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  1. Red Dead Online Rank 700!!!

    FNXGQDt.jpgThe last 300 will take longer than the first 700, so I am not even halfway to the finish line 😂

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. AnonymousPLC1898


      You asked me the same thing 2 months ago 😄

    3. MidnightDragon


      My memory isn't the best. Sorry. xD What's the highest rank you've seen on RDO?

    4. AnonymousPLC1898


      The rank cap is 1000 and I’ve probably seen 10~15 players at that rank so far.

  2. When you find out you’re 3% Irish
  3. Red Dead Online

    Serve moonshine to players at a bar 100 of 100 X (X means that I've done it ten times)

    Big thanks to my friend hackysack for helping me with this award ❤️ 

    If you are unfamiliar with Red Dead Online, it consists of two types of awards, those which can only be completed once and those which can be reset ten times.




    1. KingGuy420


      Wow, no one has even been in my bar, let alone served 1000 times lol.

  4. OH MY SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH I FINALLY FOUND IT! After spending around an hour just trynna find the name of the movie I had stuck in my head that I once watched when I was 10-12… twice actually, I remember watching it again right after I finished it the first time, it was just that good 😂

    The excitement I felt when I finally realised that I’ve found it… it got me goosebumps. 

    Ok now that I know the name I need to find the full movie, fast forward 15-20 minutes and all I found was a 3 minute video in Russian. I then remembered that I watched the movie in Romanian so tried searching for it in Romanian and surprise surprise I found it, no sweat. 
    Part 1 

    Part 2 

    Feels good to be Romanian 😎 now if you don’t mind I got a movie to watch. ✌️

  5. Yes the time only counts when you are in matches, “Play 100 hours IN BATTLES”. and yes you can track your progress and it’s easy to find, just press R1 a couple of times when you are in the lobby. 2-4 people as in like excluding you? If yes then that’s great since 4 people (5 including you) is all you need to get all kill related trophies. Before you start anything make sure to turn cross play off, I believe it’s “Press Options” “Options” “Game” and then turn “Cross Platform Gameplay” off (make sure everyone does this). Whoever is going for the trophies will be playing solo squads, select “Squad Mode” and at the bottom right somewhere it should say “something something recruiting” turn that off so that you don’t have any teammates, it doesn’t actually say that, I just can’t remember the exact wording. And the other 4 people will also be playing squads. Do a count down or something and make sure you all start matchmaking at the same time. More than likely you will end up in the same match. Open the map and tell everyone where you are and everyone should tell you where they are and from there meet up somewhere where is closer for all of you. The rest should be self explanatory. You might think that for “Unstoppable” you would need more people but you don’t, just do what I said earlier and meet up with everyone at a camp fire, kill one person and have another revive them (you need to pick up their heart and revive them at the campfire) and so on but don’t kill the same person twice unless you already killed everyone else once. You could do the same for the other trophies if you don’t have 5 people (including you). Remember that whoever is going for the trophy needs to play solo squads and the rest should all be in the same squad. “War Machine” is easy, all 5 of you could get it in the same match, just have everyone play solos, get in the same match and start searching for the guns. Before you pick up the guns you should get a prompt with the guns name and what type of gun it is, ignore the gun name and just look at the type. In the trophy description they say “assault rifle, submachine gun…” but in game those guns will be named “AR” for assault rifle and “SMG” for submachine gun. And just if it ain’t obvious not everyone needs to find the guns, you only need one of each for everyone, just have the person who got a hit with x gun drop it for the next person and so on. You only need one hit with every gun NOT to kill them with every gun, just pointing it out. Oh and also, this trophy can be buggy sometimes and not pop so you might or might not have to do it more than once. “Hoarder” you might get on your way to “Veteran” or you might not. Best way to go about is (if there’s 5 of you or less it don’t really matter but like they say, the more the better) play solos get in the same match and start searching together in different spots, you might get lucky and spawn next to a Royal or Tactical freezer or you might not. Try memorising vending machines or any freezer locations for future attempts since those spots are possible freezer locations. When attempting this trophy the French and Spanish maps are your best friends if you get the Russian map just leave, there’s barely any spawn points there at least to my knowledge, only good spots on that map would be the Volcano and the airport so if you spawn next to them it might be worth it to search them. It’s gonna be obvious that the map is French, Spanish or Russian when you are looking at the town names… unless you’re from the USA. I would highly recommend grinding the battle pass, you need to complete daily challenges in order to rank up, you get 3 every day. For some ranks you can get “souls” with which you can then buy two traps which will be very helpful with “Hoarder” I can’t remember their names right now but they should be called “Regular freezer trap” and “Premium freezer trap” buy them both, they shouldn’t be too expensive. Equip them both and when you are in a match you can spawn both of them. They don’t give any loot but they do count for the trophy. “The king” is self explanatory, game is full of bots but don’t underestimate them, they can be both brain dead and extremely good. Most games will only have 3-7 human players out of 35-40. Use the character “Clyde” which can transform into a werewolf with increased health and stamina, be good at the game and hope that you aren’t put in the same match with someone who has 7000+ hours 😂 happened to me once and I got humiliated. You could also get “The invisible man” trophy when going for “The king” simply have 1 person or more not kill anyone and have the others do the work, tho I would recommend everyone gives their best after you win your first match. Special game modes DO NOT count towards any trophies so don’t waste your time playing them. Goodluck and hope you and your friends will enjoy the game 😁
  6. 2022 Goals Review
    99% Completion Rate: Started: 92.75% Ended: 97.01% ❌
    RDR2 Online Rank 650: Started: 514 Ended: 682 ✅
    Get a sub 15 hours RDR2 Any% (Full Game) run N/A ❌
    Get a sub 42 hours RDR2 100% run N/A ❌


    Managed to get lots of games out the way that have been on my list for while, I am especially happy about RDR1 and CRSED, thanks to all the awesome folk who helped me with those games.


