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  1. it's easy money for the developers really, probably doesn't take much effort to make either, well way less then a "proper game"
  2. off to bed now but tomorrow I'm getting the plat for Star Wars Jedi Knight 2, Jedi Outcast, been putting off finishing it because the secrets in game are kind of glitched and awkward to register, but I know what to do and I'm getting it
  3. always makes me jealous when I see someone getting this plat, I've been putting of for ages going back to it well done on the plat
  4. out of all the easy plats this one at least looks slightly interesting, space is cool
  5. Just got the plat on Uncharted Lost Legacy, glad I don't need to deal with cha[ter 4 ever again, the most boring chapter in the whole uncharted series

  6. nah you're rating was justified, you based it on the whole thing so it's fair enough
  7. the way I see it, it shows personality and realness on a profile My profile will never have high percent numbers because of that but it doesn't bother me, only worried about doing the best I can on the games I enjoy fair play though if you do end up platting games you didn't enjoy because that's a tough thing to do
  8. those 1% games are just games I didn't like but still got a trophy
  9. probably best to be safe and finish the speedrun and then after go back for the chapter related trophies, just in case
  10. effortless
  11. well you've 100 perecented every game you've played so it has to be 10/10, actually it's 9/10 until you've finished the last guardian and then it's back up to 10 looks as if it will be soon though
  12. Just seen my dad for the first time in over a year, was really nice :)

  13. lots of decent plats with loads of low percentages, impressive 9/10
  14. haha had to laugh at a section called "pretty girls"