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  1. if you don't like it just get rid as soon as possible, play something you do like
  2. Checking every downloadable game from ps now and this looks like a nice little interesting game, just downloading it now what's everyones thoughts about it, is it any good?
  3. are you going to delete it?
  4. I played on it for a bit near the time I posted that, almost finished the first world but it's one I need to go back to at some point enjoyable game tbh and I found it on ps now
  5. Why make choosing between 2 different options in a game menu confusing? for example 300px-SOMAAudioSettings.png

    I can never tell what colour actually means what, this is from Soma :)

  6. I still have the first one to play, have it on disc
  7. Not looking forward to beating Star Wars Jedi Academy on the highest difficulty, I might just run through each level and avoid enemies (I already know the story because I completed the game)

  8. So I've just sorted the games saved on my ps4 into folders, I have "New Games", "Needs 100%" and "Resident Evil" I have 9 games saved in the new games folder, basically ones I haven't touched yet Layers of Fear 2 Bloodborne Battlefield 5 God of War 5 Star Wars Jedi Academy Days Gone South Park the stick of truth Cod MW2 Remastered Bully Then in needs 100% I have 13 games Subnautica - I will do the easy quick way of this, I already did a tiny little bit Streets of Rage 4 - Going to share play this one so I can get 4 players including myself rather then just 2 (makes more sense if you know the game) God of War 3 Remastered - basically need to beat the challenges The Bridge - got annoyed at some puzzles but will go back to it Word search by Powgi - most likely will delete this because it's pretty much cba Super Meat Boy - play on this in small doses Wolfenstein the new order - almost have the plat Spyro - at the end of spyro 2 but stopped playing it a while ago (will go back) Kona - a quick game that I need to go back to Heavy Rain - played it on years ago but only did 1 playthrough House Flipper - need to get the dlc but it's to expensive for what it is right now Layers of Fear - need all the collectibles and then play the dlc Stranger Things 3 - got stuck on the last boss and never went back, but I will do and then the last folder is Resi Evil which has Resi 0 to 6 in only played on resi 0 so far My backlog is pretty big and annoying but glad I sorted it into folders What's yours looking like?
  9. the worst is adam from adams venture origins, it's so bad that I actually enjoyed it
  10. played a bit of ghostrunner because it was in my backlog from ps now, the game isn't for me and isn't really grabbing my attention, cleared a few games today from my backlog :)

  11. why do I carry on buying fifa every year 🙄

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    2. kindajustin


      Correct. As someone who played football/soccer for over a decade, eFootball 2022 is the most comical reenactment of the sport I've ever seen.

    3. Silver-I-Chariot


      Well, at least you are just buying the game and not paying for microtransactions, right? Right?

    4. LukeTheGooner


      I buy fifa for career mode @Silver-I-Chariot and @kindajustin I'm going to have to give it a download to see what it's like :)

  12. Been looking to get it for a while but it's always been way to expensive for what it actually is, finally down to a decent price in the sale but is it worth getting?
  13. back on here after I don't know how many weeks

    1. starcrunch061


      Well, given the date of your last post here, I would say...2 weeks?

    2. LukeTheGooner


      well 2 weeks it is then :)

      time just rolls in all together

  14. I've just seen this game in the latest sale on the playstation store and it looks pretty interesting, Immediately it brought back some childhood memories because whenever I was on the motorway as a passanger I used to imagine myself jumping from car to car or whatever else was on the road it's a pretty strange thing but it was kind of fun, I'm getting this game because of that memory
  15. As it's a ps2 to ps4 game does it have any cheats you can enable? like most old games do
  16. I don't have any interest in the game but I signed it for you
  17. hopefully the aew game will be as fun as the old wrestling games, also hoping the controls won't be complicated and pretty easy to learn
  18. It really annoys me when someone discredits a game just because it "looks/sounds weird" or doesn't have big "name" I'm talking about one of my friends who doesn't ever give anything a try, and slates it without even playing it first, does my head in tbh

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    2. Dr_Mayus


      Yup, that is the game where you roll a Katamari and collect everything to rebuild the solar system after your father (the king of the cosmos) got drunk and destroyed the old one

    3. LukeTheGooner


      @Dr_Mayus You've sold it to me, going to have to buy it

    4. Dr_Mayus


      It is awesome. They did release remaster on ps4

  19. Ninja Pizza Girl 100%, yeah boi :)

  20. Waiting for the dlc for House Flipper to go on sale
  21. really proud of this one a trophy for Ninja Pizza Girl where you have to beat the speedrun times for each level, I usually suck at speedrunning so I worked hard to find the best shortcuts and not make any mistakes for each level, was hard and took a lot of tries but it's all about repetition the game doesn't have a plat but 100% will do
  22. Horizon Chase Turbo or Ether One, you should finish them both
  23. and the award for the most pointless thread of the day goes to.................
  24. Well that shows how a ps4 controller that actually works can make a difference, was trying something for a few hours straight the other day and couldn't do it, with my brand new controller I did it 3rd try just now :) the dodgy controller was really going against me