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  1. Already set off with my hc skelemancer. I mean yeah the trophies are tough but this to me is THE GAME for grinding. Get that loot. My goal here is to slowly move through hardcore with the skelemancer, whilst using all the other characters in softcore, whilst grabbing all the other trophies as i go. I forgot how nerve wracking early hc is, with unlucky me getting champion packs guarding the entrance to stony field. Aaaaaah.
  2. Im 2 off catching them all in extinction. This list looks pretty similar and i really enjoyed extinction. I'll be picking this bad boy up when ive racked up some more hours in d2 resurrected. I hope it has the same wit. The humour was quite good.
  3. Well i wont lie guys im gonna go for it. Whether i get anywhere near is a different story. I had a level 83 hardcore Necro back in the day. Gonna take it slow but, then the entire levelling process is....so oh well. Best start working on it pronto. Skelemancer or Hammerdin. Hmmmm Probs better with a Necro. Sorted. I'll have to find some n00bs for the ears. I suck at MP haha. Heres hoping they have special exp weekends or events or some Ladder BS later on.
  4. Hmm i do want a PS5. Trouble is i still can't find one for sale. Secondly the games still seem a little meh. Maybe im craving originality but remakes and sequels dont draw me in majority of the time. The showcase they had the other day was nice but majority are in a year or two. Returning to my first point, for those who have waited in queues or lines, i can't justify time like that to something that in my opinion would still just be a PS4 game playing machine if i got one. Graphics, fps and less loading arent enough for me. I say wait. It'll have better UI, all your avatars n trinkets n folders, probably lower price and most importantly a wider variety of good games. So yes its a dissapointment, but all consoles are like this at the start. I didnt think itd be any different 😄
  5. Wind Druid Skelemancer Trapassin Tesladin (well hopefully if i get good rune drops) Pitzerker These will be my first 5 builds. Its been 15+ years!!! Excited!
  6. This will hopefully be amazing. Much more a Wolverine fan than Spiderman. Heres hoping the following get added as boss fights: 1. Sabretooth. (I mean duh it has to right?) 2. Magneto (Rip that adamantium) 3. Daken (sonny boy) 4. Cyclops (the jean grey trophy) 5. Omega Red (just a cool badguy with history) 6. Hulk (well that tease might be something) Honorable mentions: Lady Deathstrike, Silver Samurai, Stryker/Cornelius or some form of Weapon X stuff, Mystique, Deadpool, Gambit.
  7. Never played it originally. Must admit i do want to try it. But then again i can't figure out if i have a bad case of remaster/remake exhaustion. If thats a thing. Just need fresh ideas and fresh games. I suppose it'll feel fresh because i've never played it. Hmmmm I think it'll end up being a "pick it up in a sale" type. But we'll see.
  8. I might be in the minority here so take care to boo and hiss people. I dont like GTA V, just felt boring and samey to me. But thats just it. Plus its now a bloated cash cow so il never dive back in. My personal opinion is GTA: SA was the peak of the series, although my fave protagonist was Tommy from VC. I played them when they came out, and i bought the port collection on PS4. Didnt plat' 'em but had a goood time. Anywho, in my opinion they don't need a redo. Already got LC, VC and SA covered guys. I mean people talk about the "stories' games but saaaame places. Like some have said they might be a bit harder on the licensing side too but alas i dont know. Howabout you spend some time and energy making GTA LONDON a thing again? I know theres a 2d universe (which gta london resides in) and 3d universe but surely they could do something in that vein. Give it a cool nickname too. I was thinking GTA: Big Smoke but that reminds me of CJ's dirtbike pal. Maybe Blight Town? Like we say Blighty for Britain so its sorta a play on that, but obvs Blight is, well disease so it has that gta funny but dangerous twist. Anyone else?
  9. I love this on pc. Looking forward to trying on console. As someone else mentioned, Stellaris is somewhat similar, and that controls....ok on console. Keep improving the control scheme and id get this nice n early.
  10. Wow didnt know it was that big a timesink. I dont think i can justify that rn. Cheers
  11. Ahh it just looks like more Farcry. Thats not a bad thing. Its video game comfort food. Will i buy it day 1: Nope Will i buy it day 300+ on 65%+ discount: Almost Certainly.
  12. Ahh that sucks. I saw it at the store for a coupla quid. Picked it up. Admittedly i havent tried it yet, but i will. With hesitation. It looked cool in a lets play i watched. Hmmm lets see
  13. Thats odd. I just saw this for sale. Googled sunless skies trophies. Went on this sites link, realised someone had quoted me, and lo and behold it sent me right back here! It's definetly a sign. Buying!
  14. Ive never wanted to play/plat a game because of music before (maybe if vib ribbon got a remaster 😉) But now i do. Fuck yeah i love NIN!!!
  15. Actually i've been wondering whether to start this game too. A necessary topic for me too! Always liked guns in rpgs but i tried this once and it didnt grab me straight up. I feel like this will be a "force myself to play and end up liking it" sort of game.