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  1. Terraria at 89% I just have 4 trophies left and the platinum is mine
  2. Hawken - Which I'm currently working on myself, has 7 Ultra Rare trophies 2 of them under 1%. You can probably get 100% compilation in about 5 hours. Dungeon Defenders II - well... this game has no Ultra Rare trophies but only 4.29% of players got 100%. So is Ultra rare I guess? Took me around 10 hours to get 100% compilation. Don't Bite Me Bro! - (Only NA) has 7 Ultra Rare trophies. Should take you less than 5 hours for 100% compilation. Skullgirls Encore -(Free with PS Now) Haven't played this myself but but I am thinking of getting it, has 9 Ultra rare trophies. Trophy guide says it will take you 8 hours for 100% compilation.
  3. Idk... guess I’m proud of being rank 340+ in RDR2 Online
  4. How much time exactly do I need to spend in air ? Like I spent probably 5-6 hours afk but no trophy popped am I doing something wrong ? Edit: I just got the trophy after spending maybe 8 hours in the air
  5. Is 100% obtainable if I get this from PS Now ? Is Grounded mode free or do I need to pay for it ? Can I invite friends to online matches ? I already have 100% for The Last of Us Remastered and I would love to 100% the game again. Thanks for your help
  6. If I play with someone that owns the DLCs can I like earn the trophies without needing to own the DLCs myself?
  7. Road Bustle, damn those graphics, and it runs at 60fps. What a game 😆
  8. Fun: 1- Horizon Zero Dawn 2- The Last of Us Remastered 3- Watch Dogs 2 Grindy: 1- The Last of Us Remastered 2- Don’t Even Think 3- The Sims 4 Skill Based: 1- Don’t Even Think 2- Realm Royale 3- The Last of Remastered Boring: 1- Erica 2- N/A 3- N/A Unachieved: 1- Metro 2033 Redux 2- Red Dead Redemption 3- Death Stranding
  9. I can speak English, American, Australian, Canadian, Irish, Scottish and Welsh
  10. Red Dead Depression
  11. Glad I got Don’t Even Think before the servers shut down. Still didn’t get GTA5 1. Don’t Even Think (2.03%) 2. The Last of Us Remastered (5.42%) 3. Realm Royale (6.12%) 4. Beyond Two Souls (7.48%) 5. The Sims 4 (8.43%) Working on Terraria (2.09%) and RDR2 (2.20%)
  12. Working on Terraria right now my fwendo @A3F799 is boosting me, which I really appreciate. Then for my 50th going to go for RDR2, after that idk maybe Metro 2033 or Ghost of Tsushima.
  13. Is not on your list but since you have the Platinum for Fifa 15,16,17,18,19,20 maybe you should go for Fifa 21