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  1. Book Lover’s Day (Nov. 6) - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 

    You can collect so many, many things in Skyrim. For an adventurer who has every dragon priest mask, daedric artifact, and wheel of cheese in the nine holds, there’s only one thing left to do: acquire a library worth of lore and books to sift through as my personal bard plays one of three songs over and over. Which is what I do every time I create a new character in Skyrim. No matter the build, they’re always insatiable readers. 


    King’s Day (Holiday celebrated in Europe) - Dragon Age: Inquisition  

    Dragon Age: Inquisition is a vast game with powerful NPCs using their influence to outmaneuver the inquisitor (i.e. playable character). The nobility consists of royal families, empresses, and - what matters for this holiday challenge - kings. 


    FREE SPACE (Nov. 31) - Dragon Age II 


    And with that, I've completed as much as I will for this event. Congrats to every one who's made progress for charity! 


    Final board: 






  2. Haven't posted in a while, but I've made a bit of progress and wanted to update! 


    Do Something Nice Day (Oct. 5) - Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales 

    Do Something Nice Day is about performing acts of service for strangers and loved ones in hopes of making the world a little better. Spider-Man not only embodies this holiday by always being kind when faced with adversity, the side missions in this game have Miles Morales doing good deeds for his NYC neighbors. 


    Wright Brothers Day (Dec. 17) - Celeste 

    Let’s celebrate Wright Brothers Day with a 2D platformer that utilizes flight - really extended dashing - as the main tool for overcoming obstacles and completing levels. 


    Dongzhi Festival (Holiday celebrated in Asia) - Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition 

    The Dongzhi Festival is centered around the yin and yang philosophy and finding balance and harmony in everyday life. Sleeping Dogs is about an undercover cop who has to manage his desire to follow the law and need to infiltrate Hong Kong’s toughest triad. A key struggle for the protagonist Wei Shen is finding the balance between both lives. 


    I should be able to cross off a couple more games before the end of the event, but sadly, I won't be able to complete the whole board, like I'd hoped. 


  3. This event works well with the other ones I'm participating in, so I'd love to join. I'll probably change a few around as the year progresses, but my tentative list is as follows:


    ❎ 1/10 - Virginia (PlatPrices)  

    ❎ 2/10 - Life Is Strange 2 (PSNP

    ❎ 3/10 - Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy (PSNP

    ❎ 4/10 - Dragon Age II (PSNP

    ❎ 5/10 - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (PSNP

    ❎ 6/10 - The Last Of Us Remastered (PlatPrices)  

    ❎ 7/10 - Mass Effect: Andromeda (PlatPrices

    ❎ 8/10 - Bloodborne (PSNP

     9/10 - Back 4 Blood (PSNP

    ❎ 10/10 - Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout (PSNP)


  4. On 1/1/2022 at 3:52 AM, Squirlruler said:

    Original Starting PCG: 47.41%                    December Earned Trophies: 95
    Goal PCG: 55%                    December Earned Platinums: 2
    December Starting PCG: 58.64%                    December Games Started: 4
    Current PCG: 58.61%                    December Games Completed: 2
    Month Increase: -0.03%
    Total Increase: 11.20%
    Total Games Started: 43                     Total Trophies Earned:1703
    Total Games Completed: 47                    Total Points Earned: 61305
    Total Plats Earned: 43


    Super late with this update but I wanted to thank @Squirlruler and @kingofbattle8174 for compiling the data and hosting this event, and to this forum as a whole for motivating me all of 2021. I wouldn't have made near as much progress without reading y'all's updates. Personally, I ended up completing all of my gaming goals* for the year (except for staying under 4000 unearned trophies; I dipped below it near the end of the year and then started Skyrim 😬). Congrats to everyone who achieved their goals, made a dent in their backlog, and/ or had fun participating in this event!