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  1. Congrats to all three, especially to zajac9999! Iā€™m still waiting until ā€œxā€ marks the spot. šŸ™‚
  2. A measly 589 currently.
  3. Some old PS2 games come to mind. Mortal Kombat 1 thru 4 Any of the old Castlevania games GTA Vice City, Vice City Stories, San Andreas Def Jam Vendetta Resident Evil Outbreak 1 & 2 Movie games: The Thing Rocky Legends King Kong
  4. PLATINUM #322 11,000TH Trophy Milestone Dedication This was a pretty cool game, even though the movie wasn't so great. It was a 2D Metroidvania style game that reminded me of the old 16 bit consoles with a neat soundtrack to boot. Now on to my next milestone which will be platinum #350.
  5. 338 played and 329 completed.
  6. I reported it and ended up changing my settings to fix the problem.
  7. Nice giveaway!
  8. I wouldn't worry about it. Sony won't even bother with sex bot spammers.
  9. PLATINUM #315 Traveller A quick, fun arcade type shooter.
  10. I'll enter with whatever number this platinum is...
  11. 80,000
  12. The Whole World Went Away Collect all other trophies.
  13. 5 PS3 games.
  14. ^Yep. I got another one today so I just did the same thing.