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  1. There was a patch that enabled all Go Postal completions, but to be quite honest - game is still on the borderline of unplayable. I am attempting my 3rd playthrough now, getting even weirder bugs such as desync of the sound and video all going a lot slower (even though they wrote they fixed that in the patch) Tranquilizer bullets stopped working for me and I am attempting to complete the Roadhouse run because after I completed the game on the initial 1.04 version my saves were soft-locked to the point I could not see the final 3 missions of the game, making Kosher trophy unobtainable. There is a lot more bugs going on, some have emerged again and some new ones came up. Honestly, I can only suggest to wait until the game is patched more or bypass completely, because loading times on PS4 for example are still insanely long (just to load a save file takes at least 2 and up to 3 minutes), which for me is a buzzkill. Hope I've helped a bit, if you have any other questions, let me know.
  2. I think so unfortunately. If you decide to go for it, try to kick all doors too or even walk into them, try not to press Square on any doors, kick everything you want to kill. I am not sure also about the lowering bosses' health bars with guns and then kicking them to death, my guess it's easier to combine most of the pacifist run with this. I presume you know if you don't stock up on catnip, food and armor you are doomed for most of the run?
  3. I tried that too, also tried afterwards by killing people on the way to the exit - same thing happened. I think a whole new playthrough is needed because I also tried starting on Friday immediately (a new game though), killed people to death with kicks and nothing. Forums say that on PC if you load the save file it also glitches out the bosses on Friday (though, I haven't even gotten the quest for Mike J, if you know anything about it, keep me posted) and you can't even finish the game again, so update must be waited on.
  4. I have seen your and 5 other videos, both for PC and PS4/PS5, game is first of all on borderline of unplayable. Loading screens on everything are like loading San Andreas on PS2 with a scratched disc, as for the scooter - I don't know how you guys even made the final jump, I keep getting stuck in the middle of the fence and falling through into a bottomless pit.
  5. The Highscore scooter trophy is almost impossible to get and Go Postal challenges are bugged, one challenge cannot be completed at all.
  6. Claim it through the app, I've managed to do it that way. Also, to sync saves, you must upgrade both games to ver. 4.00, so you are doomed with cross-save option.
  7. I tried and managed to cross-save and start an NG+ on Death March, but it seems that NG+ skips the training tutorial, so I decided to back out and start a fresh save. I will try again to e.g. open my old save and to just equip the Griffin Set or something, just to see if I can pop some other trophies, to maybe avoid Gwent grind.
  8. Note to self: avoid explaining anything to Twitter people, especially grammar and PC principles.
  9. @Bushido_Cypher subbed to your channel for almost 4 years now, recently watched the Blood and Wine and HoS DLC guides, love your humor, don't change anything and just keep on rockin'.
  10. Easier than it looks! ...for approximately 10-15 trophies, otherwise, this game is easily a 7/10. Here's why: 1. Local abduction is impossible unless you shareplay with a good player. You cannot do it yourself, literally. 2. Hitting someone online with a chicken is pure luck, unless the player is standing still. 3. Ace up my sleeve requires A LOT of luck with generating ammo for the weapon. I got lucky in Union Town. 4. I would also say it is pure luck hitting another player with an object from the UFO, even killing the player is a tough one. Without a good co-op buddy, this is a tough platinum in general.
  11. Here are my findings from the last session: Farm - Agent is almost always on the road by the water Rockwell - Green cow is almost always hidden in the woods, sometimes out of bounds* Santa Modesta - Baseball Field, or around the neighborhood with little houses Area 42 - Falling from the sky is actually the general sitting on the towers, can be the airport control tower or one of the water towers Union City - Warlord has a green suit with war medals attached to it, usually around 3-4 red consecutive building on the outskirts of the town Capitol City - President is by far the biggest mess. Can spawn right at the beginning of the match next to the Lincoln statue or in a random park, next to benches and gazeebos. * - Cow is the only special character that mustn't be dropped. It explodes. Others are fine even when delivered dead.
  12. Update: do it in CONCORDIA on Normal playthrough, medibot and sacrifice appear after 2,3 attempts. If you don't get the trophy, do some more action skills and it will pop the trophy!!! Thanks guys for the idea!!!
  13. Nonsensical Sacrifice is definitely glitched. I tried NVHM, TVHM, UVHM, took off the shield, made my health also low, downed P2 with a grenade, cryo vine, enemies, reset to only the first skill....shit just won't generate after 5 hours, stupid trophy in general.
  14. Claptrap for me starts to become OP around level 20, if you go for the Rainbow Skill at the bottom of the right tree. Handsome Jack is OP from the start.