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  1. Well its been almost 3 and a half months since my last update but I finally finished La-Mulana with a few detours on the way there. I stayed up too late to finish this and got distracted for hours on end, but hey I finally complete all the games. La-Mulana is still one of my favorite games with this actually being my first time going for a full completion. Always a great experience and a game I believe everyone should try at least once. @Rebourne07 10 out of 10 games complete.
  2. Another month another update. Hollow Knight was finished and with it my ninth plat for this challenge @Rebourne07. I last played Hollow Knight before it had any of the expansions so it was interesting to see all the new things added with both playthroughs being a fun and memorable experience. With its completion I am taking a break to work on chipping away progress towards the trophies for the Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. This will be my last update until I finish the challenge, but in the meantime I wait to see every one else's progress.
  3. April first is upon us, but the progress made is no joke! Three more games finished in March with Elden Ring being plat number seven on the 24th and Salt & Sanctuary being the eighth on the 30th. Started on Hollow Knight and I'm pretty amazed that I still remember some of the map layouts since I last played this game a few years ago though that being said I still am getting lost quite often. @Rebourne07 8 plats have been acquired.
  4. This is a shame, I was ready to drop Cuphead the second I saw the guide was a 7.5 too. More fun games to be played either way.
  5. Another month, another plat... or two... or four! A good month for me when it comes to this challenge as I finished up Voice of Cards and completed the first three Supergiant games. I'm still amazed Supergiant just keeps getting better and better with each new game and with how much I loved Pyre I can't wait to start Hades. Elden Rings recently came out so I have been chipping away at that slowly, but right now its on the back burner as I start focusing up on Hades and Cuphead. I may actually be able to finish this before June if I can keep up this momentum!
  6. January is over and unfortunately I only finished the first game on the list, but I am mostly done with Voice of Cards: The Isle Dragon Roars which replaced Rime for the 2/10 spot. In all honesty I wanted to have at least 3 games completed or near completion, but recently I have acquired an addiction to the critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV so that has exponentially slowed down progress. With Voice of Cards nearing its end the next game on the list I wanna start however is Bastion which is the first of the Supergiant Games. See you all next month and hopefully FF14 won't be eating up so much of my free time now that I am nearing the end of the free trial's MSQ.
  7. Hello everyone first time chatter, long time lurker and I thought this would be a pretty fun challenge to get into. This is my list 1/10 - Zero Time Dilemma 2/10 - Voice of Cards: The Isle Dragon Roars 3/10 - Pyre 4/10 - Transistor 5/10 - Salt & Sanctuary 6/10 - Hades 7/10 - Bastion 8/10 - Elden Ring 9/10 - La-Mulana 10/10 - Hollow Knight I am hoping this challenge really kicks me into gear with playing some more challenging games I have been putting off for a long time.