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  1. Level 960 Red Planet Explorer
  2. Milestone Platinum #1,100 TOKYODARK -REMEMBRANCE- A game that I bought on sale at the first of the year. Going for all eleven endings was a little repetitive but it was one of the better point and click visual novels I ever played. 🙂
  3. From Death Stranding. Very low key but it fit the mood of the game. 🎻
  4. Level 950 Caffeinated Fifty more to reach platinum level! Here we go!
  5. Level 940 PS4 Japan 単刀直入
  6. Milestone Platinum #1,050 PS3 Japan The Walking Dead This PS3 Japanese disc version was the last stack I had for PlayStation. The game played in English but lacked the 400 Days DLC and some of the gore was edited out. I still miss all of the old Telltale games and hope The Wolf Among Us 2 will eventually happen.
  7. Level 930 Earn 13000 coins I'll see ya in ten. 🙂
  8. Level 920 The Jumping Pizza Veggie Pizza
  9. Milestone Platinum #1000 This Is What We Do This game was pure fun to play. It had fun characters, good humor, and some cool '80s music to boot. It even has a fitting title for my 1000th platinum. ☺️
  10. Yeah, I still have my original 250 GB system from April, 2010. And my sister recently gave me her PS3.
  11. I’ll stick with the basic. I thought of dropping it but I like some of the discounts on games and being able to save to the cloud.
  12. I'm not really into online trophies but a remaster of this game would make a cool online co-op.
  13. Level 910 PS5 Taking Care of Business It looks like it's going to take more points between level 900 and 1000 to reach platinum level but I'll get there eventually.
  14. Platinum #980 PS Vita A Word of Thanks A simple but fun little game. It includes the free PS5 version.
  15. I finished updating all my devices. My vita only has my main account. For the accounts on the two PS3s, once the new passwords were generated, I took pictures of them with the cell phone and entered them on the PS3s with the “save password” box checked. I tested them and everything works as it should. I hope the PS4 and PS5 will stay the same for a while.