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  1. I just came here to post about this. Major headache. And the latest patch doesn’t even fix the issue
  2. Honestly, this was long enough ago that I’m not really sure on some details. I don’t know the difficulty my friend’s game was set at, but I don’t think it would matter since he was just a guest in the game I was hosting. As far as my friend unlocking the trophy, he already had gotten it previously and was just playing with me to make it a little more enjoyable as opposed to playing it solo (he unfortunately didn’t have an end-game save I could join into for a quick trophy). Reflecting back on it, it definitely didn’t lower the difficulty setting. The only reason I say this is because with how easily I went down in the final boss fight, there’s no way it was set to medium somehow.
  3. Ok. So I’ve gotten the trophy since making this post. At the time of this post, my difficulty had been labeled as ‘medium’ in my save data. I checked it later and the difficulty was listed as blank. So although the labeled difficulty changed more than once, the actual difficulty remained on infamous. Don’t know how or why this happened. If this happens to anyone else, no need to worry like I did I guess.
  4. Unfortunately you can’t co-op it. You can’t have someone join your game until after you’ve beaten the initial Dutch’s island. Just try memorizing where the enemies are and knowing where to shoot, after a few tries it should be doable. if you have any med kits, you can use those while you’re a passenger in the car too.
  5. People who say the times were easy solo baffle me. I got the gold times, but I honestly don’t know how anyone did it without a partner. You get through it faster for a higher score multiplier, and you get more hits with two shooters. much easier.
  6. So I thought I’d go back to this game and give infamous difficulty a try. After beating Dutch’s island I invited a friend thinking it might make the difficulty go a little smoother. After playing a little while, it seemed kind of easy. When selecting infamous, the game informs you that you won’t be able to change your difficulty without starting a new game. As far as I know, you can’t even check the difficulty you’re on when playing on infamous due to this reason (no option to switch difficulties). So I looked in my save data in the system storage, and it says I’m on medium on new game +. I’m 100% certain I didn’t select this medium difficulty, and I died WAY too easy in the intro for medium difficulty. Was wondering if anyone else ran into this? I’d like to avoid this happening to me more than once, but I have no idea what caused the difficulty change. Frustrating.
  7. FYI Each level that contains a hot spring has a green hot spring icon to the bottom left of the mission on the level select screen. If you’ve bathed in the Hot Springs on that level it’ll have a red X through the icon. The only exception is the Trail of the Master level. so go back and check all the levels that have a Hot Spring. If they all have a red X through the icon, then you know you’re missing one from trail of the Master
  8. I’m a little late to the party here. But after you save the black smith’s grandpa in the sub mission, Trail of the Master, you can accumulate as many patronage points as you want and really quickly too. Just visit the blacksmith and spam the ‘speak to Tome’ option. Every 30 or so dialogues you’ll get another point. Easy way to get the trophy
  9. I started a game with just me and one other person. 2 others joined in mid-game and stayed to the end, and the trophy still popped. So you don’t necessarily need 4 players from start to finish, but it’s safe to say this trophy is buggy as hell.
  10. Can confirm. It worked the same way for me. It also unlocked the trophy for discovering the knitted knight trials at pretty much the same time.
  11. Ah, okay. So it sounds like she can spawn in more than one location (inside a dungeon or in an outdoor area). So if she doesn’t spawn inside of a dungeon, a reroll would be necessary until she’s inside the dungeon with blue banners at the entrance so that I can fight her. Does that sound correct?
  12. So I’ve encountered the Iskal queen. For me, she’s sitting on a throne outdoors in the swamp. I’ve seen that her boss fight is definitely not outdoors in a swamp, and I’m not sure how to fight her. What exactly did you have to do to trigger the boss fight?
  13. For sure! That’s what popped it for me at least, so hopefully it goes the same for you
  14. There are hidden paths in some worlds. For example, in the first world if you shoot yourself out of the flower (down a somewhat hidden path) it will bring you to secret levels I believe in the 3rd world. if I’m not mistaken, there is a similar hidden access from world 3 stage select which brings you back to hidden levels in the first world. So basically you can’t get that trophy until progressing to world 3 if I remember correctly. You’ll need all the collectibles from the normal levels as well as the ‘hidden’ ones.