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  1. Update #2: I’m a little ahead of schedule, finishing off Mass Effect 3 before the end of the month. It’s been two straight months of Mass Effect, and although I love these games, I’m happy to have finished them with a little breathing room before the Legendary Edition comes out (which I’ve happily pre-ordered). One day I’ll 100% Andromeda. I’ve also been working on MediEvil the past couple of days, earning a few miscellaneous and story-based trophies. I’ve been enjoying the experience a bit more since picking it up again. With the PS3 store closure, I’m trying to clean up some more of my backlog and will either utilize a switch for a PS3 game or add a couple to my list next update. Red = Haven’t started Green = Progress made Blue = Completed 100% 1. Mass Effect 2 2. Mass Effect 3 3. MediEvil - 25% ➡️ 50% 4. Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch - 38% 5. Watch Dogs: Legion - 5% Swaps (0/2)
  2. Update #4 Mass Effect 3 is officially completed. I had a couple of challenges with the Insanity run but found it to be easier than ME and ME2. Going for 5,000 kills without playing MP was a grind though. Up next: going through what games I still need to buy DLC for in case (when) the store closes and restarting Ni No Kuni.
  3. I've only recently been into cleaning up my trophy list, and platting games I really love as milestones. I've made minor goals this year and joined events to help achieve those personal goals (higher overall completion, less unearned trophies, etc.). I also ordered my games for the first time with the Mass Effect series, and refuse to play anything else until ME3 is 100%. I think viewing others' accomplishments on here has influenced my desire to clean up my list.
  4. Update #1: More than halfway through the first month of this challenge, and I feel like I’m on the right track to complete it this time. I completed Mass Effect 2 last week, something I’ve been wanting to achieve since the game was released. I spent one playthrough 100%-ing all missions to set up my character for a ME3 import, and then platinumed it with my femShep Infiltrator on Insanity. I’ve always loved the Mass Effect games equally, but after completing the first and second installment subsequently, I really appreciate ME2’s direction, especially with combat. I also started my 100% playthrough of Mass Effect 3. My goal is to complete everything but the insanity-related trophies by the end of the month. Red = Haven’t started Green = Progress made Blue = Completed 100% 1. Mass Effect 2 2. Mass Effect 3 - 35% 3. MediEvil - 25% 4. Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch - 38% 5. Watch Dogs: Legion - 5% Swaps (0/2)
  5. Update #3 Another update, another Mass Effect game completed. After giving up on my insanity run on the 360 a decade ago, I finally managed to 100% Mass Effect 2. I earned all but the insanity trophy playing casually, and then started the game over with a sneaky femShep Sentinel. Playing cautiously and upgrading my sniper to one-shot enemies felt great, especially because I never play as a sniper. I usually shy away from difficulty-based trophies, but playing on insanity was a totally new experience for a game I’ve played through at least five times. After all these years eyeing the platinum, I finally earned it. And I’m really happy I did. Up next: Ending the reaper threat once and for all in Mass Effect 3.
  6. Thanks @Squirlruler for compiling this. I look forward to these end of month composites you post; they really feel like snapshots of our backlog experiences. On a personal note, I probably won't achieve February levels in March. I'm going to be adding at least one new game to my list (possibly more if Disco Elysium releases this month as planned). But I made a promise to not be too hard on myself as long as I'm not losing percentage.
