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    Easy Platinums is what I like to do. It puts my mind at ease after I succeeded in AAA games, Ultra Rare games etc. I chose to stick to my own path and strived at the very best. I have no interest on leaderboards. I will carved my own creation and placed the good games that deserves it. I will break the cycle and end it once an for all.

    Favorite Manga: Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches. Sex and Dungeon. The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter.

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  1. Geralt and Friends Uncommon: 29.91% All In Uncommon: 28.60% Gwent Master Uncommon: 20.41% Brawler Uncommon: 32.13% Brawl Master Uncommon: 29.11% Fiend or Foe? Uncommon: 34.20% The King is Dead Uncommon: 40.80% Passed the Trial Uncommon: 40.70% Walked the Path Rare: 10.36% Ran the Gauntlet Rare: 14.72% I have to say. The story was superb and outstandingly fantastic. I have completed story mode and a few minor missable trophies done. All I need left to do is finish off the remaining trophies and everything will be finally over. Just need that little push and and that's it.
  2. Kingmaker Uncommon: 44.22% Woodland Spirit Uncommon: 26.02% Fast and Furious Uncommon: 20.34% Fearless Vampire Slayer Uncommon: 39.63% Ashes to Ashes Uncommon: 37.90% Full Crew Uncommon: 32.86% Pest Control Uncommon: 22.07% Something More Uncommon: 44.78% Assassin of Kings Uncommon: 28.55% Xenonaut Uncommon: 42.99% Everything is starting to heat up immensely. Most of my progressions are all paying off quite well and I have to say that this game is still the absolute best I have played so far however their are a few more loose ends I have to do before I obtained my 900th platinum milestone. There's not much left to do right now and I will win this ultimate prize.
  3. Friends With Benefits Common: 58.44% Family Counselor Common: 62.06% Shrieker Common: 54.99% Armed and Dangerous Uncommon: 29.32% The Doppler Effect Uncommon: 46.64% A Friend in Need Common: 53.20% That Is the Evilest Thing... Rare: 12.95% Environmentally Unfriendly Uncommon: 49.59% Necromancer Common: 50.51% Dendrologist Rare: 16.44% Once again the progression still goes a really nice pace to the game and the story mode on Death March difficulty went well enough but I still need to dig even deeper if I wanted to succeed completely. Funny enough I chose to stick the baby in the oven and well it was a trick to fool the enemies hahahahaha. Now then, I'm nearly done and I must keep on forging ahead.
  4. Next game it will have: "Press UP for trophies".
  5. Purple Dragon. You can sign me up for this! First time for me to come here like this. I'll list my games below. Update #1 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It'll be my 900th platinum milestone. 50% Halfway right now. My Hero One's Justice 2. 0% (Haven't started yet). Duke Nukem 3D: Anniversary World Tour. 0% (Haven't started yet). SENRAN KAGURA Burst Re:Newal. 0% (Haven't started yet). Senran KAGURA PEACH BEACH SPLASH. 0% (Haven't started yet). This will do for now. I'll reveal my next task after I finished all 5 games right here.
  6. Fire in the Hole Uncommon: 45.06% Even Odds Uncommon: 23.72% Playing House Uncommon: 31.00% Globetrotter Uncommon: 42.23% Turned Every Stone Uncommon: 20.82% Kaer Morhen Rare: 16.97% Dressed to Kill Uncommon: 20.60% What Was That? Rare: 12.99% Power Overwhelming Rare: 16.77% Lilac and Gooseberries Common: 84.77% I am now officially halfway at this point and everything else is going quite well indeed. Now I wanna tell you all something right here and now. First off, I started the DLC packs of both Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine. Two things I will say it here of course: First I made excellent progress so far on what I did and made most out of the easy trophies in the game and fuck me I can't believe I'm getting good at this game better and better every single time. Second and finally, I have gained most of the powerful weapons, armor, money and other shits to go on and went on New Game + and chose to do Death March difficulty and played the smart approached and carry every single shit with me until I achieved the platinum.
  7. Most likely it'll be Crypt of the Necrodancer 2.
  8. Bought two new awesome games. Dragon Ball FighterZ and My Hero One's Justice 2 Deluxe Edition. I chose to purchase these games becaue they look super badass. No milestones won't be needed. @AsheRebel Well well. I really didn't think you would care for my new game Necrodancer that I bought it last year. Lucks is for losers. Trying to aimed for Necrodancer as well? I won't hold my breath on that. I already know you and @AsheBurns's weakness and that's Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid right? I will look into that when I have the chance. Sorry for the late response.
  9. Wild Rose Dethorned Rare: 17.76% Can Quit Anytime I Want Rare: 12.50% The Witcher's Gone South Uncommon: 42.98% David and Goliath Rare: 11.17% Weapon "W" Uncommon: 34.57% A Knight to Remember Uncommon: 27.54% Embodiment of the Five Virtues Uncommon: 29.36% The Grapes of Wrath Stomped Uncommon: 25.72% Kling of the Clink Rare: 10.38% Last Action Hero Uncommon: 31.03% I have to admit. The DLC story on both sides: Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine turned out very well indeed. Seeing these gruesome bloodbath fights is badass and insanity. Now that I have completed Blood and Wine DLC pack, I can finished off the remaining missable trophies but I'll still have to leave out the Gwent Card trophies that's anything relating to it and other the none ones will be simple and easy enough. I still haven't started the base story mode yet but when I do, it'll be a massive long road ahead before I can attained my 900th platinum milestone.
  10. Crypt of the Necrodancer.
  11. Triple Threat Common: 53.99% Can't Touch This! Common: 63.19% Pacta Sunt Servanda Uncommon: 38.53% Rad Steez, Bro! Uncommon: 24.21% Hasta la Vista Very Rare: 9.93% Mutant Uncommon: 41.83% Fist of the South Star Common: 63.04% Return to Sender Rare: 11.85% Bookworm Common: 61.87% I Wore Ofieri Before It Was Cool Rare: 10.40% The progression is going steadily as always. So far so good the Hearts of Stone DLC went very well and I have decided to leave out the trophy call Kill It! until I get the better Gwent Cards in my collection. I still haven't started the base story mode of the game just yet but I want to milked out everything on the DLC trophies as much as I can and which is why, I'm gonna do the Blood and Wine DLC trophy pack and get everything done before I can venture into the full experience story mode.
  12. I'm Not Kissing That Uncommon: 43.03% Let the Good Times Roll! Uncommon: 22.24% Shopaholic Uncommon: 23.99% Munchkin Uncommon: 34.92% Butcher of Blaviken Common: 72.65% Curator of Nightmares Uncommon: 26.90% When It's Many Against One... Rare: 10.86% Moo-rderer Rare: 12.15% Let's Cook! Common: 68.21% Bombardier Common: 51.90% So far so good. My first thoughts about The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt looks pretty damn badass however, I still need to get to know this game better if I wanna succeed in defeating the game completely. Now then, the progression is going off to a decent start of the game but even now I still have a long road ahead before getting 100% completion of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. @Leon Castle Hey Leon. Your right, this game looks pretty good so far but I'll need to keep going and obtain the 900th platinum milestone.
  13. Remaking TLOU Part 1 is pointless.
  14. :platinum: Platinum #850 Assassin's Creed: Valhalla :platinum:

