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  1. My Name is Mayo. Obviously.
  2. *Cough* *Cough* Doom 2 *Cough* *Cough
  3. Happy to see you back hunting absurdly hard platinum trophies! Also, don't worry so much about coming up with something mind-blowingly interesting to write during every single update. The writing isn't the only reason why people love coming to this thread. It's also the people who frequently visit this thread, offering helpful advice and positive encouragement. It's also your proof of dedication towards giving every game your best efforts. You might not think the same way about the last bit, but keep in mind that you were only taking a break from hunting the platinum. You didn't give up entirely. It not only shows that you have the perseverance to keep wanting to hunt the platinum, but it also shows that you care about your mental health, knowing when to temporarily stop doing something for the sake of your mental well-being. If I'm able to earn every SS Rank in Tetris Effect, then you can definitely finish TBOI, SMBF, and Assetto Corsa. You can do it!
  4. The older Littlebigplanet games will forever live on within our hearts.
  5. Just completed it yesterday. Thanks for the advice, y'all!
  6. I only need to earn an SS Rank on four more Effect Modes before I earn "Seriously? Seriously." However, Mystery Mode is doing my head in, because the combination of certain random events at a high speed feels completely unfair. Does anyone have any tips or strategies that can help make this more doable? Thanks!
  7. I'm intrigued by this indie game, but after some digging, I've seen that the responses from critics are quite mixed. As a casual fan of the Zelda franchise who also enjoys a challenge, should I pick this one up?
  8. You are an absolute madman, attempting to conquer the impossible. I wish you the best of luck in your attempts of 100%!
  9. #28: Payday 2: Crimewave Edition Enjoyment: 8/10 First off, the game is quite buggy. A lot of them are relatively harmless, such as enemy necks sometimes stretching to a comical length whenever you kill them with a headshot, or when one of your teammates just slides around instead of running like a normal person would. However, some bugs aren't so harmless, such as game crashes, not starting a heist when all players ready up, and getting a vehicle stuck in the environment. Thankfully, the annoying bugs do not happen frequently enough to render the game unplayable, although they are definitely noticeable. The balancing of the game is all over the place when playing on the higher difficulty settings. There are seven selectable difficulties that you can choose from when selecting a heist, which are Normal, Hard, Very Hard, Overkill, Mayhem, Death Wish, and Death Sentence. Most weapons and perk decks are usable on the first four difficulties, but the viability of a lot of them falls off considerably without specific skills on Mayhem and Death Wish, and those same ones become useless on Death Sentence, due to the massively increased damage output from your opposition. While some of them can be made good (sometimes even amazing) with the usage of specific skills and mods, the others simply can not be saved. Such perk decks include Infiltrator, Crook, Biker, and Yakuza. My last problem with the game is that the AI is... ok. Your AI buddies are incapable of completing objectives, which means you have to do them all on your own. They can also move quite sluggishly, which can be fatal for solo runs if you get downed while being far away from your companions. Your enemies will often behave like headless chickens, often standing still out in the open, mindlessly spraying away at you. Bulldozers are also occasionally annoying, sometimes deciding to not face you, despite shooting him when you are 2 feet away from him. This can make it more challenging to take him down while spending as little ammo as possible, since bulldozers do not receive headshot damage until his face plate and visor are destroyed. Now that you have seen all of my criticisms, you might be wondering why I gave this game an 8/10 enjoyment rating. That's because this game is still one of the better co-op games I've played, clocking in around 315 hours of playtime (according to the PS Trophies app) before popping the platinum. This game has a fair degree of depth in the skills, perks, armor and weapons that can synergize together to make a wide variety of viable builds. Despite the fact that some perk decks are unviable or borderline unusable on higher difficulties, the rest of them are either viable or overpowered. My recommended perk decks for beginners are Rogue, Armorer, and Muscle, since they are the most basic, and don't require a specific playstyle in order to succeed. Some other fun perk decks include Grinder, Anarchist, Sicario, and Hacker, although they do take some getting used to in order to fully benefit from them. The moment-to-moment gameplay is also really fun, during both stealth and loud outings. During stealth, you are strongly