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  1. Yeah. It’ll extend your current subscription to April 2023.
  2. I'm so down. I'll just stack this challenge with another challenge. 1 - My Name is Mayo 2 2 - Operation: Tango 3 - Erica 4 - Crash Bandicoot: Warped 5 - Oddworld: Soulstorm 6 - Oddworld: New N' Tasty 7 - Crash Bandicoot 8 - Crash Team-Racing 9 - Crash Bandicoot 4 10 - Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout All difficulty gradings are from PSNP. Thanks.
  3. Original Starting PCG: 77.55% Current PCG: 82.05%Goal PCG: 85% First update in months. Took a break from trophy hunting after completing Bloodborne back in August and now I’ve just completed Nioh. Didn’t expect it would take me over 200+ hours or that I would rage that much 😂 but it’s done and now on to Nioh 2. Not sure I’ll meet my goal as I got one single trophy on a couple of games with the idea doing them but obviously that didn’t go as planned.
  4. Don’t stress it. It’s not. If anything, one platforming section where you don’t have the indicators was the most annoying section.
  5. Update #1 Here we go with my first update 3 months into the event because that's just the type of person I am 😭 Before the event started, I had just finished Bloodborne so to stay on that souls-borne like theme, I decided to do Nioh. I've had this game for a longest time, not knowing what I am getting myself into. Same thing happened to me with Wolfenstein II. Well, what can I say? I have never raged so much in a game. Not only did I start the event 2 months late but the game itself was full of BS deaths. Just about everything 1 or 2 hit kills you and that's just not fun. The game had to be beat on the NG++ difficulty, even though it had trophies requiring them to do them on NG+. Why? Beats me. Lots of side missions were just recycled ones from main story and/or 2 bosses at once. It wasn't fair. However, some Bloodborne streamer said Nioh 2 was a much better game, how the first one was much like a testing one and guess what I'm going for after? Yes. I'm a masochist. Don't at me 😂 I can't do the first game and not the second one if it's gonna expand on the story. I will give them that tho. Story-wise, it was phenomenal. Either way, right now I will be out of town for about 10 days and won't get to it until I get back. I need the break. Doctor told me to uninstall the game but mom didn't raise no bitch 😁 I have a list of about 30 games, hoping to do at least half of them but given that Nioh took me over 200+ hours, I say if I complete 10 of them, then I will say this event was a success. I'm a lousy trophy hunter and I will move on to another game until I am done with the one I am playing. So instead of listing them all, I will just add whatever progress what I am doing at that time. 1 - Nioh (10% => 100%) Great seeing everyone's progress though. You guys are killing it. Keep up the great work.
  6. There is none. You're fine
  7. lmfao I got you. I probably get to the other missions in the future because it bothers me not having the check mark on a mission but the 100% of trophies will suffice lol
  8. Sweet. Thanks. I was afraid having to do all DLC missions on Samurai, then Strong and finally on Demon difficulty. Just sucks having to replay everything. I'll get on that then instead of doing DLC on Samurai. Got everything done for the platinum. Just waiting on some Twilight missions that I guess I haven't done. Thanks once again.
  9. @Fletch350 So I don't need to do any DLC mission on Samurai difficulty? Strong (NG+) will unlock the missions DLC missions as I beat a mission? @Wild-Arms-R Are you saying I can just unlock all DLC missions for Demon on Strong while not having to do them at all on Samurai? Haha I know it's confusing. Not sure if you get what I'm trying to say.
  10. So, let me get this straight, NG = Samurai NG+ = Strong NG++ = Demon To get the DLC trophy of Way of the Demon, I have to beat the main missions and DLC TWICE, right? Can I just do NG+, including the DLC? Or do the DLC missions not unlock unless it's done on NG?
  11. What a shame. I loved this GoW. Camera might be outdated for today's standard and story may not be the strongest of the series but loved the aesthetics and graphics of it. Personally, I think it looked better than GoW 3.
  12. You'll be fine pausing the game. Chances are you will pop the trophy when going for the Messiah trophy anyways. Worse case scenario, just do an extra run on the easiest difficulty.
  13. You can reset your PS5 by going to your Settings and then System. Safe mode is, as the name states, the safe mode you access from powering down the system. From what I know, everyone has been able to achieve whatever trophy they have had glitched on them so you shouldn't have a problem unlocking the trophy, as long as you meet the criteria on the playthrough after the reset.
  14. don’t worry homie. It’s on my backlog so any info it’ll be helpful
  15. I feel like Shadow of the Colossus is an amazing game. Simple game, You vs 16 Bosses but having to replay it over and over again to max out your stats gets really boring real quick. And personally, I voted for Nioh because that's what I'm going for but warning, it very rage inducing lol Either that or I just suck at the game. It's probably the latter lol