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  1. Pendejo. It's hard for people when they're trying there best here lol.
  2. Sony doesn't give a dam.
  3. You'll get used to it. You came far to late and miss out the fun.
  4. Crash Bandicoot 4. Your dealing with a 9/10 difficulty on everything in the game.
  5. I was level 38 and now i'm at level 495. I really hate Sony's new trophy update. Pathetic.
  6. That's strange. It seems I don't have any problems with mine nor the sync trophies itself.
  7. Dragon Mines took me 4 tries in total to beat both Tropy and Oxide's trial's.
  8. Why would Sony do something like that? Instead of not destroying the PS Via store unfairly. They should of kept the ps store the way it is now and not having axing out the good stuff and making a new store. Keeping it traditional.
  9. Good question. I have around more then 300 unused games i've collected atm. I wonder how much i'll be gaining from this.
  10. This feel likes Mein Leben all over again.
  11. :platinum: Platinum #200 Catherine: Full Body

    :platinum:  Milestone 200th :platinum:


    Difficulty: 8/10.

    Enjoyment: 10/10.

    Platinum Time: 7 months and 1 week.

    Ultra Rare 2.91%




    Page 1830.





    Description: This is my 2nd UR Platinum at my fingertips and the platinum trophy image right here looks really sick and awesome. Another Milestone achieved. I am fucking ecstatic proud on how much effort and pressure I went through and this was just the beginning. Yes @Froopy the Pogfish you got your wished it's done. I kept my word and promised to the end. 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. ihadalifeb4this
    3. Mayellie


      Awesome work on the UR! Catherine's on my wishlist. Sounds like a fantastic game. :) 

    4. Ala-Arska


      Congrats :yay:

  12. Platinum #200 Catherine: Full Body Milestone 200th Ultra Rare 2.91% Difficulty: 8/10. Enjoyment: 10/10. Grind Difficulty: 10/10. Music: 10/10. Challenge: 9/10. Genre: Platform, Puzzle, Horror, Eroctic, Mystery, Murder, Action, Romance, Ecchi and Harem. Platinum Time: 7 months and 1 week. Let's begin. Today was the most dangerous and most difficulty puzzle game I ever played. The puzzles were very well made complex remade and what I saw in the nightmare is bosses lmao. Bosses were very tough to defeat which i'll explain each piece by piece below on what I really like about the game and others i'll explain as well. Difficulty I chose to begin with? Normal difficulty for starters. The reason I chose to strike this one out first is because I need to feel this game out study the puzzles movements, getting to know my familiar surroundings etc. I like this fully body remake out of this game it has shown out of greatness depths, stories, tits, asses, romance etc. Bosses: Clearly when doing this shit on Hard Mode and Remix Hard was the most fucking crazy intensifying game I ever come across. I will admit this was very impressive and well made challenge to ultimately tackle on this kind of battle in the nightmare. Difficulty: 9/10. Music: What I really like about the music is there are quite a handful new full body music and what's more Persona 5's musics are here. The music was breathtaking and the music concept and style was fantastic and well worth it. Endings: They're alot of endings that go good, neutral, bad or Rin's Ending but one stands out tall. The ending I chose for Vincent Brooks is This Road We Walk. Another reason why I chose Vincent Brooks' ending is Vincent doesn't wanna get marry to her childhood friend Katherine Mcbride or Catherine the demon succubus or the 3rd Qatherine name Rin because Vincent like's to live a true freedom and go on his seperate path whereas he doesn't wanna be force getting marry tiedown something he doesn't wanna be commited nor lying about it. Rapunzel: This was my last and final pitstop getting the platinum trophy and 200th milstone. Man going through hell on 128 stages on Rapunzel was almost a clusterfuck. 64 stages on normal and 64 stages on hard. This sprung me out of surprise and didn't know their was a 2nd round out of 64 stages for the final act. At least no time limits weren't engaged but limited move objects is a must. I had to go every short videos and follow the puzzle movements to get it right and some parts I fucked it up and most parts I didn't. This was a very tedious and very long challenge again I come across. I enjoyed this immensely and love the hard and tough challenge for Rapunzel. Difficulty rating: 6/10. Difficulty Puzzles and Remixes: As I mentioned above, the normal blocks was clearly a difficult challenge to overcome each and individual floors including the bosses. It was so fucking painful and annoying as hell that I had to go through not just normal blocks but also remix ones as well. Remix Blocks was slightly better then I expected but still a very hard challenge to begin with. Ultimately in the end, I got the UR gold trophy and this was a huge and big win for me and brought this difficulty puzzle down to it's knees. Difficulty: 8/10. Babel: Altar. This was a beginner's luck and this challenge show normal and crack blocks. It takes 5 minutes to clean this first quarter out and very easy to win it without to much pressure. Difficulty I would say: 2/10. Babel: Menhir. Thing gets tougher but thankfully it's similar much like Altar but short blocks comes first. This shows Normal, crack and spike blocks for the halfway point. A very decent challenge and great to overcome the obstacle. Difficulty rating: 3/10. Babel: Obelisk. This one right here is no easy feat. It shows previous ones I occurred and what is worst, move blocks, bomb blocks, ice blocks and ??? blocks. It took some thinking to get what must be done and found my way back to the fold and got this done perfectly. This was a well-made and difficulty challenge for me. Difficulty I would give is a 5/10. Babel: Axis Mundi. Ok this gets much MUCH worst. This was no fool. This would give everyone a real headache on solo and making the path a truly and surprise challenge, previous blocks added this shit to the mix and a new one added call the void block. But thankfully I did this with a 2nd controller making the entire game alot easier and more timing to go through. I chose Vincent Brooks and Joker from Persona 5 AKA the Afro Duos. Both did a excellent job and I was proud of this moment. Difficulty: 5/10. Vincent Brooks best quote: Why live a life without doing what you want? That's just a recipe for a life of misery. Overall: This is a excellent game and another UR platinum to accomplished this masterpiece on a high note. This was my 2nd UR platinum to obtain this beautifully and successfully. I am very proud to say: I am super fucking proud and happy I got this done and made me...Well speechless again. Would I recommended this UR platinum game and difficulty game to anyone? My answer is 100% yes. The Next Platinum: ???
  13. This Road We Walk Very Rare: 9.69% I've Seen It All Very Rare: 7.12% El Dorado Ultra Rare: 3.36% 64 Nights of Hell Very Rare: 6.71% From One Mystery to Another Very Rare: 6.28% Mythical Prince Ultra Rare: 4.80% I can't fucking believe this...again! I did it!! I fucking won!!! All this right here I succeeded beautifully and perfectly! I'm almost gone speechless again. Once again I never give up and I never lose no matter how much pressure, intensifying and battle I go on. I am fucking proud. A grade A genius right here! This made me extremely happy for the 3rd time and I will strive to continue on from here on out.
  14. Crash Bandicoot 4. It's a 10/10 max difficulty.
  15. Would have to say Crash Bandicoot 4 because of the Time Trials, Flashbacks Tapes, Gems and N Verted Gems.