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  1. I can be added to Some Assembly Required. Thanks for the update. 👍
  2. Plat #250, Days Gone. I really had fun with this game. Now time to tackle the DLC.
  3. I have six as of now.
  4. That could be. I’m coming up on my 250th plat so then I’ll know.
  5. Yeah, same problem for me too.
  6. 🙂 I only have XBlaze Code: Embryo and XBlaze Lost: Memories so I guess I'm a.... XBlaze Fan
  7. I rented Days Gone and got it in the mail yesterday. I hope to start it this weekend and eventually make it my 250th plat.
  8. I have a bunch, so I guess I'll join: 1. Heavy Rain 2. Beyond Two Souls 3. Detroit 4.Life Is Strange 5. Life Is Strange: Before The Storm 6. Until Dawn ? (From master list) Telltale Games: 1. CSI: Fatal Conspiracy 2. Back to the Future: The Game 3. Minecraft: Story Mode 4. Minecraft: Story Mode Season 2 5. Tales From The Borderlands 6. Game Of Thrones 7. Guardians of the Galaxy 8. The Wolf Among Us 9. Batman 10. Batman: The Enemy Within 11. The Walking Dead 12. The Walking Dead: Season 2 13. The Walking Dead: Michonne 14. The Walking Dead: A New Frontier 15. The Walking Dead Collection 16. The Walking Dead: The Final Season And that's my list. Whew....
  9. In no particular order: Dawn Of The Dead (2004) 28 Days later The Thing (1982) 30 Days Of Night Salem's Lot (1979)
  10. That's different. I didn't know platinum trophies started out with that image. Kind of funny. 🙂
  11. 158 out of 249 are under 50%.
  12. White Night