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  1. My goal with this game is to have fun. And probs get like about 27% of the trophies. Im simply not good enough at platforming to get most of these. Platforming has always been by problem genre. Sonic, Mario, Crash, Rayman, DK, whoever. I suck at all of them. Hahahaha
  2. Hah i cannot wait to play Mass Effect again. My surname means i get that much more into it!, regardless of spelling!
  3. Im with you on this. And i'll have a damn good time getting sub 30% though! P.s. slight offtopic. How would you class this game? Party? Platformer? Both of em?
  4. Hahahahaha I should of clarified for people. I just mean this game. I like trophy hunting. Its just i choose my battles. Im not afraid to say thiis game is way too hard and lengthy for me. Giggity.
  5. I used to play Virtua Fighter competitively and its a tough ol game for the unaccustomed. I defo agree with Puyopuyo tho. Horrid. A few pains that put me off hunting... (i have no big streaks!) - Slime Rancher, an unbridled mess. - Path of Exile, too much dedication - Valhalla Hills, CHEAP gameplay.
  6. Indies should usually be cheap. Because there is ALWAYS sales where well known titles /franchises are £$10 or so. The majority of gamers will leave it alone regardless of quality. They gotta fight for attention via the "look im cheap take a chance on me" way because most cant afford major advertising. The diamonds in the rough are great when you find them, but i dont wanna spend all my money/time looking. Plus the game in question looks meh. Stop moaning. Use that energy to make something better.
  7. That and good characters/gear for them. Start with Krull, Gromma, Avren, Zorbu. All characters have merits but some are a bit more highly regarded. I personally have never bought anything in this game but if you wanted to id defo start there.
  8. Dont care bout the trophies. All i care about is laughing my arse off Bravo devs for multiple reasons
  9. When it works, its damn fun. The sooner the servers are competent and stable the better. Actually can get people who dont like video games yet love takeshis castle playing this!
  10. Goro Majima - Yakuza - The loco KING Jin Kazama - Tekken - No relation to Kiryu...i think. But still a badass Sho Minamimoto - TWEWY - So Zetta Slow. Voldo - Soul Blade/Calibur - Love the gimp! Ferrothorn - Pokemon - Ash has Pikachu BUT I have Ferrothorn.
  11. I think we'll be getting some PS5 games 3-4 months after launch. Within that time though i think there'll be a mix of upgraded ps4 games, indies and probs an inhouse, non "AAA" title which is really addictive and catches us all off guard. Or they'll dissapoint us. As per. Plus for me this year has been a bad one.
  12. I think im just gonna paint on my plates. I do my own custom style. I'll just have to wait til someone does it first cos no way im gonna slap some paint on without seeing the consequences. Dont want it overheating or getting into vents, cpu boards whatever. (Lol im not a tech head so i know nothing bout the inner workings)
  13. Gang Beasts Instant fun.
  14. Well its a little similar to Baldur's Gate and Divinity so Pathfinder: Kingmaker which is about to release seems right up your alley. Dragon Quest 11 is also a nearly perfect game. I also second Dragons Dogma, Trails of Cold Steel series, Persona and Banner Saga. Also a quick few points/opinions about Yakuza - The writing isn't so much in decline, its just some releases are better than others. Zero is the startpoint yes but lets not forget it wasn't released first. In my opinion the series has weak middle (3,5) - The advice given to split Yakuza games apart is very solid advice. Honestly there are not a lot of BAD rpgs this console generation tbh.
  15. Its a good enough game(play) with a great story. But 100% is grindy and boring. I feel it could be a lot more concise. Just feels inflated and almost a bit well...arrogant isn't the word but maybe superfluous is.