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  1. So I’m not the only one feels that way about TBOI? I also went into this game, confident I could earn the platinum, and I did have fun for a while. However, once the sheer size of this platinum got wrapped around my head, I started drifting away from the game. The existence of garbage runs, where you don’t get any good items, wasn’t really helping, either. Maybe I’ve just played too much Dead Cells at the time, because garbage runs do exist there if you put too many items into your item pool. Regardless, it’s quite interesting to read about your journeys towards some soul-crushingly difficult platinums, especially TBOI. It’s actually encouraged me to give Splasher a try one of these days!
  2. I’m not saying that Titanfall 2’s time trial was hard for me (I did it roughly 30 minutes after beating the campaign). However, in the comment section of the guide, Stricken says that the guide team encourages people to rate guides based on an average, rather than the highest trophy, but Vanquish does not abide by this standard. Even the guide writer says that every trophy in the game, excluding Tactical Challenger, was easy to do, which would have lowered the difficulty considerably if it were rated by an average. I’m just pointing out that there is sometimes a double standard when it comes to determining guide difficulty. The person is talking about Wipeout HD. The Omega Collection does not have Zone Zeus or Arcade Perfect. The Omega Collection platinum is definitely doable, if you can tolerate the annoying AI.
  3. Isn’t it a bit unfair to rate a game’s difficulty by an average rather than by the hardest trophy? I definitely see the merits of incorporating an average, but there is sometimes an outlier that separates itself in difficulty from the rest of the list. When players discover that outlier without doing any research on that trophy, then they will often feel lied to. Plus, the website didn’t allow StrickenBiged to rate Titanfall 2 based on the hardest trophy, but they allowed Vanquish to be rated based on the hardest trophy. This inconsistency makes it quite difficult to properly rate a game’s difficulty without getting criticized for it.
  4. Dreams (Currently a 2.25% platinum) - I’m baffled as to how the rarity has remained this low. While you can argue that leveling up to level 30 is a grind, it’s not even the rarest trophy, which comes from recording animation in create mode for about an hour. I say it should really be around 5-6%, rather than 2%.
  5. My problem doesn’t stem from the fact that their platinums are intentionally easy. Developers can make trophy lists as hard or as easy as they want. It comes from when they develop games with the intent to sell easy platinum trophies, while half-assing the development of the game itself. It is insulting to all the developers out there who actually put their everything into making a good game by having their releases covered by endless garbage. Despite hatred from these games by a minority of trophy hunters, which are a minority of gamers, this argument is pointless. As long as trophy leaderboards exist in the way that they do, trophy hunters will still seek out easy platinums, and developers will keep pumping them out.
  6. I once tried making Downwell my 20th platinum while earning Thumper’s platinum right after it. Thumper came first...
  7. Hard to tell whether or not this will be a challenge, considering some of the trophy descriptions. Looks like a cool game, nonetheless.
  8. Oxenfree. I hear it’s an exceptional story driven game with an easy platinum, so why not?
  9. You get the most enjoyment out of racing games, and Dragon Quest.
  10. Quick question, regarding tags. Can the “Missable” tag also apply to specific game modes where failing requirements results in a restart of the game mode playthrough, or is the tag exclusive to full game playthroughs? I will give you an example to show you what I mean. In the Wuppo trophy list, there is a trophy called “Boss Run: Obey Stoplight,” where you must defeat a specific boss during boss rush mode without getting hit. If failing the requirements required another playthrough of boss rush, would it be fair to tag this trophy as missable? Sorry if this is a stupid question to anyone out there.
  11. If BOI wins, then a playthrough with The Lost will by far be the hardest, since he dies in one hit from any source. Although this tip may be useless, considering the intention of this thread is to be destroyed, there is a way to make it somewhat easier. If you buy the Afterbirth DLC, you are able to unlock an item, called the Holy Mantle as a starting item for The Lost. It will let you tank a single hit per room before dying, which can make the ordeal slightly less sadistic. But if you want the extra challenge, by all means, go ahead!
  12. Bro, why are you not in Nidhogg 2’s trophy list?
  13. Gonner 2: All I need to do is score a high combo, but unfortunately, it is impossible to do at the moment, because there aren’t enough enemies in a world to score the combo. Titanfall 2: The only real obstacle was to complete the game on Master difficulty. But, it became more annoying than fun to play through, and I do not like this game nearly enough to bother with the exploit or collectibles. Just not my game. Technically not one trophy away, but more like one obstacle away.
  14. I’m less mad about the lack of content than I am about the fact that the free to play update reset my progress back to the beginning. This meant I would have had to slog my way through the progression again, sacrificing all my favorite legendary and exotic weapons for mediocre ones, doing the same thing I’ve done since before the update. Yes, I got Destiny 2 before the Curse of Osiris update, and I didn’t think it was that bad. Oooh, controversy.
  15. Nidhogg 2 is highly likely to be impossible due to a bug. Floriiss uploaded a video of his “HOGGLIKE” run on this thread, showing that he did not unlock the trophy, despite doing everything he could to unlock it. Interestingly, there are a small percentage of people that unlocked it on the PC version, according to the Trueachievements website and Steam statistics. However, chances are high that those people are hackers.