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  1. Days Gone Telltale's The Walking Dead
  2. All I can think of are... Saints Row The Walking Dead God of War inFamous Life Is Strange
  3. Nah. I guess I’ll keep the same old JungleCat20.
  4. I have the platinums for... Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Grand Theft Auto V and... The Lost and Damned completed to 100%
  5. I’d like to join with these... Zero Escape: The Nonary Games Zero Time Dilemma
  6. PLATINUM #283 Marvel's Spider-Man Be Greater I've always liked Spider-Man, so I bought the Game of the Year Edition in the last end of the year sale. I know many of us have the platinum but I really had fun playing the game.
  7. Thanks! Now I guess it’s My Turn to Decide if I want to try Indigo Prophecy.
  8. Checking in again. I've added The Council and The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series, so...
  9. 377
  10. PLATINUM #279 Knight of the Golden Order A game that I bought on sale in the PlayStation store. It's a fictional point and click game that takes place in the late 18th century. I thought it started out okay but found myself getting bored towards the end of the story.
  11. I'll probably wait as I did with PlayStations 1 through 4. There's no doubt that I might want the PS5 on day one, though.
  12. PLATINUM #278 Zero Escape An interesting story with puzzles and time jump scenarios. So far, I think it's the best of the Zero Escape series.
  13. Ok, I have the “Z” now I only need “X”. I’ve edited my list.
  14. PLATINUM #277 ZERO ESCAPE: THE NONARY GAMES You Found It My first platinum in 2020. An interesting game with a lot of puzzle solving. One of the games I picked up in the Holiday Sale. I'll be trying Zero Time Dilemma next.
  15. "Through the Looking Glass" From The Nonary Games. I'll finish it next year, Happy gaming in 2020, y'all.