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  1. I can confirm that this work, had the same issue!
  2. Yes, that is possible. Fortnite trophoes is connected to the Epic Servers and not PSN. You can play fortnite on ANY device and still get progress
  3. Currently playing this game as well! Personally i love it Have platted heavy rain on ps3 and ps4, so this is gonna be next up!
  4. My first game is: Call of Duty®: Black Ops - Cold War
  5. Thanks 😎👌 Remember playing dungeon siege 3 on pc, Pretty fun game.
  6. Thanks for list mate, we are looking for every console. And yes we need at lest 3 players Alredy done with a way out, did that with one of them any more?
  7. Hello fellow hunters, Im kind of new to hunting, and got 2 of my friends to begin hunting. We are noe looking for games to platinum together. Is there any game that allow us to do this together so everyone get it?
  8. Platinum 69: One night stand
  9. I will, whats your favorite?
  10. If im lucky enough to grab one
  11. Im new to hunting, and this is not good. Sorry to hear mate! Hope to be more lucky with my partner in crimes
  12. Looking for boost on Minecraft trophies ps3, add me on PS: iAndysome