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  1. I actively look forward to hard mode. Almost certainly will be a platinum killer. I cant wait for the negativity surrounding it. Also still hoping for DDS 1 and 2 remastered. Defo my fave duology of all time. If we all buy this en mass it'll hopefully put that idea to the forefront of Atlus' mind. Not to put down this absolute gem though. I just have favourites.
  2. Its gonna be Nexomon hopefully on "nex"...t day off work. Friday. Or LA Cops which im slowly battling through.
  3. Im more of a Tekken and VF guy. So i will admit i havent played some of these (SFA3 is an absolute classic though). Goddamn do the early games feel harder than they used to though. Admittedly ive never played SF1 which is uggghhh. Ive played most versions of SF2 though and beat them but damn on here its tricky as hell. Bison in Alpha 3 to me is manageable (Got the trophy for that!) but in SF2 he just stomps me. Gill, ughh dont start. Im a Blanka main so it gets tough when he's not in the version im playing. That said its hard even when he is! Oh well shouldnt complain. Get Gud!
  4. Just bought this game. About to start it. Also does anyone know when the sequel (Sunless Skies) is coming? Rumour has it was meant to be on consoles in 2020 but...2020 happened. Ive also read that the game has been submitted to Sony, Nintendo n MS but still nothing. Hmmm
  5. I usually hate and suck at, games like this. However it does look a whole lotta fun. Gonna check out some reviews. Trophies look ehh "i can probs do the majority but im outta my depth to get the plat" stylish.
  6. Yeah i started on multiplayer stuff today and its annoying to say the least. Im not aiming for plat literally because of multiplayer probably. I'll get some but defo not all of the multiplayer trophies. Some of the levels you have to "play" are not a good time. Im gonna smash that single player though! Enjoying the story, not as strong as 3 but better than probably every other FC.
  7. Never tried fishing in reel life, i just tried it in game and it seems fun.
  8. I mean it's bad that some of these gals (i think its Pokimane, not 100% i actually dont watch streamers) are almost certainly playing up to the lonely/neckbeard/beta/addstereotype crowd. That said i have no problem with them making money in any legal way they choose. Im at an impasse. Sorta. Hmm. Sooo basically we need to re-educate people in particular all them nerd stereotypes i sadly mentioned before. About women, dating, socialising, other forms of entertainment and free porn on the internet. If they wanna give money to streamers after that, so be it. Crude but eh...
  9. I think i have over 150 games in my backlog. Most of them are RPGs and strategy games too! (Could do with counting really) It all depends on your point of view/philosophy. I could never see myself as a 'slave' to my backlog. The way i see it is that i have plenty of games for me to enjoy. Im not perfect enough to get platinum on them but oh well. I mean for financial reasons (not that im poor) im trying to limit my gaming spending this year so hopefully if i can take 60/70 games off the backlog this year il be chuffed.
  10. Yeah Monster Energy Supercross is my only racing plat. It was free on PSPlus a while back too. If you're a member you may already have it. Pretty easy i thought. Motorbikes > Cars 😜
  11. Dragon Quest XI: Echos of an Elusive Age It's a great written rpg, with a cheesy plot device but done well so i love it. It has great characters with not overly complex (for the sake of being complex) designs. Graphics are stylish, not just ramped up to over 9000 (see what i did there...) Combat is simple and fun but has harder challenges for endgame. Also a relatively big world and not too much of a grind.
  12. I suck at this game too. (Much like its cousin Hotline Miami). I've been trying to play the game not with max stats, sort of doing a level or two, getting stuck, grinding away for stats (a bit) and then finally passing the tricky level. Ive found smashing the doors off the hinges is often a good thing, i often retreat backwards through them, leading the goons into a trap. (Partner just waiting with an assault rifle!) Yeah the partner AI aint great but it isnt totally disfunctional.
  13. Il be doing that for the ps4 version. I already have it but its just waiting for them lovely patches. I have the pc version but i only bought that because of the ps4 versions quality. It wont be that long. I got Farcry 5/LA Cops/Stellaris to keep me busy 'til then.
  14. I still havent received my "Been there done that" trophy. Im gonna attempt a re-download of the game to see if it "shakes it up" a bit. I know for a damn fact ive done over 250. I got the 100 free play trophy in October and have done 3+ a day since then. I hope this doesnt mess up the savefile. Testing results to follow...
  15. Preach