, but I don’t think I ever managed to 100% it. I decided to do a casual playthrough as an adept, engineer, and soldier to earn all of the combat “do x 75 times” trophies, and then work on difficulty trophies. Usually I shy away from difficulty trophies, but Mass Effect is manageable, emphasizing cover and tactics over skill. (I’m not so confident in beating Mass Effect 2’s insanity difficulty though; it seems much more difficult.) Next up: finish LEGO Batman 2, work on Ni No Kuni, or start Mass Effect 2.
  21. I'd like to join this event too. With how many games I have yet to complete from the Fall/Winter backlog challenge, I have a feeling I'll need to rollover more to this event. But my tentative list is as follows: - Dishonored 2 [18%] - LEGO Batman 2 [9%] - MediEvil [25%] - Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch [38%] - Watch Dogs: Legion [5%]
  22. Update #1: It’s taken me a few months but I’m finally able to post an update with some progress. I went back to Fallout 3 and 100% the DLC, using the scrap metal glitch to hit max level after doing everything else. I also platinumed Dragon Age: Origins, leaving all post-game DLC incomplete. I started LEGO Batman 2 too. But I have a ways to go with that one. I’m unsure about what I want to go for next, but I’m seriously eyeing either Mass Effect prior to the remasters or finishing up Ni No Kuni.
  23. January Update First monthly update. I didn’t start off as strongly as I’d planned, but moving across the country really dampened my ability to game. I got my hands on a PS3 for the first time in nearly a decade and platted Dragon Age: Origins, one of my favorite games of all time. I still need to play the post-game DLC though. I also had some time to finish up Word Search by POWGI to increase my percentage nearly half a point. Moving forward, I’ll be attempting to complete more unfinished PS3 games (i.e. Fallout 3 DLC, Ni No Kuni, inFamous, etc.), if sales and shiny new games don’t catch my eye first. Original Starting PCG: 47.41% January PCG: 47.90% (+0.49%) 2021 Goal: 55%
  24. I'd love to join this event! Raising my completion percentage has been a personal goal for a few months now (not long, but I've made progress). I'm currently at 47.63% and would be excited to reach 55% by the end of of 2021.
  25. Update #3: It's been quite a while without an update in this event, and honestly, I just didn't want to play the games I had available. My plan is to utilize the two extra swaps we've graciously been given (Christmas & PS5 swap) and add a couple of games I want to complete so I can progress to other levels. (I'll be saving my last swap for when I hit another snag.) Hope everyone had an amazing holiday season. 😁 Level One Final Fantasy VII Remake ✔️ Level Two Dishonored Definitive Edition Uncharted 2 Remastered Level Three Darksiders Warmastered Greedfall ➡️ Watch Dogs: Legion Resident Evil Level Four Firewatch Red Dead Redemption Prey Hitman 2 ➡️ Astro's Playroom Level Five Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Wolfenstein II Arkham City Metro Exodus Doom (2016)