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  1. Yeah, it is why some of us that played survival in the first DLC were less than thrilled when we had to play through the game a third time. At least we had fast travel in hard mode 2 and the challenge patches to make it a speed run.
  2. ^ That sounds alright with me. I guess now I’ll have a reason to play TWD Definitive Edition. Still. Not. Bitten.
  3. ^ You only need to play through the game twice. The trophies for survival overlap, so if you play survival mode 2 in NG+, you'll get the "Surviving is Living" trophy as well.
  4. Platinum Trophy Trivial Pursuit 50th Platinum 6 years ago The Dark Knight Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate 100th Platinum 5 years ago Master Assassin Assassin's Creed II 150th Platinum 3 years ago Platinum For All Other Trophies Alice: Madness Returns 200th Platinum 1 year ago One Percenter Days Gone 250th Platinum 4 months ago I have no idea what #300 will be yet.
  5. PLATINUM #260 レイジングループ をちなかれ! ドン☆ 全てのトロフィーを入手した
  6. I added a Japanese game to my list, so I'm 100% complete. I realize this is probably a free post at this point.
  7. The trophies overlap, so yes.
  8. ^ You can start survival mode 2 in NG+ to begin with.
  9. God of War for me. I platted the first six games on PS3 and then the 2018 GoW a year ago.
  10. I try to finish games I play, so I voted completion percentage. I’m not really concerned about anything else.
  11. ^ This sounds ok with me, even though I might be losing one. I will soon have the platinum for Life Is Strange 2 and Skybound says they will be releasing this:
  12. Yes, all of the patches carry over into the main game.
  13. My pick as well. 👍
  14. If you already did a survival run, do hard 2 mode to have the fast travel option. If you managed any golds in the overall challenges, the patches will certainly help. It was pretty much a speed run for me.
  15. Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee HD (1.85%) GTA V (1.88%) Dead Rising 2 (2.19%) Madden NFL 12 (3.03%) Red Dead Redemption (3.51%)