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  1. God dang! To be fair they gave away Control and Final Fantasy 7 remake not too long ago. I'm only own ps4/subscribe to ps+ for less than too years, but it feels like they drop good stuff for a few month a year and the rest is just a filler. I wish they would do more classics/remasters again, I'm not buying a lot of games just because I feel there's high probability of them being offered as ps+ games. Is PvZ platinum still obtainable? The only game I might possibly play out of the selection...
  2. Wow, I sure do feel dumb! Is this a common knowledge? And much thanks to FreshFromThaDeli and Infernopommes. Damn, I'm afraid to look at what I have missed...
  3. Worst month this year, so far. I'm debating if I should even bother adding these games to library, yet alone ever playing them. And I'm missing on a game I find interesting because it's impossible to buy ps5 in Europe. Honestly, I feel like Jim Ryan owes me these free ps5 games. Huh? Either I'm dumber than I thought, or you are wrong. Edit: oops. What an unexpected benefit of bitching about ps+ games on internet. I always accessed ps store/ps+ on my console, and had no idea it is possible to add ps5 games to library without console. Thanks all who brought this to my attentionšŸ’ž
  4. Honestly, if you beat Pride and Joy prototype already, you shouldn't have any problems with Sephiroth, as it is much easier boss, from my experience. I think it took me 10-20 attempts to beat that dragon (whatever it's called) that you have to fight before Pride and Joy, and I only died 2 or 3 times during the last level. I had Gotternburg necklace and limit break equipped on Cloud. If you get killed by Sephiroth you restart from beginning of his battle, just don't select 'start from the first battle' by accident.
  5. It took me a while to get this trophy, but it was fair, imo. My strategy was to switch off brain and let the fingers do the work. I found it interesting experiment on how muscle memory works - everytime I would start thinking of the pattern I'm pressing I would mess up:)
  6. I think it depends on the play style. For me, I always double these platinum estimates to get more accurate result. I haven't done platinum yet, but first playthrough took me 60 hours (game timer doesn't stop on pause, so excluding all spliff, toilet, distracted browse of internet, actual playtime is probably 50-55 hours. And I don't feel like I was stuck anywhere much. When I play games I like to fully explore everything, then end up backtracking a lot, or playing around with different inventory setups, different tactics, etc. In general I'm not a fan of platinums that make me replay game multiple times, because in most games I see everything there is to find in my first playthrough. That being said, I enjoy hard mode playthrough of this game. I feel like I didn't use a lot of fight mechanics on normal mode because it was easy to just hack and slash all the way through the story.
  7. Yeah, it's 275$, so quite expensive. I didn't go for all trophies in single playthrough, because I didn't feel like grinding ~100$ that I was short for the nose. So I made the save before starting clyde battle, finished the game, collected few missing collectibles I was missing, and... saved progress over the only save game I had - the one before final battle. Funny enough I realised I f**ked up (is it allowed to cuss here?) The moment I confirmed I am sure I want to over write save file. I heard the voice in my head saying: It Was At This Moment He Knew... He F***ed Up I'm a bit OCD about completing games, so I'll go for it in the near future. And you are right, it's a short game if you don't waste time on side missions, or watching cut scenes. And I am missing very easy trophy (Will try to do a speed run;)) having to replay it all because of some lost missable collectible would have been crushing!
  8. I agree completely. I just never got a habit for it, and thankfully most of the games take care of that for me. Also, for some reason this particular game didn't automatically make save backup to ps+ cloud storage. With the way trophies are made for this game, and the fact that the game doesn't create session start checkpoint (like fallout 4 for example), I would put this game in 'easy to do something that will cost you a full playthrough' category;)
  9. It crashed once for me too. I don't remember what I did at the times, but it wasn't anything related to skipping cutacenes. I probably spent around 30 hours so far on this game, and it only crashed once, so from my experience crashing wasn't much of an issue.
  10. I like to keep my playthroughs clean. I hate the games that make me do multiple playthroughs for 100%. I try to see all content and go for 100% completion (even when it's not required for trophies) in a single playthrough. And I don't like having too many save game files. If you are anything like that, do yourself a favour and remember to make a separate save file for session start when you go for platinum of this game. I had a brain fart and overwrote an essential save file. Now I have to replay the game from scratch just for one silly endgame trophy. This is not a game with any replayability value. FML.
  11. To get a graug: Keep fast traveling to central forge tower (the one you spawn in initially), until you hear the graug roar. You should: A.) get Intel on all captains and a graug to ride in under 5 minutes (easy), B.) have 12 captain kills in under 20 minutes (good idea to back up your save at this point), C.) have intel on warchiefs and the rest of the captains branded by 40 minutes (back up your save if your time is <40minutes) D.) you have 20 minutes to lure out and kill all warlords. It might seem like not enough time, but I did it in my second attempt, and if I could do it, anyone can Hope that helps! This trophy is a breeze compared to test of the wild
  12. I think I know what's your problem. By default all games/apps are set to autoupload to cloud storage, so unless you disable autoupload for, in this case Shadow of Mordor, your save game gets automatically uploaded/overwritten on cloud storage as you close the game. Select (Settings) > [Application Saved Data Management] > [Auto-Upload], and then select the checkbox for each game with saved data you want to upload. All your steps are correct and it should work after you disable autoupload! Seconded! This trophy took me almost as long as every trophy in base game combinedšŸ’© It landed no. 3 on my rarest trophies list. While definitely not the hardest trophy I did by far, it is in top 5 of the most annoying trophies to get. Spent a week on it, while in actuality I did it from start to finish in last four hours.
  13. I wonder how much impeding server closures/trophies becoming unobtainable affect older game sales. On one hand, I doubt I would have bought this game if not for the deadline, on other hand I will never buy a game with unobtainable trophy due to server closure (like Mad Max). As for the news - heartwarming little story! However, I don't see how they'd patch this trophy.
  14. Fire arrow method did not work for me either. Ended up: 1. finding berserker chilling around campfire with his mates, 2. killing his mates 3. branding berserker 4. grabbing berserker and throwing him into campfire 5. quickly activating r2+l2 ability with a sword 6. executing berserker I wouldn't worry about getting this trophy until all abilities are unlocked.
  15. I got platinum just yesterday. I'm a fan of RPGs, and after I saw that plat will become unobtainable I interrupted my Dark Souls 2 playthrough to play this game. I feel a bit deceived, because at best it has some RPG elements. I would say it's an OK game for when you want some button mashing relaxation. Story is not too bad once you get into it. Ratbag character gave me a few chuckles. Gameplay gets repetitive after a while, and I found it similar to many other games - Far Cry series comes to mind first. You unlock some tower, pick collectibles in the area, do side-quests (there's like 5 different ones that come up endlessly). Gameplay-wise, the only element I haven't seen before and found interesting is Nemesis system. But mind you, I haven't played many games, so I don't know how original this game mechanics really is. Like you, I'm not LoTR fan, and I feel I wouldn't have missed much if I never played this game.