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  1. Here are my top 10 in order: Persona 5 RWBY: Grimm eclipse Doki Doki Literature Club Plus Tokyo Xanadu eX+ The last of us remastered Watch dogs Uncharted 4 Nights of Azure Akiba's beat Fallout 4 some honourable mentions: Sword art online RE Hollow Fragments, Batman Arkham knight, Rachet and Clank, Jump Force, Life is Strange and infamous: second son I was gonna put in games like TLOU II, Horizon zero dawn or God of war but I did enjoy them all, until a certain point in each game, so they're probably somewhere in my top 30s
  2. If I ever buy DDLC plus, there's a good chance I'll get hooked into it again. Though I always wanted an RPG type of game for DDLC, I don't mind replaying this again, even with the new side stories. I mean, my steam account was sat at 174 hours of play time. We can all agree that Monika and Yuri are best girls though right?
  3. I know it says "A game", but I have to many games on the ps4 that I unexpectedly enjoyed this year so far...like Persona 5, song of memories, bioshock, uncharted..so I tend to go all over the place as I would have too many to choose from 😂 But I mean, if you asked me what my favourite steam game is, I'd say Doki Doki literature club in a heartbeat