  7. Update 0: Finalized list ready to go. Mass Effect 2 may be slightly higher by midnight, but won't exceed 33%, per the event rules. Happy hunting! Red = Haven’t started Green = Progress made Blue = Completed 100% 1. Mass Effect 2 - 29% 2. Mass Effect 3 3. MediEvil - 25% 4. Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch - 38% 5. Watch Dogs: Legion - 5% Swaps (0/2)
  8. February Update The shortest month of the year but I spent it well IMO. I finished the Fallout 3 DLC, finally. I’ve only played through it once before, back when it originally released, so a lot of the story beats were pleasant surprises. I also played through a few gimme plats to minimize my time until plat #50: Mass Effect. I had started it a while ago and finished the last 2.5 playthroughs I needed right before the month ended. I also just started Mass Effect 2, because I can’t get enough of this series. Fingers crossed the Legendary Edition has a revamped trophy list. Original Starting PCG: 47.41% February PCG: 49.30% (+1.89%) 2021 Goal: 55%
  9. Update #11: Welp, I didn’t complete every game on my list, but I did 100% a few games I've wanted to play for years. Since my last update, I completed Cat Quest, which I loved and am excited to play the sequel when I can. It was a simple plat and pawsitively purrfect for me. I also started - and subsequently got bored of - Watch Dogs: Legion. I wish I’d done more research before I bought it. I’m adding it to my Spring backlog list, but it’s one I’ll need to slog through to complete. I’m so thankful to have participated in this backlog challenge. Lessons learned? Don’t overestimate what I can complete in the given timeframe, and don’t add shiny, new games until I’ve completed most of the original list. I also need to allot time for distractions (i.e. other games, real life). All in all, I completed nine games for the challenge and made progress in a few more. Thanks for hosting the challenge @MidnightDragon, and to every participant that inspired me to challenge myself! Red = Haven’t started Green = Some progress Blue = Completed 100% 1. Life Is Strange 2 2. God of War 3. Firewatch 4. Watch Dogs: Legion - 5% 5. Spyro the Dragon 6. The Outer Worlds - 5% 7. The Wolf Among Us (PS3) 8. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (PS4) 9. The Deadly Tower of Monsters 10. Grim Fandango Remastered 11. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 12. LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes - 9% 13. Mad Max 14. Cat Quest 15. Letter Quest Remastered Swaps (4/5)
  10. Update #2 Really happy to make this update! I finally platted Mass Effect after my initial playthrough on PS3 nearly four years ago. I played the game to death on the 360 when it originally released, but I don’t think I ever managed to 100% it. I decided to do a casual playthrough as an adept, engineer, and soldier to earn all of the combat “do x 75 times” trophies, and then work on difficulty trophies. Usually I shy away from difficulty trophies, but Mass Effect is manageable, emphasizing cover and tactics over skill. (I’m not so confident in beating Mass Effect 2’s insanity difficulty though; it seems much more difficult.) Next up: finish LEGO Batman 2, work on Ni No Kuni, or start Mass Effect 2.
  11. I'd like to join this event too. With how many games I have yet to complete from the Fall/Winter backlog challenge, I have a feeling I'll need to rollover more to this event. But my tentative list is as follows: - Dishonored 2 [18%] - LEGO Batman 2 [9%] - MediEvil [25%] - Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch [38%] - Watch Dogs: Legion [5%]
  12. Update #1: It’s taken me a few months but I’m finally able to post an update with some progress. I went back to Fallout 3 and 100% the DLC, using the scrap metal glitch to hit max level after doing everything else. I also platinumed Dragon Age: Origins, leaving all post-game DLC incomplete. I started LEGO Batman 2 too. But I have a ways to go with that one. I’m unsure about what I want to go for next, but I’m seriously eyeing either Mass Effect prior to the remasters or finishing up Ni No Kuni.
  13. January Update First monthly update. I didn’t start off as strongly as I’d planned, but moving across the country really dampened my ability to game. I got my hands on a PS3 for the first time in nearly a decade and platted Dragon Age: Origins, one of my favorite games of all time. I still need to play the post-game DLC though. I also had some time to finish up Word Search by POWGI to increase my percentage nearly half a point. Moving forward, I’ll be attempting to complete more unfinished PS3 games (i.e. Fallout 3 DLC, Ni No Kuni, inFamous, etc.), if sales and shiny new games don’t catch my eye first. Original Starting PCG: 47.41% January PCG: 47.90% (+0.49%) 2021 Goal: 55%
  14. I'd love to join this event! Raising my completion percentage has been a personal goal for a few months now (not long, but I've made progress). I'm currently at 47.63% and would be excited to reach 55% by the end of of 2021.
