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  1. The Flash i like running
  2. im gonna kill someone i really hate and said that he is already bitten jk probably be a zombie
  3. Road Rash
  4. i'm in too i'm Dragoon.
  5. realhard8times visited me at midnight
  6. Hold it. I heard its like Yakuza? and i like Yakuza Mirror's Edge
  7. Alien Shooter
  8. Need For Speed Hot Pursuit
  9. Hold it. poor game no one want you Spec Ops The Line
  10. True Detective season 1
  11. Time and Eternity Remember Me Jetpack Joyride The Walking Dead God of War III
  12. Spec ops The Line 7/10
  13. 180 cm and very skinny
  14. GTA IV the complete edition Dead Island GOTY