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  1. Really easy to get early morning on a weekday. Normally 1 or 2 people in lobby. Got a win first time on both ps4 and ps5
  2. Just set a race on Mexico, start last, dive bomb into first corner then rewind a few times so get to 250 quickly.
  3. I have 24 million for both and I’m worried I’m short
  4. What I did is I turned off traction control for a few attempts, not to try to get the time but to work out where the grip is. You will be slow and spin a lot but you will learn the lines. Around the back of the track is surprisingly grippy in parts where loads of time can be made.Then turn on traction control to 5 and you will flight around with so much more confidence. Hope this helps anyone struggling.
  5. Are you using basic packs or deluxe packs? I’m having zero luck with both right now
  6. Definitely easier to get to 500 matches first and unlock diamond Undertaker and Becky Lynch to tackle hard proving ground matches. I did this and easily win all matches on hard except ladder or TLC matches which I do on normal as they are way too long on legendary. Just do a submission after doing the objectives and it’s an easy win
  7. Do you have to play on legendary difficulty to get the platinum? I was planning on just playing on normal but will that not work?
  8. Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere but can I transfer my online save only to get those trophies without having to also do single player? I haven’t played the campaign in years so fancy playing it again to get all the trophies.
  9. Worked great for me. Thanks
  10. No need to drive at all. Just push start and let AI finish race
  11. I did this on PS4 with a boosting partner by setting AI to 120 difficulty 3 laps on Austria. Then once race starts press start and let AI drive. As I’ve set up the AI to 120 difficulty they lap at 1.03 so including load times we were hitting about 15 races per hour.
  12. Thanks. Playing PS4 version while they fix the ray tracing on ps5
  13. Only thing that is cross gen is the progression through the paddock pass
  14. Update Saudi Arabia is due around December time