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  1. Medeival Final Review: Medievil is a hack ‘n slash adventure with light platforming and puzzle elements. You play as Sir Daniel Fortesque, a disgraced knight reincarnated to redeem himself and save Gallowmere from Zerok, the archetypal villain. Supposedly heavily inspired by Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, Medievil features colorful hellscapes and gallows humor to create a unique player experience. You fight through a slew of different enemies and bosses while traversing reimagined cemeteries, topiary mazes, nightmarish villages, and more. With the addition of an in-game compendium, it’s easy to simultaneously peruse Gallowmere’s lore and character designs. Gameplay-wise, Medievil is a mixed bag. As the remaster of a PS1 classic, I had an inkling the controls wouldn’t be as tight as a new release, but I didn’t factor in the minor motion sickness from awful camera controls. At times, I needed to pause the game and readjust the camera sensitivity. The jump button also felt delayed occasionally, making some platforming section unnecessarily annoying. How many lives I lost to a bad jump, I’ll never know. As far as trophies, Medievil is pretty straightforward. Play through the campaign entirely, earning chalices for vanquishing most enemies on each level. Then replay each to collect the lost souls and lay them to rest. There are a few miscellaneous trophies too, but none of the ones I’ve attempted are noteworthy. Overall, I’d recommend this game to players that have experience with the original, want an easy 15 hour platinum, or generally like hack ‘n slash adventures. With it being on PSNow, I’d definitely sample it there first before buying it, if you have any reservations. Time Spent: 7 hours Rating: 14 /39 25% D Rank
  2. Medievil First Impressions: Another relatively new addition to PSNow, and one I’ve heard a bit about. I know it’s a remake of a PS1 game by the same name, and that you play as skeleton knight(?), Sir Daniel. As someone who missed out on most early PlayStation titles, I’m eager to play this one. I have no idea what the gameplay is like though, so it may be a miss for me.
  3. RAD Final Review: For such a short game, I spent a lot of time relishing the world of RAD. The premise is this: the world is a post-post apocalyptic hellscape in which few humans remain. These humans desperately need power to survive, so the elder sends out one of several teenage protagonists to procure it. On their journey, the teen encounters mutated monsters and inorganic life forms hellbent on keeping the power for themselves. It’s up to the player to kick monster ass and RADically return power to the town. After my short time with the game, I found RAD to be very forgiving for players new to rougelites. With only six levels, I was able to beat the game in under two hours. And with a fully upgraded mutations kit, the final boss was spammable. To make it even friendlier for noobs, players can return to the hub town for items or to save progress (kinda). This made ending a run via death a little less painful each time. And while RAD is a fantastic, immersive rougelite for casuals, it’s a hellish grind for trophy hunters. A lot of the trophies are ultra rare, requiring RNG and hundreds of runs to earn. You have to view every possible ending and unlock all weapons, styles (characters), and quirks (ways to play the game). You also need to complete every side quest from the three main factions in the world, and spawning the rare quests can take 20+ runs itself. It’ll take an ungodly amount of time and energy to earn the coveted plat. No matter how good you are at the game (albeit being good definitely speeds the process up). But all in all, RAD is deserving of a playthrough… or 20. With the mutations and 80s theme fueling nostalgia, it begs to be replayed over and over, and I feel more than obliged to do so. Time Spent: 6 hours Rating: 6 /38 17% B Rank
  4. RAD First Impressions: I know very little about this game, but I saw gameplay during a preview for PSNow and think I might like it. RAD is a roguelite (I think I’m using that term correctly) with a funky, 80s themed art style. I’m never great at these types of games, but the style and mutations affecting a run seem too chaotic-fun to pass up.
