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  1. What a mess. Numero Uno is going to constantly be very hard to obtain due to the constant cycling in and out of modes. Like a bloody lottery! All the while Rockstar couldn't care less
  2. The PS5 is a massive step up from the PS4 in many ways. What would have made it perfect would be full backwards compatibility but can't have it all!
  3. I wouldn't hold out much hope for the PS3 version lol. Yeah if the person above you mentioned can keep us in the loop with any further updates that would be much appreciated.
  4. This is undoubtedly the best selling PS4 game and the platinum is unobtainable now! Well I got the PS3 100 percent, wanted to 100 percent all GTA games now impossible. I think they will rotate the game modes so will have small time window to obtain the trophy.
  5. Haha I agree with comment above. I plat every game apart from FIFA games, due to the bull***t time limited like weekend troohies. Not worth my time.
  6. Hacked trophies are kinda stupid. But unless you are Hakoom (or at top of the leaderboards) let's get real no one really cares about people's rankings lol. But if it's important to the individual person, then fair enough!
  7. As long as the game is good (PS5 improvements are there) couldn't care less about the picture icon.
  8. I agree I hope so. Until then I'm going to hold off playing this/going for the Plat until it's not impossible/frustrating and more do-able.
  9. Wanted to plat all PS5 exclusive titles. But this one seems like a nightmare, unfortunately going to avoid this one.
  10. PS4 version currently has 60 trophies (Base game + DLC pack 1 + DLC pack 2). Iki island expansion will be DLC pack 3. PS5 version same as above (obviously new trophy set/list).
  11. Demon's Souls, Sackboy (PS5 version), Miles Morales Ultimate Edition (w Spider Man Remastered), Returnal, Rift Apart and Nioh Collection. All above are fantastic. Horizon Forbidden West and Kena next!
  12. Have all 13 platinum trophies either on PS3, PS4 or PS5 versions (trophy sets are the same for all versions). Sign me up. I may aim to platinum every single possible game with trophies at some point (provided online servers don't close for some games).
  13. PS1: Metal Gear Solid PS2: GTA: San Andreas PS3: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves PS4: Uncharted 4: A Thief's End PS5: Demon's Souls (so far) PS Vita: Uncharted: Golden Abyss PSP: Daxter PSVR: Astro Bot Rescue Mission
  14. The Game looks awesome! But not for $70 £70. Will wait for sale and most likely pick it up down the line.
  15. Most likely Sam and Sully continuation. End of Uncharted 4 they were discussing something before epilogue.