encouraged to avoid killing civilians and guards, since you can only kill four guards before the alarm trips, and you also have to answer the guards pager, which is a risky interaction that leaves you vulnerable to being detected by other entities. You also have to worry about the body not being seen, so you have to use a body bag (which is a finite resource) to transport them to a safer spot. This makes stealth a lot more challenging, since you will need to plan your kills in order to be successful. Loud heists are intense rollercoasters that requires split-second decision making and teamwork to survive on the high difficulties. Difficulty: 6/10 The majority of the trophies aren't too bad and are honestly a lot of fun to hunt, often encouraging you to either do certain actions during certain heists, or to play through them in different or more efficient ways. Examples include securing the full set of samurai armor during the "Shadow Raid" heist, reaching the top floor on day 2 of "Hotline Miami" within 210 seconds, or completing the "Big Bank" heist without raising the alarm. The only miscellaneous trophy that might cause you some trouble is "Sounds of Animals Fighting," which requires you to finish "Hotline Miami" on Hard or above while all four players are wearing specific masks related to Hotline Miami. I was lucky enough to have discovered a public lobby of players who also wanted the trophy. While it is possible to earn it this way, I highly recommend against trying it, since it's heavily dependent on the players you meet. The majority of your time will be spent completing most heists on Death Wish difficulty. If you're attempting this with a team of friends who also wish to earn the platinum, then the platinum difficulty would be around a 5. However, if you are attempting this in public lobbies, then you can raise the difficulty to a 7-8/10, since the majority of players that will join your Death Wish lobbies are low-level beginners who will often try to be like John Wick and die instantly in the middle of the action. If you are new to the game, please don't join public Death Wish/Death Sentence lobbies until you have a functional build, because you won't have much fun and you will end up annoying the other players by going down all the time. If you are unable to get players together to play Death Wish heists, you can go through heists with bots, as long as you play a little differently. If you give your AI crewmates the Thanatos .50 Cal sniper rifle and stick closely to them during the duration of the heists, then you have a much greater chance of surviving. However, there are some heists that can be quite tough, such as Lab Rats, Slaughterhouse, Panic Room, Meltdown, and Bomb: Forest. Apart from those, the rest aren't too difficult to complete on Death Wish, as long as you pack a good build and bring along AI buddies with Thanatos .50 Cal sniper rifles. Conclusion Payday 2 is a fun, albeit problematic game with a platinum that can either be fairly manageable or very challenging to obtain.
  10. It can definitely be a fun game to play and get better at. However, it's worth noting that it controls similarly to N++ in that your movement is based on momentum, meaning that it takes a second for Dumpster Bear to reach full running speed. You won't be able to jump the full distance that you can jump without gaining speed first, which puts a greater emphasis on remaining at top speed for the majority of the level. The level design complements this well most of the time, with most levels being able to be completed without losing too much momentum. There are a few levels that were incredibly frustrating to complete because of unfun level design, such as 6-4 and (I think it is) the second coin level in world 3. For the most part, however, the levels are designed fairly well. Tl;Dr: Fun game if you get used to the controls and overlook some levels that are unfun to get better at.
  11. Impressive run! I never realized there were safe spots during the King Cone and Murk boss fights, but the fact that your strategy against Bram actually worked could be a game changer to anyone who wishes to attempt this platinum! I should definitely update the guide with some of these strats when I can! Thanks for sharing your run! Fun fact: There is actually a multiplayer spin-off of Wuppo currently in development. While it is set to release exclusively on Steam, a console release is not ruled out, if that answers your question at all. Not insisting that you should play it when it does release, I'm just pointing that out to anyone who's curious. If anyone is curious, here's a link to the Steam page:
  12. "Gunless" from the obscure indie game, Gonner 2, with me being the only achiever on PSNP to have it.
  13. ooh, controversy.
  14. When he is pressuring you, try to focus more on cancelling his shots rather than trying to get damage in. Most of the time, I was destroyed by Bram because I was greedy or impatient.
  15. The person meant it as a joke. They don't actually think it's unplayable.