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  1. I have tried that. While im getting the loading screen, I've back out and it has "reset" the game but I still get that nothing. I've tried to quit the game while the loading screen is on. Any other suggestions?
  2. So I tried doing the glitch and on the last step, when you try to enter the exclusive content page, it's supposed to give you some kind of login page. However, mine gives me a blank page with the loading icon on the corner and immediately kicks me back out to the main menu. Anyone else encounter this and if so, how did you fix it?
  3. bruuuhh.. lmfao
  4. Trial and error bro. It certainly took quite a few tries and it's frustrating but keep going at it. I say go to right behind the bumper cars, always look both sides as enemies will try to go around but only from the left, and lastly, try shooting the guys on the rope before they land. It'll still take a few tries but ultimately it worked for me.
  5. Double XP won't end until at least next Tuesday at 1 pm EST. If you only care about the trophy, just play shipment and use the basic training Requistions with the highest streaks (Ball Turret Gunner, Paratroopers and Carpet Bombing) and either Commando or Cavalry as they're the ones that get most XP.
  6. Perhaps I'm wrong but why would anyone put a game in their backlog if it's impossible to get?🤔
  7. - Metal Gear - Metal Gear 2
  8. Just wait on a discount. It goes on sale for like $6. Obviously, keep in mind that if you're PS Plus subscription expires, you won't have access to the game.
  9. Skills already unlocked will be available except for 1 or 2 that are blocked for the purpose of difficulty. Napalms will be unlocked as you progress through the story the same way as your 1st playthrough.
  10. MILFs Vol 6 😂
  11. It does but people just use it for the Mile High mission.
  12. My dumbass should had started by creating an EA account with my PSN ID but I got it to work. Thanks for the help
  13. I can't even do that. I select MP, it "start" logging in with Origin, which I assume is the development studio for the MP component, and then, it tells me Error Information, that it couldn't connect to EA online, whatever that means.
  14. Finally decided to start doing its MP trophies but I cannot connect to MP at all. Anyone else having the same problem? If so, is there a way to fix it?
  15. I had the same problem so all I did was earn a trophy and then updated my list. To be fair, I earned a few just to be safe BEFORE I updated my profile.