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  1. Spot on... £7.99.
  2. Yes - on PS4 it remains in your Library, along with any purchased DLC.
  3. Just to clarify a few things... 1. On PS3, only the SingStar 'shortcut' icon has been removed from the XMB. If you downloaded the actual game then this is still present. 2. If you delete the game on PS3, or your game data, or switch to a new console, it's not possible to re-download the game or songs. Unlike other DLC, they don't appear in your download list and SingStore shut down they can no longer be re-loaded in game. 3. On PS4, the game remains in your library, and all DLC previously purchased remains accessible. 4. Not all songs released on PS3 were made available on PS4 due to licensing restrictions, but those that did have cross-buy entitlements which remain in effect. Hope this helps.
  4. Am I right in thinking the retail version come on two separate discs?... also does the digital version download the two games separately or are they combined into one 'game' on the dashboard like say the remastered AC Ezio Trilogy?
  5. I'm struggling to get higher than Bronze on the ring challenges. May need to revisit those one I have some upgrades. It appears all Team Adventure stages and trophies are obtained offline, with local co-op as an option.
  6. I'm new to the series but this looks like a great remaster, particularly running on a PS4 Pro. Would you guys recommend this, 3 or 4 as the best in the series for a newcomer?
  7. Cross-save? (also confirmed in November PS+)
  8. The game looks fun... task management with a twist. Not played on PC but a few videos remind me of Overcooked. Anyone know the PS4 release date?
  9. Found a basic description on the publisher's site. "‘Super Pixel Racers’ is a top-down racing game featuring colorful 2D pixel graphics and charming 16-bit sounds. The single player Career Mode offers various mix of track types, weather effects, and challenges. You will need to upgrade your choice of vehicles to help win each race. The game also features a split screen local multiplayer for up to 4 players and an online multiplayer for up to 8 players from across the world to play together at once. The Nitro gauge filled up by drifting on the course can be used to not only instantly boost the speed, but also to crash into other cars and escape obstacles on the track to experience". Link -
  10. I could be wrong, but I think the PS3 trophies were made easier in recognition that they were patched in post-release. Many people including myself had already put 50+ hours into the game and/or completed to 100%, but we had to start again after the trophy patch. I'm glad they didn't match the Xbox 360 list at the time, but maybe for the Remastered Edition the PS4 will be identical to the Xbox One?
  11. So what's the answer?... I've tweeted Sony about The Bluecoats (one of the games OP mentioned) and they say maybe the developer/publisher didn't pass them the trophy information. No response from the dev team
  12. What do you think of it?... tempted but not sure whether to go for the season pass or just Snowfall for now.
  13. Yeah I thought they would at least group the Marvel and Star Wars ones together.
  14. I wonder if any of the trophies can be achieved in offline multiplayer?
  15. Will be downloading this later on PS4 and PS Vita as part of the January PS+ games. I know it's cross-buy enabled, so but wondered if it has cross-play (aka cross-save) functionality?
  16. Thanks for confirming.. and sorry for the incorrect terminology (not thinking straight today!)
  17. Yeah I remember this from my Amiga days... also no idea it was being remade.
  18. Sounds good, cheers