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  1. I guess the guide here on psnp is still working when I am very aware of the problems?
  2. Sure with your statement, platinum is still obtainable with the quick console commands method? on youtube and other forums many people say, they patched it out. same with the sequel. so whats right??
  3. Very hyped but I need further infos an resolution, framerates, texture details, trophies and so on
  4. I play it too actually and havent camera problems. Try to press O to switch the camera angle or reinstall it, is there a patch?
  5. Damn, I hate this game. Failure buying this
  6. Wow, so the resolution here really is to disconnect the ps4 from the internet and then the 3 win streak is doable against a 2nd controller??? and the 7-0 win trophy?
  7. Do you know if the 3 wins in a row and perfect match trophies are just against the AI possible? I play against myself with a 2nd controller and have a 6 win streak, no trophy. same with a win without 0 enemy goals. Should I delete the game once again and erase save data? its so bugged...
  8. Didn't see one anywhere. Do you have specific questions? I'm going for the platinum right now and ended all the levels
  9. Please write here when the trophy list sync problem is fixed (on ps4). I won't play this game until this isn't a problem anymore, someone here wrote 27.8.
  10. That's true, but what do we get really as GTA Trilogy on Ps4? These are very bad ps2 ports, heartless ports just with trophies, textures from 2003....we speak of a real HD Remaster with HD Textures, more traffic, more people....a remaster of the class like spyro or crash bandicoot trilogy. They even gave us a remaster of L.A. noire, but no gta 1-4, that's a shame, L.A. Noire looked totally ok on ps3... The same with Manhunt and The Warriors, just ps2 ports. But there is 0% chance, rockstar relives manhunt in the political correctness days of today's society.
  11. I would love to get remasters of gta 3, 4, vice city and san andreas together with manhunt 1 and 2. Bully had already a lot of versions and l.a. noire a remaster. Dont forget about max payne trilogy. I dont wanna play these emulated ps2 versions sorry
  12. I did this several times now and press X immediately when I can control the character and its always different. sometimes I get through a level, sometimes I fall after the 4th obstacle etc. what's the problem for me??? I start at level 6 for this
  13. So which trophies are exactly obtainable through this method again?
  14. Thanks for confirming. Can you please give me the dns adress, which you used, again? Or the correct link.
  15. The dumbest thing in my opinion was, that you have to do the ICA facility tutorial completely new, even when you import your hitman 2 progress. What's this about?? Every progress from hitman 1 and 2 works per import, but not the tutorial and I did the tutorial trophies/achievements already 5!!! times (on 3 different systems). They should fix that for all the other players. Also the changing framerate, I can save how often I want, it resets my framerate lock option every time.