  15. Update #3: It's been quite a while without an update in this event, and honestly, I just didn't want to play the games I had available. My plan is to utilize the two extra swaps we've graciously been given (Christmas & PS5 swap) and add a couple of games I want to complete so I can progress to other levels. (I'll be saving my last swap for when I hit another snag.) Hope everyone had an amazing holiday season. 😁 Level One Final Fantasy VII Remake ✔️ Level Two Dishonored Definitive Edition Uncharted 2 Remastered Level Three Darksiders Warmastered Greedfall ➡️ Watch Dogs: Legion Resident Evil Level Four Firewatch Red Dead Redemption Prey Hitman 2 ➡️ Astro's Playroom Level Five Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Wolfenstein II Arkham City Metro Exodus Doom (2016)
  16. Update #10: In the nearly two months since my last update, I've made minimal progress. Thankfully, I've completed a couple of games and made progress in a few others during the holidays.. I can't believe I hadn't played Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons sooner; it was heart-achingly good! I'm a crier, so that ending was brutal for me. Letter Quest Remastered was easy enough to finish, but there was a slight grind to 3000 words post-game. I also started Cat Quest and currently find it purrsitively delightful, if not a bit repetitive at times. As for the swaps, I realized at my current rate, I wouldn't be able to complete most of the longer games on my list. So I decided to swap out two of the lengthier games and reserve my last swap, just in case.. Hope everyone had a great holiday season! Cheers to 2021! 😀 Red = Haven’t started Green = Some progress Blue = Completed 100% 1. Life Is Strange 2 2. God of War 3. Firewatch 4. Borderlands 3 - 33% ➡️ Watch Dogs: Legion 5. Spyro the Dragon 6. The Outer Worlds - 5% 7. The Wolf Among Us (PS3) 8. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (PS4) 9. The Deadly Tower of Monsters 10. Grim Fandango Remastered 11. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 12. Final Fantasy VII - 2% ➡️ LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes - 9% 13. Mad Max 14. Cat Quest - 15% 15. Letter Quest Remastered Swaps (4/5)
  17. Wasteland 2 Final Review: Full disclosure: I was unable to put as much time in my final entry as I wanted due to the holidays, traveling, and obligatory family time. So my review will only encompass the first couple hours of gameplay. Wasteland 2 is unlike any RPG I’ve personally played. The game begins with a Fallout-esque recording explaining the basic premise of the game. And while the setting is both familiar and a personal favorite - alternative future, post apocalyptic, bleak wasteland - the gameplay is where I have little experience. Probably the most “tactical” experience I’ve ever had was during the original Mass Effect games on the hardest difficulty: I needed to micromanage companions to ensure success. Within two hours of playing Wasteland 2 I realized I needed to be a lot more hands-on with allocating weapons and loot, divvying up ammo and armor, and diversifying skills among the four squad members. Unlike most RPGs I’ve enjoyed, Wasteland 2 requires managing all four squad members and, to some degree, the NPCs that’ll join your journey. In true open world fashion, some areas are soft-walled off, with higher level enemies barring the player from exploring consequence-free. Right after leaving the main hub, I viewed the main objective on my map and went in the opposite direction. I have a nasty habit of trying to fill out my map before ever attempting the main quest; in Wasteland 2, going away from the objective meant being ambushed by high level enemies and promptly destroyed. My basic armor and weapons stood no chance. I learned from my mistake, reloaded a save, and played the objective for one of the few times in my life. Another major distinction between other games I’ve played within the same RPG genre, squad members and companions can permanently die. It becomes essential to create your own builds at the start that best suits your gameplay to ensure success. And to experience a lot of the content, it’s advised to create four distinct character builds with differing primary skills. I didn’t earn one trophy in the first few hours of gameplay, but a lot of that time was spent learning what NOT to do when out in the harsh wastes. And researching effective builds. (I started the game twice after realizing I needed to create my own characters to better utilize the deep, comprehensive skill trees.) After browsing the game’s list, it mostly consists of missable trophies that can be earned naturally in multiple playthroughs or by using separate save files. The rest of the list consists of skill check trophies that should be easily earned by using characters with the associated skills. All in all, I really enjoyed exploring Wasteland 2. It’s moved up on my list for games I want to eventually 100%. I couldn’t ask for a better ending to Kill Your Completion 14. Thanks for allowing me to participate! Next step: bringing up my completion percentage before entering the next event. 😁 Original Completion: 47.54% Final Completion: 46.93% ( -0.61%)
