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  1. You only need 1 or more stars on every event in the sunset to earn the trophy, although it appears to pop earlier than it should.
  2. Eh, why not give it a spin? Sign me up!
  3. So I just finished Normal mode (underrated game imo, even if the endgame can be maddening), and I kinda hit a brick wall when it comes to my next step to the platinum. For anyone who's earned the respective trophies, could you elaborate a little about "Cow-Rageous," "Tauroctony," and/or "Boviation" in terms of strategy? Thanks!
  4. I was able to fix the issue by downloading my save from the cloud and redoing the missions I had left. It's fairly likely that it was a one-off occurrence, since I couldn't find anything regarding this issue past 1.02. Thanks for the help nonetheless!
  5. After finishing every mission with 5 stars, the in-game achievement unlocked, but not the trophy. I'm playing on version 1.02, and have tried just about everything to get it to pop, but nothing. Has anyone else experienced this and know of a workaround?
  6. You need to be online for some of them, but you can still just use 4 controllers in a private lobby.
  7. Melty Blood: Type Lumina. You've done so much to make it to that point. Don't give up!
  8. I'm not faulting the devs for adding accessibility options. I'm just concerned about the execution of the continue mode, less so for the sake of accessibility, and more because it could completely kill the pace and hinder your enjoyment of the game. While enemy damage can be scaled to be lower, it doesn't stop the enemies from being complete damage sponges, meaning that you'll spend more time trying to kill them, which will lead to more damage being taken. If you take more damage, you are more likely to use a flask, which is incredibly scarce on 4BC. It's a case of a death by a thousand cuts, where you normally would dodge/parry everything thrown at you while killing enemies quickly. Sorry if I neglected to communicate this point.
  9. So the test build on PC now has an assist mode, where you can adjust trap damage, enemy damage, trap speed, parry windows, and it even has a continue mechanic. I'm perfectly fine with damage scaling and easier parry windows, but I am conflicted with the continue mechanic, since it only kicks you to the start of the area, as if you just entered it. It completely changes the mindset of the player from accounting for the long term repercussions of every decision to brute forcing everything with no risk at all. It also messes with the progression curve of the game. When you repeatedly die and restart a run, you are not only learning the enemy's attacks and what biomes are adequate for certain loadouts, you are also given time to invest more cells into weapons, mutations, and the legendary forge. By brute forcing progress with a continue system, you are denying yourself the time to properly invest in them, which will eventually lead up to a brick wall. Remember, assist mode does NOT give you the option to scale enemy health, so in a way, you are setting yourself up to be screwed over later. I've had this happen to me when I went for the platinum, when I brute forced it by backing up my saves. I hit a fat wall when playing 4BC, dealing pitiful amounts of damage to the boss that I was stuck on. It was this combined with the fact that my save got corrupted some time after that completely soured my opinion on the game and caused me to stop playing it for over 3 months. It was only when I put in the time to properly progress is when things not only got easier, since I couldn't screw myself over later on, but the game got more enjoyable as I started doing far greater amounts of damage to my enemies while tip-toeing through their attacks. It was a curve that felt more natural and actually resulted in me pushing through to completion of 4BC. (Tl;Dr: The continue function IMO completely breaks the flow of progression, and you only really notice it when you are far deeper into the game, which can completely mess with your enjoyment of it.) Again, this is all my opinion, forged from previous experience. I'd like to hear y'all's thoughts on this.
  10. Although I’m generally lenient when it comes to solo dev projects, I can say with definitive confidence that this game is absolutely worth your time and money. It features you (a snail) facing an evil, charismatic A.I. who attempts to predict your movement and places traps in your way to kill you, and make fun of you afterwards, while uncovering a deeper story involving simulations and artificial intelligence. It is quite short, taking about 2-3 hours (playtime varies for the harder difficulties), yet it is dense with variety in its level design, secret areas, bonus levels, collectibles, lore, and even a more challenging variant of every level to sink your teeth into. The controls are also responsive and the game constantly runs at a rock solid frame rate. On top of this, the A.I. is quite a likeable and interactive character, sporting over 1000 unique voice lines to comment on almost any situation that happens in game. This can range from more general scenarios, such as lowering the difficulty or hunting secrets, to others that you might not even notice, such as muting his voice, skipping his voice lines, or standing right on the edge of a platform to where he can not reach you with a spike. Will You Snail is a rare indie gem that should definitely not be skipped.
  11. I haven't tested it, but I'm fairly certain that you do need to back up your save to prevent the trophy from being voided. However, if you are going to back up your save, I would recommend doing it after saving at a fireplace, since I found out that not doing so will load you in the nearest transition screen, which could result in lost progress, because enemies always respawn upon reloading, increasing your odds of getting hit. While Speed Demon can easily be done in one sitting, you are by no means required to do so, although keep what I said above in mind. Hope this helps. If you have any other questions, send me a DM, and I'll do my best, since this game is very unknown to the PSN community.
  12. Although I'm enjoying my time with the game, I can't progress through the fourth dungeon, because the doors to the remaining rooms I haven't explored are barred by either a pit or set of impassable spikes. Am I missing a specific item? Edit: Problem solved. Entirely my fault.
  13. The platinum (at least the NA version) is now possible. I just earned the "Coma Card" trophy yesterday. Now please, buy the game. Its truly a hidden gem IMO.
  14. It was the best theory I could come up with, and it is something that was bound to happen eventually, considering the nature of this niche community.
  15. (I already expressed this opinion in a similar thread, but I feel that I have to repeat it here). The reason why people balk at the addition of an easy mode/platinum exploit is because they fear that others will think that they cheesed it, even if they didn't. They want the trophies to be virtual proof of their skill and mastery of a game, and the easy mode would muddy the waters for them. I can understand that, because I'll admit to having that mindset before after I legitimately earned the platinum for Cuphead and Apotheon. However, you shouldn't let that detract from your achievement. You still did it the way the devs intended, and no one can take that away from you. That being said, every single game does not have to be made for everyone. Some games are better suited without easy modes, such as Dark Souls and Rain World. Those games had a vision to put you against incredible odds, and an easy mode would be antithetical to that vision. If the devs intended a game to appeal to a more niche audience, then they should be allowed to do so, if it helps create the best version of the game that they envisioned. Tl;Dr: If Sifu was more focused on story, then I feel that an easy mode would be justified. I just worry that the addition might muddy the waters of the experience that the devs intended you to have.