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  1. 561
  2. game is locked for me
  3. ohh ok lol good luck on the plat bud i'm excited as hell
  4. Did you look at the list? Some are story related.
  5. damn not a bad idea might do the same have fun with ghostbusters I just plat it
  6. are you serious or kidding?
  7. agreed i have darksiders and don't care about survive
  8. same here I like them
  9. I boosted it with no problem
  10. i agree same here they were the funniest ones.
  11. In no order Awesome Pea Word Sudoku by POWGI orc slayer Tetra's Escape I have so many more but you said 5 so here they are
  12. The section at the end of the game is better.
  13. wait are you asking for ps3 or 4