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  1. Doing the songs in COM battle counts as a clear even if you don't hit a single note.
  2. I just got my plat! For anyone that is still struggling this trophy, I recommend playing each level individually until you can clear it 3 times in a row without taking damage. It really helps ingrain the obstacles. Been trying for 2 days on and off and got it the 5th time after doing the above.
  3. Time trials might be server sided maybe? I wonder if it works without the patch and no internet connection
  4. No trophy progress does not carry over, only trophy that does carry over is prestige character trophies
  5. I got a reply back from support as well to let me know it's sitting with their QA team. Hopefully it's something that is an easy, quick fix.
  6. The Near Death Experience trophy is bugged. Apparently the only way to make it count is if only one person gets downed the entire match. Hopefully it gets resolved soon as it feels near impossible in its current state.
  7. I wonder if this trophy is glitched on the PS4 version as well. Apparently on PS5, only one person can be downed across the whole team! Feels almost impossible of an achievement
  8. Same thing is happening for me. To get mine to sync, I need to turn my trophy privacy to private, refresh in PSNProfiles, change my privacy back to Anyone and refresh again. Very annoying workaround, hopefully they fix it soon
  9. My gut would say no. If it's a free upgrade for the game, you should be able to get everything you've paid for as the free upgrade from PS4-PS5
  10. New trophy list announced
  11. I'm so disappointed by this. I'd say the reason they didn't merge it though is because it looks like there's no longer a trophy cap.
  12. PSN: JakeMuzz1994 Currently working on GTA V
  13. I think I'm a Keyblade master + DLC here! Would love to go for the PS3 trophies but need to give myself a bit of a break I think.
  14. Arkham Asylum! I've always wanted to go back and plat the series. Impressive list you have there!