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  1. Is there any difference with the PS5 version? I'm getting the physical version, but yeah, sucks it ain't the PS5 version.
  2. Damn, I didn't know so many people would struggle lol I finished it on my 3rd or 4th attempt. It relies a lot on RNG but also on strategy, it's typically a die and retry level.
  3. Same here, I'm on my 3rd save file, probably drank 70 drinks in total and still nothing...
  4. I got the trophy after throwing the very first orb from the left side of the bridge when exiting without any issues. (PS4 version)
  5. Can't wait to see all the "trophy hunters" play this game.
  6. Alright thanks. Nope, only had a save in the level before Persephone (I believe?) So I'm in for another run lol
  7. Really cool game, amazing atmosphere and puzzles can be not so simple. Very very short though. Got it for €5, great price for it, but €20 is way too much imo.
  8. These goddamn Spider Splicers.. I will have to do a third run because of them. Do stats carry over? I have all other ennemies fully researched, will I have to research every other single enemy again?
  9. True, in terms of gameplay content, it is one of the weakest (if we only take major titles into consideration). I wish there were more things to collect, which would also be better hidden, more arena and harder / more diversified challenges, races (hover board or else).
  10. I'd say a bit shorter. I think you can easily 100% it in like 15-20h max. Then you could do a Challenge run and try to upgrade all weapons.
  11. I also was disappointed by the chara design, Ratchet is watered down to the point where it's only dew.
  12. This thread has never been about the difficulty of the game, I actually found the game to be just challenging enough (at least in hard and very hard) to keep me in the flow. This thread is solely about the trophy list, which requires you to basically complete the game 20%. I really don't mind easy games with easy trophies (ones which are not wh*re games like Mayo mind you), provided they require you to experience the game fully. For instance, I would have ranted if The Walking Dead trophy list only asked you to play up to chapter 2. I think @DrBloodmoney said earlier that R&C games have always been easy. In its own design, yes (even though the first one was not THAT easy), but they had tons of things to complete: gold bolts, weapon upgrades, skill points... and when the trilogy was released on PS3, they had an appropriate trophy list, asking you to find all gold bolts, and perform every skill point. Was it hard? No. Was it appropriate, fun, and rewarding when the platinum trophy popped? Hell yes.
  13. That's sad as f*ck. Like I get it, don't make a game too "hard", but come on, these games are not hard by design, and in addition to this, they now only require you to finish the game at not even 50% ? That's pretty sad. Business is business I suppose. Remember when trophies were a hobby?
  14. I found Challenge mode to be quite good actually, I'm glad they kept the original concept of doing the game with all your previous stats, weapons, and also giving you the opportunity to earn up to 20 times as many bolts, provided you kill enough enemies without getting hit, as well as unlocking Omega weapons (from level 6 to 10), which once upgraded, really change the game (the RYNO VIII here is really impressive when maxed out).
  15. I don't understand why some here bring the argument that "it's better this way, I don't want to grind", who talked about grinding? Does completing the game on NG+ with brand new gameplay and weapons sound like grinding to you? Does collecting 25 little bolts, which are btw extremely easy to find with no effort whatsoever, sound like grinding? Does finding all armors and all 12 orbs sound like grinding? I really don't get it, I think no one here likes stupid grinding, like it was the case in R&C 1 for exemple with its 1M bolts to collect. Grinding is nowhere near the point here, we are talking about a plat' trophy that unlocks after not even 8h of gameplay without experiencing the true experience of it (NG+ in this game like all other R&C is really good, maxing out weapons truly adds to the gameplay, and I can guarantee you that your experience was not as good as mine for not playing the game in NG+)