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  2. As of 29/08/2021 is 10 games. Rarity from 0.46% to 2.84%😁 Grand Theft Auto V - 4 Trophies I Am Bread - 13 Trophies Hawken - 5 Trophies Vigor - 2 Trophies DON'T BITE ME BRO! - 3 Trophies DON'T EVEN THINK -13 Trophies Obliteracers - 5 Trophies Terraria - 2 Trophies Red Dead Redemption II - 2 Trophies Switchblade - 1 Trophy
  3. Yes you do unfortunately, I would recommend turning auto save off if you do start a new game and only save manually so you don’t make the same mistake as me and overwrite your main save file 🥲.
  4. "They tell me Jesus walks, I tell them money talks"
  5. I use my friends account for PS Plus so I get free PS Plus and free games 😎
  6. Yes. You only have to do ONE activity in each camp.
  7. Try this video if you haven’t already. You get a Harmonica for Sadie, not Abigail 😐. During the mission “A Fisher of Men” (Chapter 2) Jack will ask you for a Comic Book. So this is kinda story related you could say. Play poker at the camp and sometimes Pearson will join you, just play a couple of hands and then he will ask you for a Naval Compass. Another easy one to trigger is at Hosea’s camp, you should find a book there. Interact with the book making sure he’s near you and awake. So that leave’s you with one left just go around camp and sometimes Gang members will call your name or they will come to you and ask for a item.
  8. Elitist GTA Online: Complete all 3 Elite Challenges in The Doomsday Heist. Ultra Rare: 0.56% Thank you to my friends @Denizcankaya97 and @EgePoyrazOzer Wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, maybe just because my friends did like, everything Took us only about 50 minutes to complete ACT 1 and ACT 3 Elite Challenge, I already had ACT 2 Elite Challenge Completed long ago. Really, really happy that I was able to take this trophy off my head
  9. #49 Perfection Magus ( May-jus) a laughably easy grind may just feel weird as a game and gets boring very quickly, from the cover was expecting Skyrim type open-world RPG this isn't what I got, Magus is basically a shooter but with magic. Enemies put up no fight and fall like flies and honestly, this is a good thing here, the short game feels like it drags on forever you can obtain the Platinum in about 5 hours, by the end of your first hour though the thrill is gone, the game is just getting from point A to point B and read through boring and poorly written dialogue that doesn't fit the game's feel and shoot enemies along the way, at first sling these enemies are satisfying but as you progress and travel through the 5 different stages nothing changes but their skin. After you finish the stage you can go back at any time and farm enemies for trophies but you have to annoyingly complete all tasks again and unlock gates you've already unlocked making trophy grinding a nuisance there's loot in this game to add a small bit of immersion to dragging win, you get loot from the chest and enemies there are no weapons to collect in this game but there are various armours and gems you can collect to make your character stronger, if you come across a lesser item or duplicate you can break them down into Scrolls later on in the game and use these Scrolls that permanently increase your base stats which I found great increasing your base stats decrease your playtime and trust me before long you'll be racing to the end not even caring what's going around you. You can also decrease your playtime by levelling up in spending skill points in the skill tree, this "skill tree" is a bit odd as you can only have 3 on you at the time making the whole tree idea completely pointless, maybe these developers have never played an RPG but trees branch spread out to add not make you choose, but some of these skills are great such as speed to make your character run faster through the boring lifeless worlds or teleport to help your character get to the end of these boring lifeless worlds faster, you can also call the dead to help you but you have a trusty companion that does a pretty good job, better then companions in Uncharted games 😂 Magus is an easy game and easy platinum Difficulty: 1/10 Enjoyment: Boring/10
  10. Nevermind....
  11. I blasted this song at 3am and my neighbours liked it so much they threw a brick at my window to hear it better.
  12. RDR2 horse balls have more physics than CyberPunk2077 itself
  13. Shush Anyway... game looks a lot of fun and the Trophies don’t look too hard or too grindy hopefully not too buggy tho.
  14. You don’t shoot us, we don’t EXTERMINATE you. It’s ALWAYS the new players who start a fight and then they get destroyed and cry about it😭😭. Most high rank players from my 1000+ hours of experience are friendly until you provoke them.
  15. Lyrics : [Music]