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  1. Yes I can confirm this still works i just beat the 50 opponents yesterday was very annoying i really recommend to turn off cross-play because I got disconnected so many times and had no disconnect issue once i turned off cross-play .
  2. good thing i already had these purchased gonna keep them downloaded incase anything happens
  3. can’t wait to play these but hating on a company for a trophy list is ridiculous
  4. .
  5. just curious how many people are required to boost the online trophies ?
  6. when i try to go to online keeps saying “unable to connect to psn” but someone recently got the online trophies so i’m confused!
  7. Saving this thank u
  8. these games are the only games i’ll be happy to ever get delisted they belong in church school not psn
  9. i did the 200 wins with 2 controllers on local versus
  10. Awesome gonna see if i have the demo
  11. looks simple hopefully it’s not too easy starting to see a pattern with big games just being easy platinums . i’m excited regardless of trophies 😀 it’s like the worst feeling $80? i better extremely enjoy a game worth that much or i lose my money , a story mode game for $80 isn’t worth the price so no replay value for returnal? not sure
  12. Got delisted around july 2020 for NA store , still available on UK and HK store as of 2021 last time i checked grabbed it on the uk incase it’s gone forever
  13. i played this game recently and the online surprisingly still works in 2021
  14. i’m updating all my ps3 games and checking if there’s updates but my Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 update showed
  15. looks normal nothing too crazy gonna give it a try ! 😀
  16. game is super fun i had no issue !
  17. literally doing a big scavenger hunt of digital games before july and ran into this, game looks like it’s not suppose to be in our universe weird
  18. i can’t find this game in the psn store ? is anyone else having this issue ?
  19. hopefully this isn’t true lol
  20. I have not gotten the trophy “CONDITIONED REFLEX” after meeting the requirements I even won 10 times and still nothing so I had to delete my save and redo and finally unlocked now i’m having the issue of the trophy “Over Jump” I have beaten all the default ghosts folllowed guide on what to do and same issue the trophy didn’t unlock ( i’m unlocking the cars but not the trophy ) Did anyone else have this issue when they played? this i know it’s an old game
  21. this deserves more love , thank you gonna attempt this game
  22. looks like ima make a quick order thank you 😊
  23. can’t find this game on the N/A psn store can someone confirm if delisted ?
  24. I can’t seem to find any clue on how to get this verison of this game anyone know ?