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  1. Any tips on where to find christmas tree? no luck for me . lol
  2. i enjoyed my time on this game so i don’t think so . good game overall imo
  3. Can vouch this method worked for me, i’ll like to add you have to press D-Pad and continue button ( X ) on each time you finish a level . Pretty much think the d-pad and continue as just one Button for continue /next / retry . Big thanks to Little42Snake again !
  4. Yeah game stopped working once i tried to enter world two, I have no issues personally with motion sickness while playing this. I didn’t get 3 stars on some of the stages so I went back and cleaned it up , I'm wondering if you going back to clean up a stage causes game to not work . Hopefully game gets an update
  5. if i were to win i would spit my earnings with everyone on this thread
  6. I used the guide from the other site, there was a big glitched trophies warning . but i didn’t experience any issues.
  7. Too many many servers shutdowns these days, just imagine how much quicker PS5 online heavy games go down in the future not looking forward to that.
  8. The Playroom VR has higher chances to get dlc trophies than Astro’s Playroom and even then i even doubt The Playroom VR will get dlc trophies. Will most likely just get separate new trophy list.
  9. Thanks for the recommendation i’ll definitely pick this game up. i love good indies
  10. The servers are still online surprisingly i helped my friend with the online trophies a few months back, i don’t know how much longer they’ll stay up
  11. Let us know if you can match up with your alt.
  12. thanks for your input you’re such a gentleman!
  13. Can all trophies be earned with just base game? or do i need to download DLC boards