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  1. You know you have a problem when you check a sale and all these games that look interesting already have the [Purchased] tag but you don't remember buying any of them

    1. enaysoft


      That has happened to me many times. lol

      Eagerly about to purchase, to only be greeted by the "Download" button instead of "Purchase"


      I also once, was gutted that a game I wanted on Vita was delisted and could not longer be purchased.

      Then a few months later realised said game was given away some years ago for free on PS+.

      In other words I already had the game and just didn't realise it, I just click and cancel every free game on PS+ and usually I don't even remember the name.


      I think I have about 100 games now I bought on sale and have yet to start playing.

    2. snakebit10


      Has happened to me with sales. Now I do remember buying them, just don't always remember when. Like earlier this year I played Dead Island definitive edition. I had to go back and look when I bought it. Just 4 years ago. 

    3. charxsetsuna


      I've had this problem with big in Japan sales before 😂 

      Which is probably good for my psn wallet.


      And i definitely have games i own that I've forgotten about.😂