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  1. I am happy with someone else updating the stats and im also happy to help out a bit if its needed, i have enjoyed this challenge so far and would be good to continue it know who is still in it
  2. I have now completed Revelations so now both trilogy's have been completed
  3. Sign me up i enjoyed the last one not completely sure if i will get chance to get much of the numbers done but i will hopefully be able to get some of them completed
  4. I’m getting close to finishing the July challenge now, I’ve only got 1 game left to do. So far I have platinumed Lego Star Wars lego dc super villains lego hobbit assassins creed 2 assassins creed brotherhood so I only have assassins creed revelations left to do
  5. @rahulrx0have you managed to count up everyone’s trophies for the may challenge? I know it was difficult to try keep track of mine let alone count everyone else’s trophies
  6. So how are people getting on with the two trilogy’s for July?
  7. I am playing Lego DC Villains for my trilogy but was wondering g could I also use this as my L for June or would this be treated the same way that games starting with “The” would be?
  8. Not a bad idea I’d probably do three games by supergiant games since I just bought them on the psn sale
  9. So when are we going to find out what the challenge is for June? as we are coming to the end of may
  10. I think Lego Star Wars has ended this challenge for me just spent most of this month enjoying the game and it has just locked me out of the 100% for a world and now I can’t get the platinum unless they fix it in an update I was using this as my second trilogy series with two other Lego games can’t think of anything else I could do that’s short now to be able to still do it in time
  11. I’m doing the Ezio collection and then doing 3 Lego games for July because I’m definitely playing and getting the platinum for Lego Star Wars when that comes out next week
  12. Ye I’ve just re read the all i I need 7 series not 6 now since I was going to do the ezio trilogy for July but it doesn’t fit now
  13. They are definitely more achievable now I just need to try and think of 6 more series to 100% I found it hard enough to think of the one trilogy to do haha
  14. Looking at the changes to the challenges I can’t see me making it past April now
  15. Just came across this and seem like an intresting way of trophy hunting through the year so thought I’d give it ago hope i wasn’t to late, I’m fine if my one of the platinums I earned this month can count if not I’ll make sure to join if this is done next year Trophies before starting of the event:- Bronze - 3076 Silver - 1014 Gold - 386 Platinum - 84 Trophies on <29/01/2022 00:40AM> Bronze - 3151 Silver - 1040 Gold - 392 Platinum - 86 DLCs completed - 0 100% Games - 2