  5. Dishonored 2 Final Review: Just like the first installment in the Dishonored series, I absolutely loved the limited time I spent in game. From the start, you know this is going to be more of the same with minor tweaks here and there (i.e. new powers, character choice, optional no-powers mode). While the additional powers can influence the way you tackle certain objectives, the gameplay stays relatively the same: be given a mission, tackle side objectives (or skip them), assassinate the target (or don’t). And just like the first game, maps offer many paths to reach your objective. I’ve only completed two missions, so I can’t speak to the quality of every environment, but what I have seen has been similar enough to the first game. Without spoiling too much, I’ve seen a beautifully detailed, yet simple throne room and the harbor of a new city. The latter juxtaposes Dunwall’s bleakness with its vibrant colors, a lot of white stone, and the lighting is a bit warmer. As I start the third mission, I’m on an Alcatraz-inspired island, with neutrals and a grey ocean surrounding me. The variation of settings has been one of my favorite aspects thus far. The new mission hub is also atmospheric. My character ends up on The Dreadful Whale, a decent-sized ship traveling across the kingdom to unravel the mystery of the crown killer. The ship has enough variety to entice me to explore, from the cramped engine room to the wide open decks above, overlooking the sea. I haven’t played enough to know how the environment changes (and I’m sure it will as we travel), but it already feels like a step ahead of Dishonored’s The Hounds Pit Pub. From a trophy hunter’s perspective, Dishonored 2 seems simple enough. Play a high chaos playthrough and earn all combat related trophies possible; play a 100% stealth, low chaos playthrough; and clean up with a quick no-powers run, collecting any missables along the way. My major gripe about this list compared to the first is that there’s no chapter select, so you’re forced to either follow a guide to collect everything missable or go for it all on your subsequent runs. And it’s a lot. You collect lore for the ship in between missions, and then paintings (like the first game) and decorative objects that sometimes require playing a mission a certain way. This would be a lot more manageable with chapter select, as it tells you how many collectibles you’ve found at the end of each mission. Overall though, a dedicated hunter should have no issue with this game. As long as you enjoy it, the platinum is within reach. Again, I haven’t finished the campaign, but as of now, I highly recommend this game to anyone that enjoyed the first, likes stealth games, or is looking for a relatively easy (with a guide) plat to bolster their numbers. Time Spent: 4 hours Game Stats: 13 /51 18% D Rank My first playthrough has been a high chaos run as Emily, but I can't wait to tackle these levels as a stealthy Corvo!
  6. Update #8: Just a quick update adding a couple of new games I’ve been wanting to play. Since I haven’t had too much free time the past week (workload has increased and Halloween is a whole-week affair in my family), I’ve been playing random games from my backlog, including Letter Quest Remastered. I love it! I’d like to chip away at it while working on some of the more time-consuming games. I’ll also probably make some switches later this month, depending on how good the Black Friday sales are, and if I’m enjoying games from other challenges. Red = Haven’t started Green = Some progress Blue = Completed 100% 1. Until Dawn 2. God of War 3. Firewatch 4. Borderlands 3 - 33% 5. Spyro the Dragon 6. The Outer Worlds - 5% 7. The Wolf Among Us (PS3) 8. Detroit Become Human 9. The Deadly Tower of Monsters 10. Grim Fandango Remastered 11. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 12. Final Fantasy VII - 2% 13. Mad Max 14. Cat Quest [NEW] 15. Letter Quest Remastered [NEW] - 28% Swaps (0/5)
  7. I'm glad (but not really!) someone else had a negative experience with LEGO Marvel's Super Heroes. Usually LEGO games are simple, short, linear experiences, but Super Heroes required so many hours just for clean-up post completing all levels. No Vita stacking for me. And thank you so much for the offer! 😀 My brother won't commit to finishing the DLC with me, so I thought it'd be a long while before earning that 100%. I'll let you know when I get back to it.
  8. Starting Stats Games Played: 155 Games Completed: 37 Unearned Trophies: 3,903 Completion Percentage: 47.54% Dishonored 2 First Impressions: Since I just platted Dishonored a couple months ago, I’ve been itching to play the second game, but haven’t had the time. I know very little about it though. I know the protagonist is a character you meet in the first game, and I’m assuming the trophies and gameplay are similar to the original, which I loved. I also saw someone put Dishonored 2 in their top games of the generation list for the superb level design.
  9. 🙃 Thanks for the heads up... I think I need to just take a break from it haha
  10. I doubt I'll be able to complete any more backlog games before the end of the month (Halloween week is hellacious around here), so I'm going to go ahead and make my monthly update. October 2020 LEGO Marvel Super Heroes First trophy: Sept. 3rd, 2014 Last trophy: Oct. 1st, 2020 Completed in: 6 years, 1 month Dusted off this game finally, and man, am I happy to be done with it. I typically enjoy the grind of LEGO games, and have been playing them since the original LEGO stars wars trilogy on the xbox. But the amount of map-cleaning after playing through the story twice was more than enough IMO. I may lay off the newer LEGO games for a while. Borderlands (PS4) First trophy: April 3rd, 2019 Last trophy: Oct. 1st, 2020 Platinumed in: 1 year, 5 months The first looter-shooter I ever played (back on the 360), and I fell in love with it immediately. Replaying it was truly a pleasure. I only needed a couple co-op trophies for the plat. Still need to 100% the DLC, but with literally hundreds of games in my backlog at the moment, I don’t think I’ll get back to this one for a while. After finishing BL3’s story this past week, the original is still my favorite.
