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  1. That is an excellent tip! Wish i had read this sooner.
  2. I also had success with this method. DOUBLE CERTIFIED
  3. just happened to me. on my way to grab the final 2 patients....crash
  4. Off topic but I agree, best handheld!
  5. I got started on guardians of the galaxy but now I’m sidetracked with the gta remasters. I feel like there’s too much dialogue in GotG.
  6. Nice list! Same for me on obtaining my PS4 trophies using the ps5.
  7. Well it's been one year since launch. How many ps5 Plats do you have? i managed 16. Astro's Playroom Spider-Man MM Bugsnax Maneater Marvel's Avengers Outriders Control Terminator Resistance Ratchet & Clank:Rift Apart Spider-Man Remastered Saint's Row the Third Remastered A Plague Tale: Innocence AC Valhalla Ghost of Tsushima Far Cry 6 Hitman 3 Not a bad first year. Remasters aside I think I enjoyed Ghost of Tsushima the most of these. Happy hunting!
  8. Thanks! This worked for me as well. I only killed the leader. got it on the third kill.
  9. No hidden trophies. I have no shame padding my stats with easy plats and multiple region stacks. I feel like I have enough ultra rare and rare trophies to make up for it. There’s days when I just don’t feel like playing challenging games so I’ll crank out some telltale or Ratalaika stacks just to relax. Happy hunting!
  10. Slightly off topic but I just realized there is no plat for hitman2. That’s a lot of work for no plat but I’m still going to try and finish all the dlc.
  11. My name is mayo2 plat#225. Wasn’t paying attention but oh well.
  12. That’s what I did. It plays on its own. Once you purchase through the menu then Miles morales disc not required.
  13. Outriders transfers/auto pops ps5>PS4. Did it personally.