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  1. Im going with Wilson throwing a horrible interception in the 1st that lead to points for Atlanta. Also, like you pointed out, the defense couldn't stop Atlanta on 3rd down at all. The fake kick was a bone-head call, but I don't think it was as killer as either of those things though.
  2. Not exactly sure how you can say he won't pay the prizes..I get why you're upset but there's no evidence to support that. And this is exactly why you have the ability to vote against trades guys. As far as dropping players to waivers, anyone can pick those players up so there's no guarantee that any one person gets them.
  3. Bills have benched Tyrod Taylor for their game against the Chargers
  4. Seattle's secondary is like night/day without/with Thomas, if that makes sense. Brown is a clear upgrade to the the offense, seen mostly in the run this week. But of course they abandoned the run way too early imo
  5. I don't normally listen to podcasts but love The Hilarious World of Depression
  7. I've been binge watching Cheers on Netflix, so here it is. Enjoy