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  1. Looking at the trophies I have left to get, I'm going to have to do a whole playthrough of this game for a second time aren't I? because allthough I can go back and do all the puzzles and hidden object scenes again from the bonus menu, I didn't get all 3 of the dont listen to the doll trophies
  2. I have completed the game on my own but I didn't get every collectable/experience, so say if I was to find someone that has 100% on everything and then join a game with them, would it give me every collectable/experience just by starting each level? and then quitting out of each straight away?
  3. just checked my uncharted 4 box case and I'm not 100% sure if it is my region I got these photos from the ebay listing I got uncharted from behind the sticker it has the little 2 and globe just like this one from amazon but it says rather then just
  4. yeah the saved data was from a digital version and now I'm on disc, is there anyway to make the saved data compatible?
  5. I can see the saved data I have for Uncharted 4 in my storage but when I load the game it says that there is no saved data, anyone have any ideas?
  6. I've recently gone back to this game to get the platinum, So I loaded up my old save and am on the second to last level of good karma, the bar is about 3 quarters full but it honestly doesn't look to be moving up at all, what I'm doing is just walking around looking for crimes but it's taking so long to even find them and then like I said earlier the blue bar doesn't even look like it's moving at all I'm on the post game so I can't really find anything else to do, any ideas?
  7. Just a quick question, once the game has downloaded (almost finished now) do you have to keep psx downloader open or can you close it?
  8. heard about it on the ratchet and clank forum on here
  9. no issue with the game, just using it for the hoverboard races glitch for the last 2 trophies
  10. downloading ratchet and clank right this second, hoping my save file will work with the original patch once it's all downloaded fingers crossed
  11. How would I go about using an old patch on a ps4 game?
  12. hopefully some one sees this, would you be able to get the glitch to work again if you reinstalled the game without an internet connection so it wouldn't be patched?
  13. I only managed to complete one of them
  14. I meant you could just use the cover art from the one you could buy
  15. Just found out that you can't actually transfer game saves from one account to another anyway