  18. Terraria Final Review: Terraria is a 2D adventure game originally developed for Windows in 2011. I initially compared it to Minecraft for its sandbox environment and certain gameplay elements; exploring and deconstructing the environment are core gameplay loops for both. But while Minecraft focuses on its building aspects, Terraria emphasizes adventure. Combat is much heavier in the 2D world. Even in the tutorial (which I highly recommend for anyone lacking prior knowledge of the game) I died to basic slime creatures while trying to time my sword’s attack. And while building my first shelter in-game, I died defending my home to three unrelenting skeletons and a couple of demon eyes. The latter are terrifying flying eyeball creatures that have a knack of finding me wherever I am. My basic attack with the sword did so little damage, I quickly realized I would have to wait out the night with my friend, a little NPC named Zach. Terraria offers very little hand-holding for new adventurers, which I both appreciated for a sandbox game and loathed after my first couple deaths. Part of the game’s charm comes from learning what items are valuable to your individual experience. I’d often see a glint of something new and shiny to mine, but I’d need to plot out the best course to save as many resources as possible early game. Resource management is another key component of gameplay, but one I barely focused on in my limited time with the game. As far as trophies, I hardly scratched the surface. A good chunk of the trophies are related to beating named monsters that act as bosses for this game. I have no idea how difficult they’ll be, but I have a feeling I’m ridiculously underpowered with my wooden tools and sword. You also have a few standard collect/ use an item X amount of times, standard for sandbox games, and ones I won’t need to actively farm. Overall, I enjoyed my time with Terraria. But I didn’t love it. At least not as quickly as I did with other games on this list. I’ll go back to it eventually, but it won’t be a shiny new plat for me anytime soon. Time Spent: 4 hours Rating: 4 /39 5% E Rank And for my final game ... Wasteland 2 First Impressions: Out of all the games on this list, I’m guessing I’ll spend the most time in Wasteland 2. As far as gameplay and setting go, I’ve heard it compared to Fallout, one of my favorite franchises. Give me a choice between multiple character builds, skill allocation, and customization options before throwing me in a post-apocalyptic hellscape to explore, and I’d call that the perfect last game to utterly destroy my completion.
  19. Terraria First Impressions: I’m super excited to try this title out. Even though the game released *nearly a decade ago, I only stumbled upon it recently while lurking in a stream. It seems like the type of game where you can mindlessly play while catching up on podcasts, and I’m a firm believer everyone needs a game like that. I browsed the trophy list a while back; it’s definitely not a game I’ll complete any time soon, if ever, but if I really enjoy it, hopefully I earn a few trophies here and there.
  20. Update #9: Another minor update from me. Since I haven’t been excited about a few games on my list and currently am home for the holidays (limiting what I have available on hand), I decided to swap a couple relatively quick games on my list for two comparable ones. I picked up both recently during a sale and have heard mostly positive things. I also made minimal progress in Letter Quest Remastered. Red = Haven’t started Green = Some progress Blue = Completed 100% 1. Until Dawn ➡️ Life Is Strange 2 2. God of War 3. Firewatch 4. Borderlands 3 - 33% 5. Spyro the Dragon 6. The Outer Worlds - 5% 7. The Wolf Among Us (PS3) 8. Detroit Become Human ➡️ Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons 9. The Deadly Tower of Monsters 10. Grim Fandango Remastered 11. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 12. Final Fantasy VII - 2% 13. Mad Max 14. Cat Quest 15. Letter Quest Remastered - 28% ➡️ 42% Swaps (2/5)
  21. Medeival Final Review: Medievil is a hack ‘n slash adventure with light platforming and puzzle elements. You play as Sir Daniel Fortesque, a disgraced knight reincarnated to redeem himself and save Gallowmere from Zerok, the archetypal villain. Supposedly heavily inspired by Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, Medievil features colorful hellscapes and gallows humor to create a unique player experience. You fight through a slew of different enemies and bosses while traversing reimagined cemeteries, topiary mazes, nightmarish villages, and more. With the addition of an in-game compendium, it’s easy to simultaneously peruse Gallowmere’s lore and character designs. Gameplay-wise, Medievil is a mixed bag. As the remaster of a PS1 classic, I had an inkling the controls wouldn’t be as tight as a new release, but I didn’t factor in the minor motion sickness from awful camera controls. At times, I needed to pause the game and readjust the camera sensitivity. The jump button also felt delayed occasionally, making some platforming section unnecessarily annoying. How many lives I lost to a bad jump, I’ll never know. As far as trophies, Medievil is pretty straightforward. Play through the campaign entirely, earning chalices for vanquishing most enemies on each level. Then replay each to collect the lost souls and lay them to rest. There are a few miscellaneous trophies too, but none of the ones I’ve attempted are noteworthy. Overall, I’d recommend this game to players that have experience with the original, want an easy 15 hour platinum, or generally like hack ‘n slash adventures. With it being on PSNow, I’d definitely sample it there first before buying it, if you have any reservations. Time Spent: 7 hours Rating: 14 /39 25% D Rank
  22. Medievil First Impressions: Another relatively new addition to PSNow, and one I’ve heard a bit about. I know it’s a remake of a PS1 game by the same name, and that you play as skeleton knight(?), Sir Daniel. As someone who missed out on most early PlayStation titles, I’m eager to play this one. I have no idea what the gameplay is like though, so it may be a miss for me.