    I surpassed my own expectations and got to rank 682 when my goal was rank 650. 32 ranks might not sound like a lot but just to put it into perspective, if you were to start from 0 that amount of xp I needed for 32 ranks would get you to rank 180 or enough to get to rank 50… 6 times… and you would still have like 80,000 xp left.


    While I didn’t even get close to learning the whole RDR2 Any% and 100% speedruns I did get some WRs (World Records or 1st place) for some Challenge runs which are…


    Herbalist (this used to be a WR before the 3rd of this month 😅)

    Weapons Expert, this is a really solid run and it will definitely stand in 1st for a long long time


    Almost forgot, this is not a WR but I did a speedrun of Gambler y’all 😂 everyones favourite challenge

    Jokes aside I actually enjoyed running this category, I did 2 runs and could’ve gotten WR both times if it wasn’t for Dominoes.


    Goals for 2023

    100% Completion Rate: Started 97.01% 

    RDR2 Online Rank 800: Started 682

    Get a sub 15 hours RDR2 Any% run


    Also here is my 2022 PlayStation Wrap Up 


    1. MidnightDragon


      Any benefit for such high rank or just your own enjoyment?

    2. AnonymousPLC1898


      @MidnightDragon You unlock everything once you reach rank 100 so there’s no benefit. 
      I find enjoyment in everything in this game, playing showdowns, collecting hundreds of collectibles daily, grinding money/gold when I don’t even need it… you name it. Or you could look at it this way, you get a trophy every 100 ranks and rank 1000 is the 100%/Platinum.


      I slowly lose interest or don’t find enjoyment in other games, after playing for like 20 hours or so I just CAN’T WAIT FOR IT TO BE OVER and just immediately delete x game whenever I get all trophies. But it ain’t like that with RDR2, if I could play 24/7 I would 😂 and I sure as hell won’t delete the game when I reach rank 1000. I have a friend who reached rank 1000 and dude started a second account right after that and now he’s rank 500  😂 I don’t plan on starting all over again when I’m “done” more than likely I’ll just continue grinding… so I could buy… nothing. 

    3. MidnightDragon


      There ya go.

  7. If you’re into Battle Royale games then YES!!! definitely. It’s lots of fun and very unique. Every single trophy can be boosted if you have enough people. Only real challenge can be Hoarder which if you’re lucky enough you can get it on your first try… or not.
  8. Happy 4th anniversary Red Dead Redemption 2!!!


    Never wanted to play this game, my friends would always tell me to buy it day after day but I would always come up with "I don't want to play some boring horse game" "game doesn't drive with me" blah blah blah eventually I did end up buying it just so they could stop but there's a slight problem... now I can't stop playing it. I've played the story 1...2...3... I honestly lost count, I did everything there is to do multiple times, I'm rank 665 in Online and it dosent end there I even started speedrunning the game some time ago but wait there's more, I even started doing photography in game😄.

    I will never stop playing this game, unless you give me a million dollars, the offer is there just so you know.

    1. KingGuy420


      I'm the same way. I recently finished my 12th replay. So on average, three a year lol. I could easily start it again right now and enjoy it just the same, without blinking an eye. I literally have to force myself to play other games. Otherwise, I'd just play it over and over.


      My favorite game ever used to be like a 4 way tie for first... until RDR2 came and blew them all out of the water. 


      I don't see myself ever getting sick of it. So hopefully I'll be replaying it for the rest of my life.


      "I gave you all I had... I did..."

  9. She can’t read but she can surely sing
  10. giphy.gif


    Hey, congrats on joining me in the legendary RDR 100% Club! You could have always asked me to help out a bit for old time's sake and all that 🤠 Thanks also for reminding me I still have to get Revolver done at some point so I too can one day become a true 100% Red Dead Head such as yourself 🙂


    Keep being awesome. See you around, pardner.

    1. AnonymousPLC1898


      Thanks 😁 aww sorry, it really didn’t cross my mind. Maybe we could hop on RDR2 Online sometime and try finding some tadpoles 😄 or get intoxicated with some shine and throw some slaps around or anything you’d like to do, I’m all up for it. 

      Goodluck with RD Revolver, I’d say it’s the most challenging game out of all the Red Dead games but once you unlock cheats it will be a piece of cake. 

  11. Red Dead Online Rank 600!!!


    Why are we still here? Just to suffer?


    Jokes aside, Rockstar may not give two flying shits about this game but I will always continue playing no matter what. Despite the game didn't receive any major updates in over a year now I've recently started grinding awards in game, it gives me something to do in this... "cough" cough" Ever-Evolving World as Rockstar call it.

    1. KingGuy420


      To be fair, it did evolve for awhile. Personally I'm happy with how much content we got. It definitely could've been less... although sometimes I feel like I'm the only one that thinks that way lol.


      But on topic, congrats on 600. That is something. I'm like 200 and I know what went into that. I run into people sometimes that are up in the 4 digits and that blows my mind.

    2. ihadalifeb4this


      I can't believe they removed mexican standoff. That was my favorite part in first RDR. 

    3. Godo Fwar

      Godo Fwar

      Nice one 👏