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  1. Yeeeeah. Controversial but i dont pay full price for video games anymore (im trying to slay my backlog AND trying to save money!) Buuuuut for this i'll go full price, even though i expect it to be budget priced. With all that furore around the "days gone" dev guy whinging about f***ing buying the game at full price or something if they want a sequel i figure i might just see if it works. Bring it on!
  2. I mean this is good and all but whats stopping this happening again in a years time? I mean we won one battle, the war for video game cataloging, archival and preservation continues. Still, count your blessings i guess. Woooo
  3. Its kind of funny how that lots of people for a variety of (justified imo) reasons are playing it via psplus or sales. Its not stupid to say that all these "non day 1" gamers could create or increase the fanbase. A fanbase that would probably want a sequel. A fanbase that would likely be more inclined to buy a sequel day 1 if they kept all the improvements etc (that initially werent in the first game, and led to them getting it on a sale/psplus later) and had them day 1. Ho hum
  4. This is a poor take in my opinion. Sure support the devs and buy the game at new to increase the chances of a sequel. That bit makes sense but... Problem is the dev has forgotten there is a devs reputation and back catalogue (which to me personally was undistinctive) and also the fact that more and more games are releasing incomplete, buggy games at launch. And big games at that. Day 1 patches, frequent bugs/glitches, Day 1 DLC, DLC on disc, Complete/"GotY" editions in under a years time and goddamn ROADMAPS are all turning me away from buying day one video games. All of these make me wait. Its just a hobby for most of us gamers. For me its escapism. You damn right we get invested and want a sequel. But i will not support anti consumer practices or crap games. My time and money are limited.
  5. 1. Shadow Hearts 2/Covenant 2. DDS 1+2 (It counts. Shuttup!) 3. SMT: Nocturne 4. Devil May Cry 1 5. Final Fantasy X The best rpg console of all time. But it had bangers in most genres.
  6. Gearbox is a slimeball of a company. I was annoyed with the dlc pricing n style in BL1 back in the day and as much as i loved BL1 it led me to a place where i will only play BL games when they are 'complete complete" editions highly discounted. I mean i was damn late to the BL2 party but who cares. Fashionably late. Riding in on a pony made of diamonds fashionably late... Roll on BL3 complete edition. (Take your time i'll wait)
  7. Honestly this Shepherd (the corrrect spelling!) doesnt care too much if its a 3 in 1 trophy list or 3 games 3 lists. DMC HD Collection has 3 lists for one game (well it is 3 games just in 1...application) I played them originally on X360 and loved them. I'll plat it no matter what hopefully. Just want to see all the improvements n stuff. https://www.ea.com/games/mass-effect/mass-effect-legendary-edition/news/gameplay-calibrations?isLocalized=true Its probably already linked in this topic but incase people missed it have a good look at that. Also if Garrus finishes his calibrations at some point and we get a cutscene/skit to celebrate i think i'll be happy!
  8. Tales of Berseria is great, i also like Hearts and Abyss but the vote goes to VESPERIA which for me has the best story and characters.
  9. Days gone is solid Turning out to be a great year for psplus so far for me. Jan - Greedfall Feb - Control Mar - Everything! Apr - Days gone and mayyyybe ZA4, itll be backlog dependent. Keep it going Sony lad. X
  10. Im a fan of Tales too. I mean im not a day 1 with Tales kinda guy (im on my 1st playthrough of Berseria right now) but i do generally play them all eventually, with lovely lovely discounts. Vesperia is No1 at the mo but Arise just by being a Tales game is defo on the radar. It looks to be based more around achieving freedom. I love the concept. Heres hoping it'll be amazing.
  11. https://www.gematsu.com/2021/04/virtua-fighter-5-ultimate-showdown-rated-for-ps4-in-korea 😁😃 So it got rated in Korea. For some e-sports stuff. Fair do's. Well happy! I know we've already played it years ago, and arcade mode is playable in Yakuza....but damn ive been waiting for any VF news for a very long time. I main Brad and Jeffrey with a dabble of Wolf every now and again. If this somehow leads to VF6, or even simply sets the ball rolling towards it, it is a blessing. Sega dont know what theyre sitting on. Dont put your characters in DoA. We want Virtua Fighter 6.
  12. Its like the above poster says, you can use pretty much anyone. They all are "good" in some ways. I guess just some more than others. I have the platinum (took ages) and my best advice is to use whatever characters you, A: Like the look of B: Have decent equipment for. Equipment makes a massive difference i noticed especially when levelled up. The 2 biggest influences on my party were Krull and Gromma. Krull should be the next character you get, if you dont already have him. Krull is the best debuffer in the game and Gromma is a great defensive allrounder with even a potential to go offensive at a push. Once i had them i didnt ever stop using them. In terms of DPS, my guy was Jim but thats cos i had great gear on the guy. Plus a "mainly mage" party so i could abuse his passive buffs. Zorbu is also good but it takes a long time for his passives to get good.
  13. Yeah man i know thats the worry. I mean i can say the biggest talents deserve the biggest stage but history has told us, its gonna be a bomb innit. Altho im hoping for an interruption of the (then current) WWE champ on the raw after mania. And go into a programme with him. McIntyre would be better i think in that case. I did some research regarding Aleister Black and found conflicting stuff about being put on "gardening leave" effectively til his contract runs out. But then again ive also read he was (sort of already was...) undergoing a character transformation and now hes just waiting for a time to be put back on Smackdown. Vince is a cranky old billionaire and WWE will be better when he's gone - CM Punk...probably.
  14. I was hoping this game would have some errr strongly titled trophies. The tiles are nice too! I particularly love "Unbelievably Boring F*ck" And "The Worlds most laughable centrist" (sounds like an enemy of Jreg)
  15. I hope that wasnt the end of the Hurt Business, they were fun and cool, but i think i know im wrong... Also im worried the Sami/KO fight will have too much "Paul" interaction. (UGH) However i have a sneaky feeling the fight will turn Sami "normal" and him n KO might go on a tag run. Hopefully Adam Cole will be permanently brought upto Raw after mania. Finally they should bring back Aleister Black raw after mania. And destroy someone. Just not adam cole. Maybe Strowman.