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  1. Finally the plat for WWE 2k22 :platinum: very fun game but I'm glad it's actually over now, will maybe get 2k23 but not straight away, hopefully it's not as grindy

    1. MidnightDragon
    2. Icebrand1270


      Congrats. Good news is I've finished MyFaction and only have MyRise left. Bad news is I can't play WWE 2K22 at this time due to overheat issues with my PS4. I'll try to get a PS5 in the coming months and "finish the job" in backwards compatible mode.

    3. LukeTheGooner


      Hope you get one soon :) I finished all the other challenges in my factions apart from the win 500 matches, I still had about 250 left, so had to grind out the same table match over and over again (poor Shawn Michaels was put through the table every time)

  2. This week I have some time off work and my plans for trophy hunting are finish WWE 2k22 for the plat (grinding the last few matches I need to win now), finish Streets of Rage 4, Batman Arkham Asylum (just the challenge rooms), online stuff for Bulletstorm and Crash 2 relics

    1. LukeTheGooner


      I forgot to add Star Wars Battlefront 2 and finish of Resi Evil Zero

  3. I played on Olli Olli world when it was on trial, fun game but really tough
  4. WWE 2k22 servers are really annoying, I'm just trying to grind out the remaining wins I need to reach 500, it should be quick because I can win the same table match over and over again pretty quickly but the servers keep messing about 😒

  5. can you get even more extra points with a third controller added?
  6. One more trophy left on WWE 2k22 :) just have one more day of daily challenges to finish and the plat is mine (tomorrow is that day) It's been a long old grind

  7. any other really happy Arsenal fans right now :)

  8. I think I counted and I only have about 8 days of daily challenges left in WWE 2k22 and the plat will be mine :) also have a couple of misc trophies left but they are simple tbh

    1. Icebrand1270


      I only have MyRise mode left to do for the PS4 version of WWE 2K22. Naturally, my PS4 has overheat issues. Just my luck.

    2. LukeTheGooner


      you can get that done quickly tbh if you just keep going to the gm office and seeing if a title shot is available

  9. I was in the same boat getting lost a lot when I first started Resi Evil Zero, but you soon get used to it and will know where to go, what to do and what to do about the zombies in no time at all, these old school games are amazing
  10. are you sure it was the correct event?
  11. Once I'm done with WWE 2k22 I might go back to Outlast 2 and try Insane mode

  12. Haven't really earned many trophies lately because I've been grinding on WWE 2k22, my faction mode but it's been fun and the plat will be mine

  13. Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas :)

  14. oh right, makes sense tbh won't be able to play everyday but looks like I will be tackling the 3 daily challenges every day I load up my playstation, this is going to take a while
  15. So you get 3 daily challenges per real life day and need to complete 80 something in total, so can you trick the game by changing the days on the actual playstation?