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  2. Really loving this band
  3. We miss you just so you know <3

    1. Oowa


      Yeah we miss you bae :wub: 


    2. Sun_emperor1


      don't answer these knuckleheads, with you gone i finaly rule the CB

    3. BlindMango


      Cobby is multiplying, someone save us! :ninja: 

  4. Rest in Peace
  5. 2* million
  6. Such a great movie. Take your Avengers and shove it, this is my blockbuster
  7. Dude, don't get me started on Ohtani That dude wanted to play with no one else but Trout, no matter what other teams would offer. Wasted a lot of peoples time. But I'm glad it worked out this way, so when the Mariners finish ahead of the Angels I can give him a big "up yours".
  8. M's are all offense. Pretty big season for the management. Fingers crossed. Edwin Diaz tho
  9. I cannot be happier to be a Seahawks fan right now. Shaquem Griffin is a Seattle Seahawk baby. Fuck yeah
  10. why do you believe that?
  11. I wouldn't mind Dez as a Seahawk, but I'm not exactly rooting for it. Seattles offseason moves seem more like cap casualties and as much as Carrol would disagree, a short rebuilding phase. I don't think Sherms or Bennets off field "shenanigans" had much to do with it. That being said, My worst fear is he signs with Niners or Rams lol. Anyway, I see him fitting in the Packers offense the best.
  12. The fact that this thread exists has me thinking the same type of crap. He didn't even say anything bad. Get a grip on reality.
  13. Not only that but the OP made it clear he hasn't seen the movies. I could be wrong, I'm going off something I vaguely remember reading when the game first came out. But it made sense to me. Why have a movie character doing all these things that make no sense? It's easier to make it an alternate version of the same character. But fuck if I care, what I played of the game was great, even with its faults. But I've seen and loved the movies, so maybe I am biased in a way?
  14. #ConeTITS #SueTheDevs
  15. IIRC the game's Max and the movies Max are two completely different people