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  1. I payed 50 bucks few months ago, and just because of collectable value was worth it (just seeing the absurdly high prices that cost today). I've had a good 20h with it and it's relatively respectful with the manga. It skips some interesting characters, yes, but this is a musou and you can't just introduce characters like Gambino or Foss for example. It covers from Guts joining the Band of the Hawk to the group sailing to Elfheim; and that's around 80% of the manga. Interesting and kinda rare game but I would definetly not pay a Franklin for it. Overall, I don't see myself going through the Endless Eclipse Mode six more times just to get the 100% and the platinum.
  2. Musous are as simple as a game can be. Just smash buttons and enjoy beating the hell out of hundreds of enemies. Berserk and the Band of the Hawk it's pretty enjoyable (if you have read the manga) while you stay playing the Story Mode. If you try to go for the platinum and venture into the Endless Eclipse Mode you will maybe have fun with characters like Guts or Griffith, maybe Zodd or Wyald, even Schierke with the spells or Serpico with the wind attacks, but there are some like Judeau or the worst for me, Casca that it's completely shit. I mean, it's cool to play as Casca but the latest layers are just not fun but enrageous. Hitboxes from large enemies like Mozgus or The Count are probably the most stupid ones I've ever seen in a videogame. Dodging is completely useless sometimes and enemies can get you in an almost infinite combo as long as they want to. If you add Casca's low stability, defense and health, plus probably the character with the worst attack kit and for sure, the worst frenzy attack of all of the playable characters by far, this just get tedious and definetly not fun. Every boss is the same strategy as the one before from layers 60+: Just wait for the frenzy bar to fill and beat the shit out of him, over and over and over again; this can take more or less depending on the boss defense in cuestion (Mozgus for me just took like 10min because half the time I was being beaten all around in an infinite combo that I just couldn't escape). Just made it to layer 80 and was doing a behelit desire and some random NPC just fled and I lost the last 30min of absolutely terrible gameplay with this shitty character, starting again at layer 61. I love Berserk, and I enjoyed a lot going up to layer 100 and destroying everything that came to me with Guts and Griffith. Hell even Femto had it's fun in it's own way. But dude, Casca is just a pile of hot shit that it's just not fun to play. She is just miles away from the rest of the characters in absolutely every stat or skill. Even in One Piece: Pirate Warriors series I remember every damn character fun as hell to play and so unique, being like 50 playable characters. Here you have 8 and it's almost the same all the time with very little diferences. And definetly, having to repeat the same 100 almost exact layers with all of them is nothing but a pain in the ass, and does not help to the variety of the game.
  3. Alright so thanks you all for the tips and strategies, but I'm parking this game for a while because I'm getting so tired of it that it's not fun anymore. Will do a pair of runs everyday until Patroclus dialogue pops up and end this torment haha Too many games in my backlog and coming up more worthy of my time that Hades right now. This RNG dialogue bullshit with a "main quest" even after finishing the story making me play even twice as many hours after completing it just killed the game for me. Just a nonsense. Anyways, when I eventually obtain it, maybe tomorrow, maybe in a couple weeks, I will update this, so if this happens to anyone, he can be warned before the disaster
  4. So at 100 runs right now, still no sight of Patroclus yet. Achilles still says nothing to me. I'm almost sure like you that I just have to continue doing runs until I find Patroclus and he decides to talk to me or something happens back at the house of Hades. Man I'm having like the worst RNG possible haha
  5. What I think that happened is the RNG was just bad as hell to me and both epilogue and Achilles quest collapsed in one or something and I am somehow seeing again some dialogues that I've already seen before, like the one when you carry Achilles' keepsake to the Elysium and talk to Patroclus. This is random as hell because some runs I interact with Patroclus and he tells me quest related stuff again, and when I come back to the house of Hades, Achilles just tells me random shit like "You can do it", and Nyx, the same, but about Zagreus' mother or his relation with Chaos or whatever. I finished the game (epilogue and the rest of the achievements) like yeah, 20-25 runs ago and still no sight of this damn quest. Also tried to die in the second or third chamber to see if it makes progression and was definetly a waste of time for me so I do not recommend doing it. For your question, yes, I've finished every other character relationship, including all of their hearts and dialogues at this point (I guess), because they all tell me the same 2 or 3 lines every time like "I have job to do" or "keep it up". I can't just make it to the contract part. It just does not appear for me, doesn't matter how many runs interacting with everything I do. I think is the RNG laughing at me and just need to keep doing runs until some point when Achilles will decide to tell me to help him and get the damn contract. Going to start another game for the meanwhile and this will eventually come one day because I'm just not having fun doing meaningless runs anymore after 90+.
