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  1. Thanks for this. I thought I was screwed. Throwing a dead civilian at the crate worked!
  2. With the exception of Astro’s Playroom mine won’t start any PS5 titles. I’ve tried COD Cold War, assassins creed Valhalla and Spider-Man miles morales. When I hit play It shuts off and I get the improper shutdown screen and a repairing database screen. PS4 games play with no issues. I’m awaiting my mail in kit from Sony for repair/replacement. 😐
  3. Just got the hives done and plat. Popped at 50 for me. I didn’t start counting until after I had the 5 hives trophy which was after the patch.
  4. For real though. We shouldn’t have to develop work arounds.
  5. Just curious what disconnecting from the internet is supposed to accomplish for getting trophies. I’ve got 2 left (50 hive and 250 level) and I haven’t had to disconnect. If it is to ensure you are in campaign mode, you can switch that at the war table.
  6. Bummer. Thought maybe I was on to something. Best of luck.
  7. Might just be a coincidence however, the trophy popped for me once I no longer had any “undiscovered” file groups at the bottom of the intelligence tab. I had 92 total but once I found one file in the last undiscovered group it popped.
  8. Warlords DLC specifically states trophy progress will be blocked when level boosting to 30 to play the DLC. Glad you got your plat!
  9. If you join someone else’s session that has a map difficulty setting that is different from yours, it won’t count toward your manhunt progress. There is a message on screen when this is the case.
  10. I’ve been doing this. Makes for some odd conversations and awkward moments.
  11. Any of the Japanese plats that I've earned. I don't speak Japanese and therefore had no clue what was happening. I was just following a roadmap of which button to press. So it was pure trophy padding. I don't regret getting them but it was kinda silly since as I stated, I don't speak Japanese.
  12. I feel like I just took part in a psychology experiment. This game is someone's senior thesis. Would people really press a button 20,000 times for 2 platinums for a dollar? Yes. Yes we would.
  13. It doesn't take as long as it used to after 1.4. They dropped the required xp for leveling significantly.
  14. I don't see a thread on 1.4 update. I wonder what other people are using for gear now with all the changes. I was using reclaimer prior to the update. I have been trying various combinations but I keep coming back to 3 sentry/ 3 striker. A lot of time has been spent on building my armor and getting my armor damage up. Currently at 59.9% damage mitigation and +63% enemy armor damage. Primary dps with assault rifle is ~250k and toughness is well over 300k. I'm at work so I don't have the exact numbers in front of me. I finally was able to craft a level 33 stamina mod with armor. Any thoughts? Btw these are tier 4 numbers.
  15. Now if we could just remove the dirty cheaters from earth.