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  1. I will participate to this event.
  2. yeah i mean like tony snake said I needed to delete my app and re enter it but i didn't even knew about that so I thought it was closed for months like an idiot lol
  3. really? I didn't even know you could delete the store app I will try that thanks!
  4. the ps3 store is already down on console you can't acess it anymore since like a year is that for the web page store? then that would mean the ps3 titles of ps now would be gone too with a full data wipe unless of course they keep some just for that but doubt that too
  5. Buying games only for trophy hunting is a bad habit or playing games that you almost certainly won't like or you know will be bad after looking it up but you still force yourself to play or buy it because of the trophies is a waste of time since you wont even enjoy the game anyways. However buying games you know and enjoy or feel like you will then trophy hunting is a good addition for replay value and to search for all collectable if there is any . so to sums it up,play what you want and don't force yourself to play or buy something you don't or feel like you won't enjoy because there trophy in it that be not only a waste time but a waste of money.
  6. I would be all for a PS Plus and PS Now combo for the right price like Xbox are doing I saved allot on games by getting that plan!