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  1. Anyone to develop a website on which only REAL players/trophy hunters are listed? Like, it would automatically remove people who bought this game and other ones like Mayo, Jumping Taco etc. I think this calls for it.
  2. I can confirm the upgrade is free if you've purchased the game.
  3. I first played it in 2017 when it released, but for some reason it was one the games that didn't leave a huge mark in my mind. So that's the perfect opportunity to replay this pretty good game. Just a shame all trophies became gold and that a platinum was added. I would have preferred the same trophy list, or a more substantial one to justify the platinum here.
  4. Just got it within 8 minutes, thanks to the tip given by The Alchemist!
  5. Alright thanks, it was not so clear, and I didn't want to buy the wrong version 👌 Btw would you recommend the game? Looks very cool and games conveying Indian culture don't really come in spades.
  6. I remember the final race to be a hassle, took some practice but worked out in the end. I'd say the game is a solid 7/10 just for that one race.
  7. Signed. I wish every title still had an active MP, especially good ones like MP3, it was one of my favorite.
  8. Hi all, I just saw the trailer for the Enhanced Edition of this game, and It seems like a nice game, I'm thinking about buying it especially as it's on sales at the moment. But I wanted to make sure that if I buy this version: I'll get the Enhanced version. Thanks!
  9. Finally got the platinum after 51 hours and 45 minutes! I'm so glad I managed to do it twice legitimately. I really thought it'd be as hard as the first time, if not harder, but it turns out, I still got some in me lol I actually felt easier, event 2 years after getting the platinum in 2020. The real hassle was Double Vision, I spent like 5 hours on this level alone. But in the end, anything was wayyyy less time-consuming than when I first played it. Timestamps: All NSane Relics + Regular Gems : 30 hours approx. All Time Relics : 15 hours approx. All NVerted Gems (I didn't use a guide for the hidden ones but my viewers helped me at some point, so I defo could have saved a lot more time) : 6 hours approx. Total : 51:45 hours.
  10. Wow, nice job guys. Yeah I'm defo better now than during my initial playthough, even though I hadn't played the game in 2 years. I have done all Flashback Relics, NSane Relics and Regular Gems. Within 30 something hours. Now onto the hardest part: time trials.
  11. So, I recently foolishly decided to download the PS5 version of Crash 4, and to do it all again from scatch. Of course I'm aiming to plat it again, even though this game had me fuming a lot of times when I was going for the platinum trophy back when it was released. I know a lot boosted their trophy count by autopopping the trophies, but I'm curious, has anyone legitimately platted this game TWICE? In which case I tip my hat, hopefully it'll be my case as well, wish me luck lol
  12. Thanks, I've upgraded to Premium for the next 2 months, I will finally get to play two games that I didn't have the time to play back then, R&C All 4 One and GoW A., as well as other games such as Lego Indiana Jones 1 & 2 and other games.
  13. I assume the newly released Ps Plus Premium contains GOWA's Online Pass, but just to be sure, is the online mode still up?
  14. If anyone had issues seeing the PS5 upgrade for free when inserting the PS4 disk, know that it is region locked: I bought a NA copy of RE3 and tried to get the upgrade on my French main account, and couldn't get the upgrade for free, it kept showing €39,99€ on the store. I had to use my US account to get that upgrade for free, and I could then play in on my main account (FR). I thought region compatibility was history, but apparently it's not, I had the same issue with a Sackboy's Big Adventure DLC.
  15. Hmmm, the only salty person I can see between you and I is the former. Any inferiority complex my friend? Seems like you took my comment very personally, even though it didn't target anyone in particular. EDIT: Oh, I just checked your profile, now I know why you took that comment personally :o)