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  1. My strat for ez plat without dealing with this MP was leaving 2 games in a row and playing 1 game, just commit suicide constantly with whatever perk it is that allows you to gift your teammates stuff for points after crafting 3 items, always craft bombs to commit suicide and give your teammates presents. You gain so many points doing this you will never have a problem getting materials for your clan. Remember the more your team is behind the more materials you get to kill yourself with and gift teammates. you'll end up being highest scorer on the team going 0-11 lol. Games will also end faster since you are burning through all your teams lives. Whenever you get the 100% risk missions just do the easiest missions like gifting/healing/crafting/downs/executions/marking and you'll never have to worry about losing your clan. Back when I did this I got the Firefly and Hunter journey trophies within a day and both almost within 24 hours of each other. Not sure how active the online is anymore or how much anyone actually cares about it, but back then I also had lots of fan mail from angry teammates and hilarious rage on mic.
  2. Yeah I was wondering if I just randomly downloaded this game on ps4 with the cross platform and get 100% of the trophies instantly because I'm very late game would I be like banned or something lol.
  3. Online trophies means I'm not getting plat as I refuse to pay for online
  4. Wow that would be amazing, if that worked. I'd love to have a plat for this game
  5. The only way to unlock this trophy is via ranked? Edit. guess this will be forever un-platable which is a shame
  6. i highly prefer using d pad but certain levels are faster with analog and i had to kick out my dpad only habbit when i speedran this game
  7. I avoid rope jumps in general, you dont need it to plat the level
  8. lol ty RE4 one of my favorite games. and now that everyone has said that most people would like to do them in order it makes sense logically, cant brain sometimes
  9. Any reason this is the rarest plat of the bunch? I haven't plat it yet waiting to do it on stream, but I found this game not nearly as hard as crash 1. Just my curiosity asking.
  10. Crash 2 is def my favorite
  11. imo that map is really fun, its the map ive done my best in, but everyone apparently hates it lol.
  12. yeah i hate MP trophies and i dont particularly like this games multiplayer. i love love loved this games single player though. right now im working on the firefly trophy and im on week 12 almost done and ive been playing for maybe 7 hours now Edit~~~ i now have the platinum/100%
  13. 629 and going down
  14. bruh just do what i did for the hunters trophy im leaving 2 games in a row then committing suicide with bombs that ive crafted and you get through the 12 weeks ASAP i went 0-0-13 last game and got 45 supplies doing nothing lmao these trophies are legitimately braindead only missions you have to do are 100% risk missions and for those just choose the easiest missions like gifting/healing/crafting/downs/executions/marking like trust me you are way overthinking the trophies. sure you get people that rage at you over the mic and get nasty messages but tbh its hilarious getting the hate
  15. ive found the most success with the burst rifle its pretty OP and with sharpshooter you are basically a god. the only trophy i need atm to 100% is the firefly mission trophy which is easy anyway just a grind, pretty much what i do which probably annoys anyone who actually plays the MP for fun and not for trophies is leave games to progress the day and pick supply raid and run to the enemy team after you get all the supplies you need using all your teams lives to end games faster. pretty shitty i know, but i got all the trophies for downing people anyway so i really dont care. dont make me play your MP i dont care about for trophies and i wouldnt be doing that