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  1. Are there any missable trophies that I should look out for?
  2. What is the cheese method?
  3. I am at least glad that I'm not alone. I get this exact error code whenever I try to manually sync my trophies with PSN. I am randomly missing trophies that I am supposed to get. For example, I am 20 hours into Mass Effect 1 but I still have not got the spectre trophy which is story related and not missable. Such missed trophies have started piling up, as a result I have entirely stopped gaming on PS4. I also get that logged out screen whenever I run a game. So what finally worked for you? And any suggestions to avoid this issue in future?
  4. I am 19 hours into the game and multiple trophies including the basic non-missable trophy Spectre Inductee have not popped up. Also did not get the Electronics Specialist trophy. I do not have the ability but I use ally abilities manually using R1, selecting the icon and X but no trophy. I did get the damping and sabotage trophy. And just now I completed the "Bring Down the Sky" mission but the gold trophy did not pop up. I would have tried for the other former trophies that didn't pop up but at this point the missing trophies are accumulating and I am considering quitting game altogether. I would rather just watch the story online on youtube or play another game where I could grind trophies at the same time. Anyone else faced these issues? Please help..
  5. Did you find out?
  6. I do not wish to play this twice. I know it will be very hard to directly attempt the hardest difficulty but I just want to do it that way. Has anyone pulled it off? Is it possible? Any strategies?
  7. Not sure but your IP address may be causing some issue. Try using a mobile hotspot and tell me if it makes any difference for you.
  8. Does this game have English subtitles? Or is there a way to play this game for people who don't know Japanese?
  9. I am experiencing this same problem. I was able to connect to two people in the first attempt but never after that. Did you find a fix for this?
  10. Thanks for sharing.
  11. That's perfect. Thanks a lot!
  12. I read on Playstation Trophies website that there are no missable trophies, however, the guide does not mention one thing. Is it possible to clean up after completing the story or is there no turning back point after the story is complete? In other words, do I need to get all trophies before finishing the story?
  13. Hey thanks for sharing this. Actually i don't have this game on my account yet as I arrived at the trophy guide and found out that many trophies were no longer obtainable and then I went to check the last date of earning of the said trophies. Strangely, they have only this game on their profile. I tried to check through the game on their profile but the report option isn't there.
  14. Yes true. Their psn id is "mvp trophies" something.. they got the "win an online match" trophy in 2021. I went to their profile but coudnt find any option to report. Could you tell me how to report or could you check it out please? Thanks in advance.
  15. Someone got the online trophies in 2021. Probably a hacker.