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  1. I coudnt get them.. I was too late to the scene..
  2. 😞
  3. The servers had shut down. Is it still possible to plat this?
  4. Yes
  5. Why or how is it worst?
  6. Thanks. Will try to take a note of this on my platinum playthrough.
  7. Did anyone get this to work on PS4?
  8. Gonna do this, thanks. Can anyone confirm if this update fixed the issue?
  9. Hi, any update on your guide please?
  10. You can get an extra from the marakesh tree.
  11. I am glad you reported him. Such a disgrace such people are. Just some pussies who cannot even work through games to earn plats legit. Many gamers are using saved game files to get trophies instantly while others are using hacks to pop them on ps3 and vita (not sure if this is possible on ps4, "yet"). I think PSNprofiles should really do something to filter out and ban such profiles who are exhibiting such clearly suspicious behavior.
  12. Tried to log in but servers are now finally shut down.
  13. Thanks. will check this out once i get a ps5.
  14. 1. Which trophy are you talking about? 2. What do you mean by "is this only doable on "maelstrom"? 3. How do lion and ela make this easier? What is the strat you are proposing? 4. What is "this" that you are referring to? The maelstrom mission for this week?