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  1. I've just seen this game in the latest sale on the playstation store and it looks pretty interesting, Immediately it brought back some childhood memories because whenever I was on the motorway as a passanger I used to imagine myself jumping from car to car or whatever else was on the road it's a pretty strange thing but it was kind of fun, I'm getting this game because of that memory
  2. As it's a ps2 to ps4 game does it have any cheats you can enable? like most old games do
  3. I don't have any interest in the game but I signed it for you
  4. hopefully the aew game will be as fun as the old wrestling games, also hoping the controls won't be complicated and pretty easy to learn
  5. It really annoys me when someone discredits a game just because it "looks/sounds weird" or doesn't have big "name" I'm talking about one of my friends who doesn't ever give anything a try, and slates it without even playing it first, does my head in tbh

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    2. Dr_Mayus


      Yup, that is the game where you roll a Katamari and collect everything to rebuild the solar system after your father (the king of the cosmos) got drunk and destroyed the old one

    3. LukeTheGooner


      @Dr_Mayus You've sold it to me, going to have to buy it

    4. Dr_Mayus


      It is awesome. They did release remaster on ps4

  6. Ninja Pizza Girl 100%, yeah boi :)

  7. Waiting for the dlc for House Flipper to go on sale
  8. really proud of this one a trophy for Ninja Pizza Girl where you have to beat the speedrun times for each level, I usually suck at speedrunning so I worked hard to find the best shortcuts and not make any mistakes for each level, was hard and took a lot of tries but it's all about repetition the game doesn't have a plat but 100% will do
  9. Horizon Chase Turbo or Ether One, you should finish them both
  10. and the award for the most pointless thread of the day goes to.................
  11. Well that shows how a ps4 controller that actually works can make a difference, was trying something for a few hours straight the other day and couldn't do it, with my brand new controller I did it 3rd try just now :) the dodgy controller was really going against me

  12. I don't follow any rules for trophy hunting, I play any games, If I don't like it I leave it no matter how many little trophies I got (most of my low percentages are because of that) If I like it then I try my best to 100%/platinum it, if I'm not skilled enough to get all the trophies then that's fine as well (I will always try my hardest though) My list represents all the games I've tried and I'm proud of it
  13. It must have slithered away 🐍
  14. Baldurs Gate Dark Alliance Canis Canem Edit (Bully) Inside Pokemon Soul Silver Hello Neighbour
  15. hope it works for you