  11. Update #7: Instead of starting Until Dawn like I’d planned, I started and completed The Deadly Tower of Monsters. I didn’t research the game before I started my playthrough, but I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it. The gameplay can be monotonous at times, but the 1950’s feature-creature style was my kind of charming. And I’ve always been a sucker for quick, fun, full-game experiences. I also finally finished Borderlands 3’s main questline. It was… okay. I don’t want to criticize the game too much, especially because I haven’t played the DLC or endgame content yet. Fingers crossed the writing gets better. Red = Haven’t started Green = Some progress Blue = Completed 100% 1. Until Dawn 2. God of War 3. Firewatch 4. Borderlands 3 - 25% ➡️ 33% 5. Spyro the Dragon 6. The Outer Worlds - 5% 7. The Wolf Among Us (PS3) 8. Detroit Become Human 9. The Deadly Tower of Monsters 10. Grim Fandango Remastered 11. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 12. Final Fantasy VII - 2% 13. Mad Max Swaps (0/5)
  12. Count me in! I only bought into the Sony ecosystem with the PS4, so I missed out on a lot of great PS3 games. I’ve started a few games with either PSNow or by borrowing my brother’s PS3, but most games will be completely new experiences for me. I’m unsure how many of these games can be fully completed, or if any of the servers are shutdown, but I’m excited to try! (I may end up adding to this after purchasing my first PS3 next month 😁) PS3 Games List All Zombies Must Die! Deadpool Dragon Age: Origins Dragon Age II Fallout 3 [53%] Fallout New Vegas Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Grand Theft Auto IV GRID 2 [1%] inFamous [24%] inFamous 2 inFamous: Festival of Blood Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom [1%] LEGO Batman 2 LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4 LEGO Harry Potter Years 5-7 LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga Little Big Planet [16%] Mass Effect [56%] Mass Effect 2 Mass Effect 3 Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch [38%] Port Royal 3 [3%] Portal 2 Rage Red Dead Redemption [2%] Sacred 3 [2%] Sonic Generations [2%] Star Wars: The Force Unleashed [11%] Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 The Darkness II The Sims 3 The Walking Dead Wet
  13. My completion percentage is already abysmal; let’s do this! KYC is the perfect event for me to utilize my PSNow subscription, so all five of my planned games will be titles I’ve been meaning to try from that service. (I’ll update my overall percentage November 1st, before starting my first game.) Dishonored 2 (Nov 1- Nov 6) RAD (Nov 7 - Nov 12) Medievil (Nov 13 - Nov 18) Terraria (Nov 19 - Nov 24) Wasteland 2 (Nov 25 - Nov 30)
  14. Update #6: It’s been a couple of weeks since my last post, but I really wanted to complete Mad Max before updating my list. I fully immersed myself into Mad Max's world, loving the bleakness, how barren the sand-covered dunes could be, the car combat; all of it! At one point, I perused the in-game challenges I had left for the “Up to the Task” trophy, and I wasn’t sure I’d be able to do them. But the combat, car challenges, and races got so much easier the more I played. Most of my playtime was spent working on the challenges and making sure I didn’t have a glitched save. Plat #40 officially in the book! Next goal: complete Until Dawn before the end of the month. Red = Haven’t started Green = Some progress Blue = Completed 100% 1. Until Dawn 2. God of War 3. Firewatch 4. Borderlands 3 - 25% 5. Spyro the Dragon 6. The Outer Worlds - 5% 7. The Wolf Among Us (PS3) 8. Detroit Become Human 9. The Deadly Tower of Monsters 10. Grim Fandango Remastered 11. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 12. Final Fantasy VII - 2% 13. Mad Max Swaps (0/5)
  15. Update #5: A day early for my weekly update, but I really wanted to go ahead and add Mad Max to my list. With the servers shutting down soon and the notorious 190/191 glitch, I need to earn this plat STAT. So far, I’ve loved every minute of it, but I’m still pretty early on in the story. I also finally finished LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. The hub world felt a bit too bloated with fetch quests and escort missions at the end, but it was nice to knock off another game. Made a little progress in Borderlands 3; I’m nearing the end of the story, as far as I can tell. I think the varied locations are keeping me interested at this point. Red = Haven’t started Green = Some progress Blue = Completed 100% 1. Until Dawn 2. God of War 3. Firewatch 4. Borderlands 3 - 22% ➡️ 25% 5. Spyro the Dragon 6. The Outer Worlds - 5% 7. The Wolf Among Us (PS3) 8. Detroit Become Human 9. The Deadly Tower of Monsters 10. Grim Fandango Remastered 11. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 12. Final Fantasy VII - 2% 13. Mad Max [New] - 14% Swaps (0/5)
  16. I started playing it this week too, and I absolutely love it! Not too far into the story, I've just been cleaning up the map and saving more than I do in a Bugthesda game. Trying to avoid all the plat-nullifying glitches.
