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  1. 😭😭😭💀💀💀😂😂
  2. That could actually do you really good. I personally took off 2 weeks, although not by choice, and when I went back to the game, I got it done in 2 days and, probably, within 2-3 attempts.
  3. $10 but it's gone down to $7.50. That was awhile back tho.
  4. Just wait on it. DLC trophies are too easy compared to the base game. You’ll pick up controls quickly and, if you’re anything UNLIKE my dumbass, you’ll read the guide and get it done quickly. I’m sure it’ll go on sale for Black Friday, which is like 2 weeks away, at most.
  5. It's just the base game bro. Sony never gives out complete editions.
  6. PS is giving both but they rarely, if ever, give the full game so you’ll have to buy the DLC. It goes on sale so you shouldn’t have a problem with getting it at a discounted price.
  7. Guess I’ll give Heavenly Bodies a look since I bought Nioh 2 for $10 and HP for like $5.
  8. like @HusKy said, you have got to be extremely unlucky. Of the 895357324034 attempts I played for Mein Leben, it always spawned. All I can suggest is look up a weapon's upgrade location guide and revisit every single one of them. Perhaps you did pick it up but didn't realize and it's another upgrade you might had overlooked. Good luck. I mean, doesn't take much to go over, especially if you replay the game on the easiest difficulty. It just sucks having to do it again when you could had done it previously.
  9. I hear you. It's fair if you're not interested in the game. People that play the game well, they got it way before the game was given on PS+. Shipment is a great map for trophy hunters in knocking out most online trophies tho.
  10. Yeah, I completely understand you. The matchmaking is pretty terrible. I usually get off after a few games because I have to end up sweating my balls off on every game to even get close at winning. It's infuriating. Again tho, I do play the game regularly and for a trophy hunter, shipment with requisitions (although I despise it) is their best bet at getting the online trophies and then moving on to another game.
  11. Yeah. I'm that guy 😭😂 but to be fair, I rarely play War and most people that join the game for trophies usually just play Shipment, get their orders done, pop their trophies and move on.
  12. TF? Did you even bother taking a quick look at the trophy list?
  13. Guide recommends it to get you used to it. However, unlock other FPS, say COD, enemies are not bullet sponges and gameplay is very balanced. I believe once you can always change the difficulty except for Mein Leben. And unlike what @mataningo is saying, you do not need to finish a Death Incarnate playthrough because I never did one. I just did normal and then jumped to Mein Leben. Just enjoy the game. It's a great FPS with a solid story and some badass dual-wielding double-fisting action. Worst case scenario, you do a Death Incarnate playthrough to get you used to the fast time to kill (death) and then you do Mein Leben. Rarely does anyone do I without looking up youtube videos and there are tons of them taking you step by step on what to expect.
  14. I didn't start on Death Incarnate. I did my first playthrough on Normal.
  15. Personally, I didn't, mainly because I had just played the previous games so I wanted to see how the story evolved. If you only care about the trophies, then yes so you can get an idea on how to tackle every mission. If anything, make a manual save before every mission is recommended so you can go back to it individually. Spawn of enemies are all literally the same. It's just damage what changes. As for perks and collectibles, I wouldn't worry about it because everything is accessible post-game.