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  1. Happened to me, under the same circumstances, EU copy off ps+. Thankfully autoupload to cloud storage somehow worked for this game, only have to replay both short stories. Close call, this one.
  2. Recently beat Jak and Daxter: Precursor Legacy. Never owned PS2 (or PS1, for that matter. It looked okay, to me. I struggled with inverse camera movement (was that common at that time?), and for someone who never really played any 3D platformers it was challenging yet not too difficult. Will go for Jax II next, but definitely want to play some of RPGs too.
  3. If I remember correctly, only 1 other person. I find boosting these old games a good way to meet some nice people. Most of the time everyone is there for trophies and soon you start getting messages to work on trophies together, and then there always are a few die hards who seem to be playing some old game crappy MP mode since the launch;D
  4. Thanks for responses, goes, now I have an indie backlog for couple of years;D special thanks to @PMD_E1337Pete (you nailed it with what I like about each game) and @DrBloodmoney (is your nickname PKD reference? If so we definitely have similar tastes;) ) for handpicked recommendations❤️ I don't care if it has platinum, or just 100%, but I'm completionist, so I need to be able to complete the game. Also, i don't own PS5 yet, so i will keep cross-gen games (Outer Wilds and Inscryption sound interesting, but I will keep them for later). This got me thinking, if there some community hub for indie games on these forums? If not, would there be interest of doing something like 'Indie of the month', where everyone votes for a game to play next month, witch later we discuss, perhaps review and compile a community list with ratings, etc.?
  5. I just started Minit, and it's a damn good game (found out about it by looking at 'the best indie games on ps+' lists on Google). Undertale blew my mind. Telling Lies was an unexpected surprise, (to break the pattern of retro RPGs). I also enjoyed Inside and Transistor (so I have Limbo, Bastion and Pyre on my backlog). The couple of walking simulators I played were either meh (The Vanishing of Ethan Carter), or ended up the worst ps4 game I played so far (Virginia). But I'm not dismissing the genre entirely. I'm eyeing The Fall games on current sale. So indie aficionados, perhaps you can see the pattern of what I like, and can recommend me some hidden gems?
  6. I with you on this (didn't read the thread). I'm a lover, not a hunter, but I like to finish;) so quick platinums for the sake of quick platinum does nothing for me. However, after playing game like Metal Gear Solid V for close to 400 hours, I do look for good quick games before I go on another multi-hundred hour completion. The problem with your approach is that you miss some good games (sometimes game can be platinumed in 30 mins, but just because people skip all the content, for example Telling Lies), or perhaps game doesn't really deserve platimun because of their length, but are still pretty damn good games, like Undertale, or Minit, but these games are still few hour games even for hunter crowd. So yea, I only played one 30-min plat Telling Lies, but it took me 16 hour to platinum because I actually played the game. Wall of text and no point so far.. What I trying to say, is that you can't auto-dismiss a game because it can be done in 30 mins, there are some good games in the heap of rubbish
  7. I though it sucked balls. Kind of reminded me of that 'art' movie you can watch in GTAV cinema. Pretentious non-game, that would be rubbish in any form of media. And it took 3 people to write it? Come on!
  8. High platinum rate and 3 hour completion estimate makes it look like a no-effort, press X to platinum shovelware. I'm glad I gave it a chance anyway, because the story surpasses most of the games by it's maturity and intricacies. Problem is, game doesn't tell some very useful control options (I wasted so much time slowly rewind each video to watch it from the start until by accident I found the button combo to start them from the beginning), or makes it impossible to keep track of watched videos and chronology of events unless you do something that is not quite intuitive. If you actually enjoy playing games rather than "trophy hunting" here's my tips on how to get the best experience of this game: Don't need to spoil anything for yourself by looking at the guides - THERE ARE NO MISSABLE TROPHIES (don't fret if you finish the game without Animal Logic trophy; you can easily find the solution for it on Google afterwards, and I can confirm it works, only takes a minute and doesn't involve any exploits, etc) Start videos from the beginning by holding down rewind () and clicking to start the video Make a single bookmark in each video, as it's the only way to be able to sort them chronologically Almost all of the videos come in pairs; pay attention to what's being said and try to guess what was said on the other end of conversation. After all that is the point of this game. Once again, pay attention to what's being said and make notes of words and phrases that seem like a promising leads in your investigation. If you hold , you can highlight multiple words. However I didn't use this search function at all, because that way you get into the rabbit hole, so to say, and have to go back to see all videos you found with a previous keyword(s) Don't worry about having to replay whole game - if you play blind more than likely you'll be missing a couple of trophies after finishing the game. After credits roll just click continue and you pick up from where you left off. 3 hour estimate is for 'I don't like games, I just want another platinum' type of gamer. It took me 16h22m, but realistically you can see all content and get all trophies in 10-12 hours playing blind and only looking up for solutions once you out of ideas (some trophies are hard to figure out without looking up, and I was missing 3 videos for full set, even though I was making actual notes to piece up the story together).
  9. I'm thinking of playing them sometime soon. I don't have high expectations, but it seems somewhat of a classic and I enjoy playing remasters, either for nostalgia or like in this case just to catch up a bit. I know it's a bit OT, but can someone tell me if PS+ version includes all DLCs? Wouldn't want to start a game and then find out I need to buy overpriced DLCs for 100% completion.
  10. 393 hours and counting. The Fulton pain is real. That fine line between taking time to enjoy the game and picking every frickin herb within 100 meter radius.
  11. RNG has been f-ing with you hard, thankfully it's been kind to me and I got them all at first try with s-rank team (56%).
  12. Well, you need to complete Act 1 (31 missions) to be able to build a nuke. I don't know where you at story-wise, but I think it makes more sense S-ranking every mission, completing side ops which you will have to do for platinum anyway, rather than grinding resources for nuke. Seeing these resource farming guides made me think resources are scarce, but I don't see how you can complete everything required for plat and be short for a nuke.
  13. Uh, that's a tough one. For me it ended up easier than I thought - it sure is a short game if you don't have to bother with collectible, etc. It's been a while now, but I think I rushed through the game in one few hour session. Also completing couple games in between helped me to get in the mood to start this game again. Perhaps try that as well, if you are bothered about incomplete games like I am;)
  14. This is not healthy, but I understand you😅
  15. I'm playing this game right now, and did 50 FOB infiltrations (most of them completely unprotected, so easy way to get staff), never got infiltrated myself, but due to my grinding nature I'm way OP, so either nobody bothers to infiltrate me because of high security, or there's barely anyone playing the game, and you can infiltrate FOBs of inactive players. Either way, I got no problem with infiltrations, there's always full list of possible targets. PS3 version servers were shut down, so yea, better start building that atom bomb, because that's the only online trophy that takes time. Edit: don't know why, but I thought it takes 24h time in gameplay time to develop nuke, but as I just found out it's 24 IRL hours. No effort multiplayer trophies.