  17. I'm working on BL3 for another challenge right now, and IMO it can be a slog at times, but it definitely helps if you're playing with others. I haven't played Man of Medan, but I'm all for earning those plats. 😁 As far as Mad Max, I've had that on my own personal list for a while, so I may just need to buck up and start at. 🤔 Or at least get the online trophies before the server shuts down, as @FFATMA suggested.
  18. Thanks for the warm welcome and clarification! I hope this becomes a monthly tradition moving forward in my gaming journey. 😁
  19. It's my first addition to this event, and I'm really excited to be able to add two games that've been in my backlog for years. Neither of them are difficult, but with games like these, the difficulty comes from lacking the motivation to complete them, at least for me. So, thanks for the motivation! Never Alone (NA) First trophy: April 14th, 2015 Last trophy: Sept. 8th, 2020 Completed in: 5 years, 4 months Technically I 100% this back when it was one of the PS+ games of the month. It was my first month with both the service and a PS4. After perusing my uncompleted games for this event, I noticed I needed to playthrough the Foxtails DLC to re- 100% it. Simple, straightforward story and trophies. I’d recommend it for anyone that likes short, cheap platformer/ narrative combos. Grim Fandango Remastered First trophy: Jan. 11th, 2016 Last trophy: Sept. 20th, 2020 Completed in: 4 years, 8 months A nice little puzzle/ narrative game with some humor and memorable characters. Some of the puzzle solutions were convoluted, but with a guide, it’s an easy plat to add to the collection.
  20. Update #4: I’ve spent this week working on Borderlands 3 and LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, only making trophy progress in the latter. I’m finding the LEGO game grind both familiar and soothing. I’m just a few podcasts-while-playing from 100%. [I’ve also started playing Darksiders Warmastered, but it’s my first foray into the hack-and-slash genre, so I’m not sure I want to add it to the challenge and complete it.] As far as goals moving forward, I’ll be completing Until Dawn throughout October for some spooky fun. Red = Haven’t started Green = Some progress Blue = Completed 100% 1. Until Dawn 2. God of War 3. Firewatch 4. Borderlands 3 - 22% 5. Spyro the Dragon 6. The Outer Worlds - 5% 7. The Wolf Among Us (PS3) 8. Detroit Become Human 9. The Deadly Tower of Monsters 10. Grim Fandango Remastered 11. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes - 21% ➡️ 46% 12. Final Fantasy VII - 2% Swaps (0/5)
  21. Yes, do it, Sword! We'd love to have you in here. I'd personally really enjoy seeing what kind of pyramid you'd come up with. 😁 At least you're making some progress, @Phantochi, and having fun (hopefully). That's really what matters most. I've been wondering this too. 🤔 Maybe they're busy with IRL, but it might be a good idea to appoint a second to keep up with updates? Just a suggestion for when they get back.
  22. I think the plat requires 1.5 playthroughs if I want all the trophies, the first playthrough being extreme. But I've been thinking about it and would rather just start playing and enjoying it. I don't want to stress or get stuck, and then put the game down indefinitely. I did that with Elex 🙃 Hmmm... what games do you have left on your pyramid? Any shiny new games in the backlog?? Again, congrats on the KH plat. I don't think I have the stomach or skill to attempt it, so kudos to you!
  23. I really like that idea! Buying new games/ movies/ media of a certain theme and playing them all at once, kinda pushing me to complete it as a self-made challenge. That's probably why I love joining these events so much. 😁 Congrats @hittheroadbucky !! That's amazing! What was the most difficult part for you? I've been meaning to play KH for years.
  24. I'd like to tackle more of my backlog and join this challenge too! I have a question though: I've been completing games for this challenge without even knowing it since June. Would these count towards my total if they fit the criteria of the event, or should I just include games I've completed this month? Thanks!
  25. @FFATMA Holy sh--, I cannot even imagine playing that entire Day on permadeath, let alone with drift. 😱 Stuff of nightmares... That'd be a great challenge for next month though. 😏