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  1. Yes. I still use one today. I also miss how much more special getting any platinum trophy was back then. It carried a lot more weight now that you can find people with 600 $1 press x plats stacked, it takes away from the intended effect of the trophy system. Don't get me wrong I have some easy ones on my profile too (ratalaika, mayo, massagy etc), but 5 minute plats have become an industry. At least 6 days a week you'll see new ones on psn store.
  2. I didn't think farming cards that way would work. I will give it a shot, thanks Thanks, yeah I had already done the Intel before I knew about saving it for last. Someone suggested farming cards through multiple veteran contract missions, have you heard of that working?
  3. I knew the spin light trophy was the issue but I couldn't find any information on it at all.
  4. I have never done regional stacking, but after completing the NA Vita version I'd love to do the EU list. Seeing as it was delisted long ago, are there different PH copy versions of this game that load the EU or NA lists regardless of your accounts region? If so, how would I identify an EU physical copy that was for sale? Alternatively, if I were to make an EU account on my Vita and insert the same PH copy I just platted the NA list with, would it load the new EU list? Since I've never gotten into region stacks I have always wondered how stacking works with physical copies of games.
  5. Awesome, now to just figure out how full deck works
  6. Does it have a trophy list?
  7. I have 8 cards left until full deck. I'm at level colonel 2, I've completed all Intel and story on hard. I can't seem to advance. Will I get more cards for finishing covert, demo etc missions? I'm afraid this will hold me up on the plat after server shutdown
  8. WHY can't multi-player trophies be edited so plats are still obtainable after server closures? Especially now that Sony is introducing more incentives to trophy hunt.
  9. So is it like split screen/couch co op, or would I need a 2nd system
  10. I'm stuck on the same thing right now. I already got 1cc all I need is the veteran, master & 15x. It seems like the difficulty ramps up 2 or 3 fold as soon as you hit the last level. I platted the PS4 version of this and I definitely had an easier time with veteran. Nemesis seems to be best
  11. There's no reason that the break games can't have respectably challenging trophy lists. I'd buy them a if they did. I stopped buying Ratalaikas as I dont want to dilute my list any more. I wish I didn't do as many as I have tbh. Those jumping taco, "the pig d/the pigeon p", breakthrough gaming, etc B.S. games should be boycotted. Stop supporting the free trophy game industry. They wouldn't irritate me as much if there was one released every now and then, but there's literally a new one on PSN every single or every other day.
  12. I've been a lifelong nascar fan so even though this game was a wash I still would like the plat to add to my collection, but the online is totally dead, at least on PS4. Everything else seems doable. I need to get the online trophies on nascar heat 5 before they unplug those servers
  13. I'm sure there are some blank cartridges left somewhere
  14. A great way to avoid controversy is to leave controversial political positions such as these out of games. Period. Games are meant to be an enjoyable escape. For many years, but especially since 2015, were exposed to a constant barrage of endless attempts to drive wedges between people based on hot button, taboo topics. It's almost inescapable. Games provide that escape. Thankfully games have largely flown under the radar in the world of political anger. We have games with protagonists and villains of all shapes, sizes, colors, and species. Gaming is, by definition, inclusive. There's literally something for everyone. You can't get more inclusive. Honestly topics like abortion have no place in games, for or against. If you need a reason to keep politics out of video games, just look at the infighting in threads like these. Threads on this site are, by and large, peaceful and respectful. People in this world are, by and large, peaceful and respectful. That goes out the window 100% of the time when topics like this are brought up. I can't think of a single scenario in a video game where abortion would be an appropriate story arc.