    :platinum: Rank #4 Speedrun Valhalla :platinum:

    :platinum: Milestone 850th :platinum:

    Rare: 15.36%




    Platinum Trophy! Excalibur Sword!



    Completionist All the Way Trophy!



    Old School Treasure Hunt Trophy!



    My Full Upgrade Armor and Weapons! Divine Defensive and Offensive!





    Difficulty: 3/10.

    Enjoyment: 10/10.

    Challenge: 10/10.

    Music: 8/10.

    Story Mode: 8/10.

    Widespread/Explosion/Violence: 7/10.

    Trophy Progression: 100% Assassin's Creed: Valhalla Completed.

    Favorite Weapon: Divine Excalibur, Divine Fire Spear and Divine Sword.

    Genre: Adventure, Action, Open World, Mystery, Historical, Hack and Slash, Beat em up, Death and Murder.

    Playtime Hours: 230 hours.

    Grind Difficulty: 15/15.

    Platinum Time: 1 month and 1 week.




    Description: To be fair of all this. This is by far one of the worst absolute grinds I ever fucking done in my entire life. This is the first time ever I have decided to increased the cap rate for the Grind Difficulty from 10 to 15. The reason for that is that I did the whole thing done at 100% completion. The first playthrough I did was a huge mistake and all that hard work I've ever done was all up in flames but even now I went back through for a second time and finished everything due to the first playthrough had a bugged glitched problem. One of the mastery challenges DLC Raven has a glitch problem. Anderitum Hideout Raven Mastery Challenge - Gold Medal. Manuel Save it first before starting that challenge. @DJ__Beatroot and @Stan Lee. Hey DJ sorry for the late reply but here you go buddy. Stan since Ireland is here. It's part of your country. Overall this went well for me and still worth it. Highly recommend for this game!


    Next 900th Platinum Milestone: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

    1. Stan Lee

      Stan Lee

      Indeed I'll be very interested to see The Wrath of the Druids DLC when I get around to this in about 10 years! Congrats!

    2. slender_adrian


      nice job ✌️, don't let the creeper get you!

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  15. Red Dead Redemption 2 purple dragon.