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  1. there is quite a bit of fishing required for the plat. to the tune of a 3-4 hours. at least that is what it took for me.
  2. Came here to get opinions of the game and was delighted to see an all out brawl about ps+ This game was initially included in my GameStop bundle(only preorder I could score) Glad I saved $70. Oh and things that are part of a subscription aren’t free.
  3. Pre-COVID :Phish for the 75th time on dec 31 2019 at Madison square garden. I did see Umphrey’s McGee for the 5th time 9-6-20 at a drive-inn style show but it was weird with masks and social distancing.
  4. I finally decided to finish this platinum. Only took 10 years. i remember why i quit playing. Some of these races are super annoying. If anyone needs help with the Socialite trophy. hmu
  5. Resistance 2 Nowhere to Hide Tag and kill 30 enemies with the Bullseye in the Single Player Campaign.
  6. Walking Dead Final Season on Jan 1st. I’m up to 8 plats for 2021. Mostly cheap quick ones but I have no shame. Bugsnax was fun. The Order 1886 was short but mostly enjoyable. Happy hunting!!
  7. I’ve done that for a couple of milestones. Heavy Rain on PS3 was my first platinum and I made it my 100th when the PS4 remaster came out.
  8. version 2.00 update patches this god mode exploit.
  9. I was having trouble with bream at the Powerpyx location but I found them at the fast travel point on the north coast of the Isle of wiht(Hamtunscire)
  10. Pretty sure opals aren’t required for 100%
  11. Thanks for this. I thought I was screwed. Throwing a dead civilian at the crate worked!
  12. With the exception of Astro’s Playroom mine won’t start any PS5 titles. I’ve tried COD Cold War, assassins creed Valhalla and Spider-Man miles morales. When I hit play It shuts off and I get the improper shutdown screen and a repairing database screen. PS4 games play with no issues. I’m awaiting my mail in kit from Sony for repair/replacement. 😐
  13. Just got the hives done and plat. Popped at 50 for me. I didn’t start counting until after I had the 5 hives trophy which was after the patch.
  14. For real though. We shouldn’t have to develop work arounds.
  15. Just curious what disconnecting from the internet is supposed to accomplish for getting trophies. I’ve got 2 left (50 hive and 250 level) and I haven’t had to disconnect. If it is to ensure you are in campaign mode, you can switch that at the war table.