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  1. It can definitely be a fun game to play and get better at. However, it's worth noting that it controls similarly to N++ in that your movement is based on momentum, meaning that it takes a second for Dumpster Bear to reach full running speed. You won't be able to jump the full distance that you can jump without gaining speed first, which puts a greater emphasis on remaining at top speed for the majority of the level. The level design complements this well most of the time, with most levels being able to be completed without losing too much momentum. There are a few levels that were incredibly frustrating to complete because of unfun level design, such as 6-4 and (I think it is) the second coin level in world 3. For the most part, however, the levels are designed fairly well. Tl;Dr: Fun game if you get used to the controls and overlook some levels that are unfun to get better at.
  2. Impressive run! I never realized there were safe spots during the King Cone and Murk boss fights, but the fact that your strategy against Bram actually worked could be a game changer to anyone who wishes to attempt this platinum! I should definitely update the guide with some of these strats when I can! Thanks for sharing your run! Fun fact: There is actually a multiplayer spin-off of Wuppo currently in development. While it is set to release exclusively on Steam, a console release is not ruled out, if that answers your question at all. Not insisting that you should play it when it does release, I'm just pointing that out to anyone who's curious. If anyone is curious, here's a link to the Steam page:
  3. "Gunless" from the obscure indie game, Gonner 2, with me being the only achiever on PSNP to have it.
  4. ooh, controversy.
  5. When he is pressuring you, try to focus more on cancelling his shots rather than trying to get damage in. Most of the time, I was destroyed by Bram because I was greedy or impatient.
  6. The person meant it as a joke. They don't actually think it's unplayable.
  7. This seems interesting. Count me in.
  8. Great to see you’re giving Wuppo a try! Give us a holler if you have any concerns, and we’ll help you in anyway we can!
  9. This aged well.
  10. Y'all remember Tri Force Heroes, that one multiplayer spin-off for the 3DS? Wasn't a bad game, IMO.
  11. I understand that the trophies are more annoying than difficult, but is the game itself fun to play? I can tolerate an annoying list, as long as the game itself is enjoyable.
  12. I think a 6/10 is a fair difficulty rating for this game. The hardest part is learning the most optimal way to move through a level, since the levels often feel designed around said paths. Once you learn them though, executing a plan is a simple process of practicing until you get it down, which isn't that challenging, since levels are fairly short.
  13. Disgaea 5. It looks like a well-made RPG. Wuppo or Wattam?
  14. Oops. I apologize for the misinformation. I should have done further research before commenting in this thread.
  15. .