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    I always like getting easy platinums to charge them up at 99% and leaving 1% out for a platinum milestone. Sometimes I don't usually talk about myself here but i've said it anyway. If people treated me with respect first then I treat them back the same way. I will delete comments if anyone is unfair to me on the status update. I was slow when I first started last year when I first debut here at PSNprofiles but even now after a year later I am getting better and faster at every second of it.

    Favorite Anime: Future Diary, Date a Live Series, Steins;Gate, Steins;Gate 0, The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter, How Not To Summon a Demon Lord, No Game No Life. Chaos;Head, Chaos;Child and more.

    Favorite Manga: Prison School and Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches.

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  1. Unarmed and Dangerous Rare: 19.72% Nothing's Impossible Rare: 10.68% Demon Breeder Very Rare: 9.92% Obedience Training Uncommon: 39.07% Showtime! Uncommon: 46.20% Dante The Gambler Very Rare: 9.85% Doing Daddy Proud Rare: 14.84% Who Needs Weapons Anyway? Very Rare: 7.55% Concentrated Strength Rare: 12.78% Sibling Rivalry Rare: 16.63% Part 4. Last year trophies earned. The progression is coming along nicely as always. It is getting much MUCH harder from here on out. Traversing through the hardest and obstacles is a mind-fucked. As of now, the hardest trophies will be the toughest ones I've ever faced and all hell will go loosed. I haven't lost my will just yet!
  2. I'll have 2 number 9's large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, 2 number 45's, one with cheese and a large soda.
  3. I Believe I Can Fly Common: 61.40% Let's Rock! Uncommon: 31.91% A New Job Common: 55.18% Well I'll be Damned Rare: 16.68% Demon Destroyer Uncommon: 30.89% Backroad Common: 61.86% Where the Red Orbs Glow Uncommon: 35.80% Eagle-Eyed Uncommon: 44.97% Battle for the Ages Uncommon: 21.61% Jackpot! Uncommon: 32.04% Part 3. Last year trophies earned. The story was fucking badass and super impressive when I played it on Human Difficulty. Brother against Brother and Son against Father. It was great and pretty much full of action. Reaching the alternate ending was like cutting the pie right down the middle and was taking the easy shortcut way out. There's still much more work for me to do and I will grab this badass Ultra Rare Platinum.
  4. Protect the People Common: 64.50% This Ain't Over Common: 72.77% Don't Mess with the Best Common: 70.59% The Qliphoth Common: 69.88% The Quick and the Dead Rare: 19.08% Each in His Own Way Uncommon: 20.61% Gotta Hurry Common: 67.65% Slick Moves Uncommon: 31.72% Back to Life Common: 65.45% Man on a Mission Common: 65.01% Part 2. Last year trophies earned. So far so good. I got the hang of this game quite well. My full power isn't completed yet and once I do, I'll be ready to defeat my father. I still need to keep on going and push to the maximum limit and reach the above and beyond limit break.
  5. You should do Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus. It's Ultra Rare at 0.85%.
  6. Fall from Grace Common: 96.15% Not Too Shabby Common: 87.64% Reunion Common: 84.14% Steppin' up the Style Common: 81.01% Break a Leg Common: 71.83% Seriously Stylish Slaying! Common: 72.97% Pet Protection Uncommon: 22.33% End of the Line Common: 78.10% Share the Pain Uncommon: 29.85% Light in the Darkness Common: 75.24% Part 1. Last year trophies earned. This is going off to a great start of Devil May Cry 5 and so far so good the new weapons and familiar ones are looking SSS. Nero will find his father Vergil and slay him in the dust once he reaches at the end of the game of course.
  7. Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - Definitive Edition Trophies Grand Theft Auto III First Day on the Job Complete “Luigi’s Girls”. Without a Scratch Deliver Mike Lips’ car without a scratch on first attempt. Escape Artist Use 20 police bribes. Disposing of the Evidence Crush a car at the junkyard. Mob Boss Keep the two mafia members alive during “Triads and Tribulations”. Street Sweeper Waste 100 gang members. Planned Ahead Take out Chunky Lee Chong with a car rigged with a bomb. Got This Figured Out Use a coach to pick up all 8 prostitutes in the mission “The Fuzz Ball”. By a Mile Complete the “Turismo” race in under 180 seconds. Wreckless Driving Perform a perfect insane stunt. Wheels Up Complete 20 unique jumps. Come Out to Play-y-y-y Kill 25 gang members with melee weapons / fists. Where To? Complete 100 taxi fares. Liberty City Minute Survive with less than 10 hp for 1 minute. Full Artillery Use every weapon in the game at least once. A Marked Man Complete “Last Requests”. Offshore Delivery Complete “A Drop in the Ocean”. Not So Fast Complete “The Exchange”. A Gift from the King Complete the “Kingdom Come” mission. Man Toyz Complete every RC Toyz mission. Splish Splash Extinguish 15 fires during a single Fire Truck mission. Playing Doctor Complete Paramedic level 12. Going Rogue Kill 15 criminals during one Vigilante mission. Dirty Money Amass a fortune of $1,000,000. Right-hand Man Earn a criminal rating of 2,500. Furious First Responder Complete Paramedic, Firefighter, Vigilante. Liberty City Secrets Collect 100 hidden packages. Is That All You’ve Got? Achieve 100% completion. King of Liberty City Unlock all trophies. Got Any Stories, Old Man? Complete “Cipriani’s Chauffeur”. Talks a Lot Complete all phone missions. Blood in the Streets Pass all 20 Rampages. Instigator Complete 10 Rampages. Chasing Paper Amass a fortune of $500,000. Am Walkin’ Here Die from being run over. Hunting Season Destroy five helicopters. Repeat Offender Get busted 20 times. Cheaters Do Prosper! Blow up 2,000 cars. Play Fetch Complete the Portland Docks and Shoreside Vale import/export car lists. Pest Control Deliver all emergency vehicles to the crane at the Portland Docks. Relief Pitcher Extinguish 20 fires during a single Fire Truck mission. Like a Boss Earn a criminal rating of 5,000 or higher. Fare Game Pick up Curly Bob in a Taxi during “Cutting the Grass”. Recycler Crush 25 cars. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Born in the 80’s Listen to all music stations at least once. Running Rampant Complete Vigilante mission level 12. Iron-y Kill the property developer with a Golf Club during “Four Iron”. Not my First Time Complete mission “G-Spotlight” without falling from the rooftops. One is Better Than Two Perform a 30 second wheelie. Point A to Point B Drop off 25 passengers driving the taxi. High Quality H2O Extinguish 10 fires. Pie Guy Deliver 10 pizzas. Bull in a China Shop Cause $1,000,000 in property damage. Vice City Mogul Own 10 properties. Salutations My Little Friend Use the M4 to take out Diaz during the mission “Rub Out”. Catch Me if You Can Achieve a six-star wanted level. Somebody Call the Wambulance? Complete Paramedic Mission level 12. Greasy Palms Use a police bribe to reduce your wanted level. Just Like the Real Thing Win the RC Bandit Race. Keepie-Uppy Okie Dokie Earn a high score of 5 with the Keepie-Uppy Beach Ball. Gun for Hire Complete all assassination contracts. I’m Famous! Earn the Stuff of Legends media attention rank. Don’t Need Roads Hit max speed in a Deluxo. Daredevil Complete 36 unique jumps. Legal Counsel Complete the “Riot” mission. Life of the Party Complete the “All Hands on Deck!” mission. South American Connection Complete the “Supply & Demand” mission. Big Heat from Little Havana Complete the “Trojan Voodoo” mission. Chauffeur Complete the “Publicity Tour” mission. Tommy Two-Wheels Complete the “Hog Tied” mission. Grand Theft Auto Retrieve every wanted vehicle at Sunshine Autos Import Garage. Bloodstained Hands Earn the Butcher criminal rating. Take the Cannoli Earn the Godfather criminal rating. Mischief Managed Complete the “Keep Your Friends Close…” mission. Chopper’d Up Kill all hostile NPCs during the mission “Demolition Man” using the RC chopper’s blades. City Sleuth Find 100 hidden packages. Done it All Earn 100% completion. Kingpin Unlock all trophies. Put ‘Em Up Knock off 15 stores. Offender Attain 50 wanted stars. Retro Lewk Wear every outfit in the game at least once. Scouring the City Find 50 hidden packages. Break it Up Cause $500,000 in property damage. Target Practice Perform 50 headshots. Prime Real Estate Purchase all properties. Vice Vice Baby Complete the Cherry Popper dealer subgame. Baked Distractions Highjack the tank without alerting the army first, during “Sir, Yes Sir! Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Getting Started Complete “Big Smoke”. With Extra Dip Buy 8 meals from Cluckin’ Bell throughout the game.. The End of the Line Complete “End of the Line”. Hoopin’ it Up Score at least 30 points in the basketball mini-game.. A Legitimate Business Export all three car lists. I’ll Have Two Number 9s Reach maximum weight. The American Dream Purchase any house. Pay ‘n’ Spray Use a Pay’n’Spray with a wanted level. Bike or Biker Complete BMX or NRG challenge. Who Needs Directions? Find Mike Toreno without any of the referenced locations during “Mike Toreno”. Liberty City State of Mind Complete the “Saint Mark’s Bistro” mission. Swiss Army Strife Max all weapon skills. School’s Out Fully complete a vehicle school. They Can't Stop All of Us Sneak into the underground base without setting off the alarm above ground during “Black Project”. Smooth Moves Perform a perfect dance routine. What the City Needs Complete 12 levels of Vigilante. Saviour Complete 12 levels of Paramedic. Rescue a Kitten Too? Complete 12 levels of Firefighter. Yes I Speak English Reach 50 fares in Taxi Mode. Daredevil Complete 36 unique jumps. Lucky Spinner Win at least $1,000 in a single spin of the Wheel of Fortune.. What happens in Las Venturas… Complete “Yay Ka-Boom-Boom”. All Dressed Up for San Fierro Complete “The Green Sabre”. Not a Player Go on at least one date with every potential girlfriend. What are the Odds Win a race in Inside Track Betting.. Double or Nothin’ Put all your money or the maximum bet on red or black and win. Original Gangster Reach maximum respect. Today Was a Good Day Go 24 hours (in game) without breaking the law, being wanted, killing or harming anyone. Public Enemy No. 1 Reach 6 wanted stars. Chick Magnet Achieve maximum sex appeal. Ain’t Nothing But a G Thing Own all gang warfare turfs, properties and have $1,000,000. Remastered Earn 100% completion. …Here we go again. Start a new game after getting 100% on a save file. I Ain’t No Buster Unlock all trophies. Sticky Fingers Earn $50,000 through burglary missions. 81 Years Too Late Spend 24 hours on foot in the countryside (looking for Big Foot). Get a Pump Do a barbell curl or benchpress at any gym. Beat the Cock Win the Beat the Cock marathon. Metrosexual Spend $6,969 on clothes, hair, and tattoos. Where’d He Go? Escape the police 20 times using the Pay ‘n’ Spray. High As a Kite Fly as high as possible/ Hit the height limit. Represent/strong Purchase a Grove Street tattoo. Assert Yourself Next Time Fail a mission. Serial Offender/strong Get arrested 50 times. Freight Date/strong Take the train between cities. Time to Kill Watch Credits to the end. Lots of Guns Unlock all Weapons. @ziggypossum Here you go. The trophies have been leaked. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1gfnbFol8OJviJBgicBTZsyBaM9iED0Y_?usp=sharing
  8. @ziggypossum Honestly Ziggy, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas looks much longer then the classic one.
  9. Bought Mighty No. 9 yesterday at 85% off sale. I'll explain the details below.