  23. RAD Final Review: For such a short game, I spent a lot of time relishing the world of RAD. The premise is this: the world is a post-post apocalyptic hellscape in which few humans remain. These humans desperately need power to survive, so the elder sends out one of several teenage protagonists to procure it. On their journey, the teen encounters mutated monsters and inorganic life forms hellbent on keeping the power for themselves. It’s up to the player to kick monster ass and RADically return power to the town. After my short time with the game, I found RAD to be very forgiving for players new to rougelites. With only six levels, I was able to beat the game in under two hours. And with a fully upgraded mutations kit, the final boss was spammable. To make it even friendlier for noobs, players can return to the hub town for items or to save progress (kinda). This made ending a run via death a little less painful each time. And while RAD is a fantastic, immersive rougelite for casuals, it’s a hellish grind for trophy hunters. A lot of the trophies are ultra rare, requiring RNG and hundreds of runs to earn. You have to view every possible ending and unlock all weapons, styles (characters), and quirks (ways to play the game). You also need to complete every side quest from the three main factions in the world, and spawning the rare quests can take 20+ runs itself. It’ll take an ungodly amount of time and energy to earn the coveted plat. No matter how good you are at the game (albeit being good definitely speeds the process up). But all in all, RAD is deserving of a playthrough… or 20. With the mutations and 80s theme fueling nostalgia, it begs to be replayed over and over, and I feel more than obliged to do so. Time Spent: 6 hours Rating: 6 /38 17% B Rank
  24. RAD First Impressions: I know very little about this game, but I saw gameplay during a preview for PSNow and think I might like it. RAD is a roguelite (I think I’m using that term correctly) with a funky, 80s themed art style. I’m never great at these types of games, but the style and mutations affecting a run seem too chaotic-fun to pass up.
  25. Dishonored 2 Final Review: Just like the first installment in the Dishonored series, I absolutely loved the limited time I spent in game. From the start, you know this is going to be more of the same with minor tweaks here and there (i.e. new powers, character choice, optional no-powers mode). While the additional powers can influence the way you tackle certain objectives, the gameplay stays relatively the same: be given a mission, tackle side objectives (or skip them), assassinate the target (or don’t). And just like the first game, maps offer many paths to reach your objective. I’ve only completed two missions, so I can’t speak to the quality of every environment, but what I have seen has been similar enough to the first game. Without spoiling too much, I’ve seen a beautifully detailed, yet simple throne room and the harbor of a new city. The latter juxtaposes Dunwall’s bleakness with its vibrant colors, a lot of white stone, and the lighting is a bit warmer. As I start the third mission, I’m on an Alcatraz-inspired island, with neutrals and a grey ocean surrounding me. The variation of settings has been one of my favorite aspects thus far. The new mission hub is also atmospheric. My character ends up on The Dreadful Whale, a decent-sized ship traveling across the kingdom to unravel the mystery of the crown killer. The ship has enough variety to entice me to explore, from the cramped engine room to the wide open decks above, overlooking the sea. I haven’t played enough to know how the environment changes (and I’m sure it will as we travel), but it already feels like a step ahead of Dishonored’s The Hounds Pit Pub. From a trophy hunter’s perspective, Dishonored 2 seems simple enough. Play a high chaos playthrough and earn all combat related trophies possible; play a 100% stealth, low chaos playthrough; and clean up with a quick no-powers run, collecting any missables along the way. My major gripe about this list compared to the first is that there’s no chapter select, so you’re forced to either follow a guide to collect everything missable or go for it all on your subsequent runs. And it’s a lot. You collect lore for the ship in between missions, and then paintings (like the first game) and decorative objects that sometimes require playing a mission a certain way. This would be a lot more manageable with chapter select, as it tells you how many collectibles you’ve found at the end of each mission. Overall though, a dedicated hunter should have no issue with this game. As long as you enjoy it, the platinum is within reach. Again, I haven’t finished the campaign, but as of now, I highly recommend this game to anyone that enjoyed the first, likes stealth games, or is looking for a relatively easy (with a guide) plat to bolster their numbers. Time Spent: 4 hours Game Stats: 13 /51 18% D Rank My first playthrough has been a high chaos run as Emily, but I can't wait to tackle these levels as a stealthy Corvo!