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  1. From the trophy guide: “one or two hotspot icons that may be covered by side-mission icons on your world map, one of these may be covered by a Gang Hideout side mission icon southeast of the Willis/Sears Tower, the other hotspot icon may be covered by a criminal convoy side mission icon on the west side of the world map (Parker Square) a little bit south of the lake.” this happened to me.
  2. Watchdogs. Only took 7 years 7 months and 10 days. Another backlog plat complete!
  3. Pretty sure you can replay any mission from the mission list.
  4. Good luck! I use this method on shoreside vale as a time saver because it’s a pain to drive the fire truck on those winding hillside roads.
  5. You don’t have to get all the fires out in one run. Just 20 on each island.(15 in one run for a trophy but that can be done on Staunton) So go to an area that has the least hostile npcs and put out fires, if one spawns in mafia territory, cancel the mission and restart it until it spawns one in a safer area. Repeat until 20 are done
  6. Even without the quick ones that's impressive! even more-so since you didn't start at launch. nice work. (you can auto pop a plague tale on ps4 if you're willing to pay for it)
  7. i went to the bar and played pool until it popped.
  8. That is an excellent tip! Wish i had read this sooner.
  9. I also had success with this method. DOUBLE CERTIFIED
  10. just happened to me. on my way to grab the final 2 patients....crash
  11. Off topic but I agree, best handheld!
  12. I got started on guardians of the galaxy but now I’m sidetracked with the gta remasters. I feel like there’s too much dialogue in GotG.
  13. Nice list! Same for me on obtaining my PS4 trophies using the ps5.