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  1. My actual match time was about 50 hours or so. The loading, waiting for tournaments, replays etc. add a huge amount to the time so I would say it took me about 200 hours over 4 months.
  2. ^ The same. I started the PS4 version when it went free-to-play. 50 items popped very early but 'Stocked' (the 150) took forever to pop. When my 150 trophy popped I had played 800+ online matches and claimed as many items as possible through levels, tournaments and challenges. In total it probably took about 200 hours or more.
  3. This one was awful for me. I finally got it after about 12 hours at the docks trying to get him to spawn after completing all the other trophies. When I got him he appeared in the water just before the gated area. (normal mode - lvl 35 - town-docks exit/entrance - save & quit, reload).
  4. I followed solutions exactly and tried other methods and can't unlock this one. My stats show, 'breaks points faced = 155', 'break points saved = 137' and 'break points won = 46'. Any ideas?! Edit - Finally got it after getting about 10 in Tournament mode.
  5. Not working for me in the UK. Getting a timed out error on PS3.
  6. Took me 4 runs to beat the game. 3 times I seemed to fall through the map. Fun game for what it was.
  7. Thanks for this. ^ Exactly what was required to get my last trophy too. Cheers.
  8. I had no problems with this game on XB1 but the PS4 version is, as others have said above, a buggy mess. First my game messed up with the blue screen (as mentioned above) and now the eight headed bird and padlock won't work. Tried restarting but it's still not working. Edit: Got it after a few restarts. No other problems after these 2 bugs early on.
  9. Most certainly buggy/glitched. I did a complete run of all missions making sure not to die or reload a checkpoint by using mission select and no trophy. Started it all again from the beginning doing missions in order restarting missions through the pause menu and it randomly popped after Contingency.