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  1. The dumbest thing in my opinion was, that you have to do the ICA facility tutorial completely new, even when you import your hitman 2 progress. What's this about?? Every progress from hitman 1 and 2 works per import, but not the tutorial and I did the tutorial trophies/achievements already 5!!! times (on 3 different systems). They should fix that for all the other players. Also the changing framerate, I can save how often I want, it resets my framerate lock option every time.
  2. Is it for you the same bug, when you start a new map on Hitman 3, the fps lock option (which should be standard activated according to menu info), is unlocked. Then you save it and it works. When you start the next level, it is unlocked again and so on ... didn't happened with me in Hitman 2. Maybe just a bug on ps4 version.
  3. But read the comments user wrote, he got it right away. Its the same achievement on xbox like the ps trophy. Very unclear to me whats correct info therefore
  4. Can this appear as the first mystery what happens or do you need a longer streak? I just set up the speed to 13/14 and look for the first 2 luck until now
  5. Mr. Massagy wasn't on sale for over 2 years until now, so ....
  6. Didnt tried it yet but the YT user always says it must be okay to do it this way. You are still connected to psn after these settings, right? But I read that online versus races dont work at the moment
  7. Arent there private servers for this game? This came actuallx up as well for modnation racers this week.
  8. To what source do the team refer to? There were several links here in the thread and a youtube video. Please make that clear before I will change my ps3 settings
  9. Is there just the option to BUY the DLCs from these servers or do you have them already integrated when you load up the game? I have so many questions about that! First I would just need the typical online stuff (not even races), for example to share a creation, to watch the video tutorial of an online mode or to visit every place (the explorer trophy). When these trophies are functional with that solution, it would help me a LOT!
  10. Can someone clearly tells me if I can use this method this evening without bad feelings? Which link is now the open source one which I can trust? And I read correctly, online works with that, but not online races against each other? I just started this ps3 game one week ago!! No joke, so I am happy for ANY online trophy I can get (the legit way!!)
  11. Any way to do this now without the online servers and without building an own circuit? In the ps3 version there are levels with a rock and you can drift around it endlessly. Do you have a map tip for the vita version?
  12. Last question especially for bosses: The very first difficulty counts for the time tracking trophy, right? I think I played through the game on 2nd or 3rd difficulty.
  13. Okay, do you know also know if you can pause the game, when something to look up in a video speed run and during pause menu the timer doesn't still counts? I can try it myself in the very first level I did already the whole first episode via speedrun methods but still no trophy. So I guess I messed up with 1,2 levels in episode 2/3
  14. Oh yes, this helps a lot!!!! Thanks. They patched hundreds of good things but sadly no finished time tracker. This would be sooo easy to display! This means I just have to replay my worst levels very quick and when I'm under the total time, trophy pops right away at the level finish screen?
  15. No answers yet, I asked this in several trophy forums