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  1. I’ve never gotten the chance to play Colors. Not the biggest Sonic fan but even I’m hyped for this.
  2. Is the trophy list not popping up on anyone else’s ps4? I figured since it just came out today it might take a bit for the trophies to upload but still nothing yet.
  3. Does anyone know if this is going to be digital only? Can’t find anything on the topic considering Konami is releasing this game for a third time.
  4. Is anyone else having trouble downloading maps? Every time I try to go into the Share menu it says “Invalid Config File”. What’s that about?
  5. https://www.(URL not allowed)/game.aspx?gameid=9148 looks like True Trophies has an English list of the trophies now. Wonder when it goes live.
  6. Oh awesome thank you. Yea when I looked online (doing research lol) I couldn’t find anything about it. Hopefully it’ll all be fine by morning.
  7. I don’t know if it’s just me, or because the game just launched last night. But there doesn’t seem to be any trophies for Alliance Alive. Very strange. When I go to sync my trophies it takes longer like its trying to load something but then nothing.
  8. MythRaider1993 Thank you very much! Exactly what I needed to know.
  9. I realize you can play both of them on one disc, but I wasn’t sure if it’d have both trophy lists included as well.
  10. So I like having my dlc on discs. I have MH:W on disc and wanted to get Iceborne. For anyone who happens to know, if I got Iceborne, would I still be able to earn trophies in the original base game or would I have to keep the original disc? I’m thinking Iceborne would just have the Iceborne list even tho World is on the disc. Thanks in advance!
  11. Sorry, I wasn’t clear enough. I only had my game updated to patch 1.25. I never updated the game past that. Everyone kept mentioning 1.26 so I didn’t know if it would allow access to Comrades without it. That’s why I wanted to clarify for anyone who was in the same boat I was.
  12. I was lucky enough to have never downloaded them. I stopped playing 15 for a while after I beat the story.
  13. I don’t know if I have anything new to add to the topic, but I just purchased the physical version of the Royal Edition today. I have updated 1.25 and Comrades is still playable offline with the AI bots. I was worried with everyone mentioning 1.26 so I didn’t know if it would work or not but it does. Just my 2 cents.
  14. Only problem I ran into was the back of a truck wouldn’t open up after I interacted with the lever for the ramp to come down. Besides that I’ve had no issues. We’re lucky this game came out this finished unlike most other triple A games that come now.
  15. Is there something wrong with the observe option for Arena Battles? It just won’t let me observe any matches and I just stand there as people’s avatars fight.