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  1. bro you cant understand how much I love you it worked at the first guy I tried to join. I can finally play 😤 if someone runs into this problem here's the guide I used : https://forums.whirlpool.net.au/archive/1718144 thanks again man
  2. So I've tried to play online coop with my friend in Borderlands. I've been unable to join his session nor was he able to join mine. I tried to play with him in Minecraft and it worked so I assume it should work. I've only succeeded once and I played with some random guy fresh off the bus. Since then, it has never worked. I tried with a bunch of randoms too but the result was the same, timeout goes to 7 then stops and a dialogue box notify me that I am unable to join. I've seen online some topics about port forwarding. This seems quite a bit complex and I wanna see first if there is another solution. Has someone already encoutered this problem in Borderlands? If so what have you done to make it work ? Thanks for the replies