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  1. I completely agree with virtually every word. Pretty close to finishing Lvl 10 rn and I loved it at the start but gradually it dawned on me, yes, sadly, it's a buggy mess later game. If you have the patience it's doable. (It actually deleted my save file at level 6 as well, but I kept at it and stormed thru again) Not doing the dlc. They haven't earned that. The edit a couple of minutes later.....😡 Wow I actually can't believe this (maybe i cursed it lol) but the message I posted literally 1 minute ago, I was on the last bit of the last level. Great. The whale shark part. I actually mentioned how I'd got over the game crashing a million times and at one point corrupting my save data. Well it just happened again. 😡 At the finale. **** this game. Not worth my time. Deleted. 🐳
  2. Punk rock Specifically right now... Amyl and the Sniffers Go listen. They rule.
  3. 2 questions. 1. What are they censoring? 2. Why did they skip Commandos 1 BEL? Cheers
  4. Penny Blood I love Shadow Hearts and I think it's being made by the SH original creators so I'm invested already. I saw a brief trailer for the Kickstarter and IM ALL IN. Well not all in, I gave some money, just not all of it!
  5. Well I haven't played a wrestling video game in years. I go through phases of watching wrestling (mainly AEW) in-between all the big mma company shows. I like violence. Not too big on the main guys of AEW I.e. Omega, Bucks etc and hate Adam Cole but love others like CM Punk, FTR, MJF. Probs gonna get this in a sale. I mean unless you can put your opponent through a burning table but take 90% of the bump...then still get the 3 count. That'd be a nightmare...
  6. Stinks of safe money and lack of ideas if you ask me.
  7. I played this game years ago on 360 and it was excellent. I know this topic is old but I just have to add, to me it was one of the more memorable games on that console. Sean Devlin is to me an entertaining lead on a classic anti nazi story. Sad there hasn't been anything quite like it since imo. And the soundtrack has some bangers on it. I remember Flogging Molly doing some of the promo music. Hella good.
  8. Firstly im not worried about missing out on any games (Apart from Diablo but ive played d1 and d2 the original on pc so i guess i can return) I am a touch worried about the industry as a whole though. I know Sony has bought out developers before so theyre not blameless but buying massive publishers for unheard of prices is Microsoft BUYING the industry (because they can't develop their own studios or develop strong ties over a long period of time) Its pay 2 win. The anti-monopoly people hopefully will do something but im not convinced. Im worried that game development will be homogenised to fit a certain mold for gamepass. Stifling creativity is not something anyone should want...in any industry, period. Forgive my basic arguments, im very tired but... More to life than money!
  9. I myself just renewed for another year of psplus. I was debating not doing but for a highly discounted price (as usual) ehhh i suppose il pay it. People say the value and quality of the games has gone down and i agree with that statement but they still have enough good ones on there to justify the discounted rate. I hope my psplus tenure is taken into consideration with the new service. And speaking of the new service well there are downsides to a "gamepass" style service. (Altho here i must admit i dont specialise in/have little business acumen so i wont go into details but im sure someone can) Basically if everythings on subsciption how are things gonna stand out in the hordes of games on there. Like how are indies gonna become runaway successes? (I.e. Stardew Valley, Hollow Knight etc) Indy devs i think could just take the wedge of cash to get on the subscription and be done. Get the money. No risk. I dont like no risk because its uninspiring and boring. And video games shouldn't be like that. And i dont know how much so called AA games (i.e. Greedfall, A Plague Tale, Vampyr) cost to make but id imagine more than indys (even tho i guess mot AA games are technically indies). Would subsciption models cover these games dev costs too? Will we see less innovation in gaming ? I just worry about lack of innovation and the homogenisation of ny favourites. I mean i see the obvious (excuse the pun) pluses for the consumer (and in some regard the developer too) in having a subsciption model, just me trying to play devils advicate and making a point about the industry as a whole. Im sure someone a bit more eloquent than me can produce a finer riposte. Tldr. I dont think subscription model is ALL good. Just some.
  10. Would like to check in....and check if this game has been fixed? Anyone got any knowledge? Cheers
  11. I mean Hammerdins but everyone has a hammerdin. I 2nd the skelemancer. Go with 20 corpse explosion 20 raise skeleton 20 skeleton mastery 1 clay golem 1 golem mastery 1 summon resist 1 amplify damage 1 decrepify Anything extra goes to prerequisites or Revive. Revives purpose is more soldiers plus potentially a few magic attacks for phys immunes. Get decrepify as early as possible. Most bosses are way tougher without it (especially Duriel) Combined with clay golem, it slows them to a point where your army can smash them. Grab a Might merc from Nightmare Act2 Its not reliant on equipment a lot so whatever. (Obvs you can make it a lot stronger with good equips but most people are poor) Dont get into combat yourself unless its building an army back on the blood moor. Merc will always help you out too. Its not for everyone and somewhat slow, but low-risk and fun imo.
  12. Already set off with my hc skelemancer. I mean yeah the trophies are tough but this to me is THE GAME for grinding. Get that loot. My goal here is to slowly move through hardcore with the skelemancer, whilst using all the other characters in softcore, whilst grabbing all the other trophies as i go. I forgot how nerve wracking early hc is, with unlucky me getting champion packs guarding the entrance to stony field. Aaaaaah.
  13. Im 2 off catching them all in extinction. This list looks pretty similar and i really enjoyed extinction. I'll be picking this bad boy up when ive racked up some more hours in d2 resurrected. I hope it has the same wit. The humour was quite good.
  14. Well i wont lie guys im gonna go for it. Whether i get anywhere near is a different story. I had a level 83 hardcore Necro back in the day. Gonna take it slow but, then the entire levelling process is....so oh well. Best start working on it pronto. Skelemancer or Hammerdin. Hmmmm Probs better with a Necro. Sorted. I'll have to find some n00bs for the ears. I suck at MP haha. Heres hoping they have special exp weekends or events or some Ladder BS later on.
  15. Hmm i do want a PS5. Trouble is i still can't find one for sale. Secondly the games still seem a little meh. Maybe im craving originality but remakes and sequels dont draw me in majority of the time. The showcase they had the other day was nice but majority are in a year or two. Returning to my first point, for those who have waited in queues or lines, i can't justify time like that to something that in my opinion would still just be a PS4 game playing machine if i got one. Graphics, fps and less loading arent enough for me. I say wait. It'll have better UI, all your avatars n trinkets n folders, probably lower price and most importantly a wider variety of good games. So yes its a dissapointment, but all consoles are like this at the start. I didnt think itd be any different 😄