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  1. Today 17 people for fall mountain, of course, obviously I was in the last row
  2. I don't think I will aim for platinum, because of the trophy that we all know well, unfortunately I don't have perseverance and time to apply myself as I did when I was a boy, I really like the game and I don't want to ruin it by stressing myself for a trophy, if something changes in the future, so be it , only then will I think about it
  3. How unlock squad goals? I didn't understand, do you have to invite friends to play or do you have to win team events?
  4. Yesterday I played fall guys for the first time, in 3 hours I won 2 times in a row, I almost always reached the last round and I did 8 first races, in my opinion it is not impossible to reach the trophy of 5 victories in a row , it's more a question of skills, luck is only in team matches imho
  5. Send mail to both behold and bandai Edit - response from developers: Yes, the patch is ready to be deployed since the release of the last Chroma Squad version. But unfortunately, the publisher Bandai Namco did not allow us to release the patch. This is going on for years now and all we can do is ask the players to contact Bandai asking the release of the patch.
  6. Yes, sure. Have you contacted anyone in particular? Can you give me the email address? Thanks
  7. So no news? I knew that the developers had released a patch. Anyway, I can't unlock anything, not even the prologue trophies