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  1. :platinum: Platinum #115 Far Cry 4 :platinum:

    Rare: 16.95%




    1366x768 Far Cry 4 1366x768 Resolution HD 4k Wallpapers, Images,  Backgrounds, Photos and Pictures


    43+] Far Cry 4 Wallpapers HD on WallpaperSafari




    Difficulty: 3/10.

    Enjoyment: 10/10.

    Challenge: 9/10.

    Widespread/Violence/Explosion: 9/10.

    Music: 8/10.

    Grind Difficulty: 8/10.

    Genre: Shooter, Tactical, Adventure, Action, Historical, Sandbox, Open World, Warfare and Death.

    Platinum Time: 1 week and 3 hours.


    Description: Same thing before from last year 2020 and earned Platinum #115. Honestly, this one right here was really a interesting historical game then Far Cry 3. This was a funny and experience to play as Ajay Ghale and entering the island of Kyrat. Chaos and explosions was my favorite kind of thing and blowing shit up and seeing enemies flying up high in the sky. Learning and upgrading your skills at max was easy for me to mastered it and got it done. Everything else is all done included. I am happy I got this done out of the way safe and sound. Highly recommended for this game.