  6. Yeah I always do it after every run, with every available character, since the beggining, but she only says random stuff to me, never related to Achilles/Patroclus. Also, every other character right now says stuff like "I have job to do" or "You did it good last time", like I already exhausted every line with them. Achilles does not even have an exclamation sign anymore and Patroclus chamber haven't showed up the last 15 runs though. He didn't tell me anything relevant, anyways (Something like how I'm I doing). I also checked the administration chamber several times between runs, but no mission there either. I'm gonna lose my mind at this rate
  7. Man for real. I just finished EVERYTHING left in the game: got all the characters relationships maxed out, all weapons aspects maxed out too, all the keepsakes maxed out and all the achievements obtained, plus epilogue done too. Maybe was like 25+ runs ago that I had that Achilles or Patroclus conversation about risking it all and stuff, and now they both say nothing to me but "I cannot teach you anything else". Had their relationships maxed out for a damn while too, at their locked hearts. I'm really tired of this game and bothers me because it was going so well until I had to face the RNG dialogues bullshit. Im at 80 runs right now more or less and can't see this prophecy to pop up yet. And the worst part about it is that I just have to continue playing braindead until it pops, maybe next run, maybe in the next 30. Ffs.
  8. So I finished the game the first time taking random choices as the guide here says, got Reina's ending, which is actually weird as I can see. Also, didn't get the 16th, 17th chapter, epilogue or Normal End trophy (?) Next time, starting a complete New Game, using the L2 function, I skipped all the already seen text and strictly chosed the Owari ending choices in the guide. Around the end, where you go to the festival, I unlocked the "Our Summer With Owari Has Ended", but after that, I ended up getting Reina's ending again (?) Also, didn't get this time none of the chapter, epilogue or normal ending trophies that I have left previously mentioned. Can someone tell me what it's actually going on? Getting this platinum it's actually more boring than frustrating, period.
  9. So I just returned to the game after hearing they finally patched the locations trophies. Once I logged on, the completed but not obtained trophies instantly popped up, but not the silver trophy "Master of all you survey" for discovering all locations in the game. In the world map it says 223/223, and I checked twice every zone in every planet making sure I discovered everything. The only thing I'm missing which I'm not going to complete because I don't want to play this game anymore is the Midnight Cairn which if I am right was a 'DLC' added but not required to explore for the trophies (correct me if I'm wrong), and I just explored 5/11 or something like that. Im just so tired of this game and it's glitched and bugged trophies. From a decent gameplay/campaign experience to a really bad headache obtaining the trophies, for real. Jesus, even half a year later I can't still get my damn platinum trophy after a few patches and hotfixes. If someone knows how to obtain this trophy in my case or how to contact 2K or whatever (no way I'm revisiting all the zones again xd) I would be very grateful. Thank you beforehand.
  10. Alright thank you very much! I think I'm just waiting for the next patch and hoping it fixes the locations glitch, no hurry. Thanks again for your help, man!
  11. So I have just the same problem right now. I started the game on May 11th and still have that main menu message that suggests me to install some kind of patch (which I don't know about it's date), but haven't done yet. I just finished all the trophies today including all Nekrotafeyo locations one (maybe I did all the planet and side quests in one sitting, I don't remember), but remaining Pandora's, Promethea's and Eden-6's locations trophies plus the Master of All You Survey one. I just saw how I ran into previous story-visited locations for slabs collection and the game told me "Area Discovered" instead of "Entering In", so I just stopped doing the exploration and searched if there was a bug or what, because it was really weird that having all Eden-6 locations in the L3 menu, the relative trophy didn't popped up yet. My question here is. Can I just delete the game, install it again (physical copy obviously), but not installing any patch or update and just pick up all locations or whatever again but in different game sessions (this kind of achievements are really annoying for me even listening podcasts or music). Just to clarify that I don't want to restart the campaign or with another lvl. 1 character or just get my game save corrupted or something. I can obviously wait for an official fix, but prefer if I just finish it already so I can focus in another games and don't feel gutted about it. I actually enjoyed the game but man I had some trouble with glitches and shit that really pissed me off. Thought that more than half a year later since the release this shit would be patched up dude.