    Mighty No. 9 for PS4


    Description: I have very little understanding on how to play this game well enough but I'll have to learn the basics and other techniques If I wanna pulled this off. Oh this one right here? I've decided to placed this for a milestone AND to publicly and humiliate a certain someone here on PSNprofiles. @Infected Elite There you go I posted it.

    1. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      Can't wait 😂

    2. Megatritionsts


      I really hope your successful at this game!🙂 

  10. Bought Mighty No. 9 today at 85% off sale. Here's the deal guys. I have very little understanding on how this game works and yes I am a fast learner. Ultimately, If I can pulled this fucker off then I win. With a milestone like this then yes I'll placed it in for now. This'll publicly and ultimately humiliate everyone whoever gives me the stink eye.
  11. Spaz I do agree it should of been a 7/10. I have talk to one of the guide team members to change the difficulty rating. But really man? You gonna plat this hard ass game lol?
  12. Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus. How should I put this? I never imagined I would pull off one of the most difficulty games I've ever played. It's a 9/10 difficulty because of the whole setting Mein Leben. Collectibles and DLC collectibles were really easy and not too much of a big hassle to find them all. I know how it feels to lose your shit on Mein Leben which can be quite the formidable challenge. You gonna be very confident and determined throughout Mein Leben to know what weapons you use, upgrade them, where the enemies are etc. The only easy shortcut I only did was Re-entering Section F. It was easy enough for me to go through that but the other shortcuts I was bad at it, instead I took it like a man and did it the hard way all the way to the very end. It's not over for me. I possess the second Mein Leben and I'm gonna do it again.
  13. No GTA Liberty City Stories, GTA Vice City Stories, GTA IV. No sale.
  14. I love your presentation work. I already know your a racing gamer just like me. Impressive work Tell me this. Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled. How did you planned out when going for the platinum? I can tell Dragon Mines Oxide's Time Trial must of fuck you over?
  15. Running Rampant Uncommon: 21.33% Going Green Uncommon: 28.77% Bull in a China Shop Uncommon: 23.63% Greasy Palms Common: 60.46% Legal Counsel Common: 60.33% South American Connection Uncommon: 37.43% Repeat Offender Uncommon: 32.66% Life of the Party Uncommon: 32.33% I went quiet again for the last 5 1/2 weeks due to my PS4 Pro HDD went defective badly and I had to put my trophy progress, milestones and everything else on halt until I fully upgrade to a Samsung 870 2TB SSD and other upgrades as well. I'll be back to finished off Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Nevertheless, it went off to a decent start of the game and nostalgic classic towns I enjoyed it so far and I still have more work to do.